Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2010

Cheers For The Cheap Thai Police!

I have a small limousine company in Vancouver, and I'm often asked where to find a girl from high-rollers and occasionally the rich and famous. If you are new to Vancouver and don't know the scene you will probably go to the main drag for hookers
and pay $500 for a back seat bj with a condom but if you know where to go you can find beautiful Asian whores with pics and real reviews for $160-200 hr. Some guys do their research and troll Craigslist with remarkable results for $100-130 but
many times it is a bait a switch and the lady doesn't look anything like her photos.

Prostitution is legal in Canada but it is a grey area, you can't pick a whore off the streets or in a public place. Most of the girls rent out two apartments in the same building and use one as the office.

He Clinic Bangkok

Last year I drove a client around for two hours looking for the perfect girl and finally he asked me to stop on this dark street in an industrial area where the most beautiful blonde hooker I ever saw was standing around all out of context.
I was wary, something just didn't feel right. He rolled down his window and the girl came over and the closer she came to the car the more I wanted to speed away, she was just too good to be true, considering the neighborhood. I was trying
to listen what she was saying to my client but the music was on and I couldn't quite make out.

Turns out she offered a $20 bj, but it was at her place about 50 meters away. As soon as he told me to drive ahead across the street I knew it was trouble and sure enough it was a police sting. In moments the cops came out of the wood work
and surrounded my limo. They asked me to step out of the car while they did an overzealous search.I played dumb of course and told them I had no idea that my client was trolling for hookers or what he was doing in the back of my limo with the
privacy screen up. They knew that was bullshit, but they also knew that I was too savvy to the scene to call me on it. There was the knowing looks of course and the slight grins. They put my client in handcuffs and made him twist in the wind while
they lectured him on prostitution, exploitation of women,HIV, drugs and pimps and made him feel like a bad guy.The whole time I was telling the cops about how prostitutes are so different in Thailand, and that it was actually a quite enjoyable
girlfriend experience…they looked at me like I had 3 heads, and couldn't understand how Thai girls work without pimps or ingesting crack or heroin . They seemed disappointed that my client wasn't married and lived in the USA and was
staying at a 3 star hotel for only 4 days. They threatened him with jail and phoning his business and really were overly keen on embarrassing this guy.Finally there agenda was revealed, they gave him the option to go to a, 'shame the john'
meeting the following Saturday or go down to the police station immediately. My client looked at me pleading for guidance and I instantly said,"take the deal". They then handed him a brochure explaining who to call to set up the 10 hour
session whereby they parade in ex hookers, pimps, parents, social workers to shame you into never seeking out a prostitute again. This was a Thursday night and he was told to call the number on the brochure the next day to insure the cops wouldn't
be coming to his hotel room. My client was really upset and visibly shaken and partially blaming me for getting stung, so I really wanted to smooth things out and I asked to look at the brochure. After a minute I realized this was some kind of
money grab. The first clue was that the brochure looked well worn, as if it had been handed out to multiple people. The I started to think that the cops moved too fast to offer this out for him. The last paragraph stated that not only was he to
spend 10 hours on a Saturday getting grilled my feminists, he was to also pay $500 for the torture treatment. Somebody was making a cut from this, and I don't think it was lawyers or judges. I told him not to worry about it because I watched
the cops as they took his photo and scanned his ID and they were just acting. They just assumed he wouldn't have the nerve to bail on the deal. I told him not to worry, it was a scam and I said just switch hotels and lay low and don't
get a street whore. For my own curiosity I phoned a lawyer the next day and it turns out that this is a ruse. If they really had any power they would have just taken him to the station and after they let him go with the deal he had no legal obligation
to do anything. Just goes to show you that even cops in a country where prostitution is legal are still trying to make a buck from it. Makes me wonder who the real bad guys are. The idea that a man can have sex with a lady legally for free or
gifts, but if you give them one baht then it is a crime is a concept that I just can't grasp.

Cheers for cheap police corruption in Thailand!

CBD bangkok

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, I would never have expected to hear about this sort of thing in Canada. You make a decent argument for the Thai police's approach. Most of us can afford the 200 baht we are asked for if we do something we shouldn't.

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