Stickman Readers' Submissions October 11th, 2010

The Nana Ghost

I was reading some of Stickman's old readers submissions when I came across one called "Ghosts and Spirits"
which reminded me of an eerie night I had in the Nana Hotel several years ago.

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It was my first night back in Bangkok and I was having a great time. Had been to Nana Plaza and wandered on to Sukhumvit where I got talking to an attractive freelancer called Noi. We went for a drink, and she was a real livewire, funny and outgoing, with seemingly no inhibitions. She could even hold a good conversation about football (soccer), and I would say she knew more about football teams and their standings than 90% of English girls.

I was really pleased with my choice. She could easily pass as a top dancer in one of the many gogos, and I had saved myself a barfine.

Anyway, it was starting to get late so we headed back to the Nana Hotel .

I collected the key from reception and we proceeded up in the lift to the floor where my room was. (Sorry, I really cannot remember what floor or room number it was). I was really looking forward to a night with this easy-going, amiable and sexy girl.

As we left the lift and walked down the corridor to my door, I began to sense a sudden change in Noi's mood. All of a sudden, this bubbly full of fun girl turned into a nervous wreck! As I entered the room she hung back and simply said, "No, cannot!"

"What! Why? What is the matter?", I asked her.

In her broken English, she informed me that this particular room had a ghost.

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My first thought was to keep a serious face and my second was that maybe she was trying to backtrack or was after more money, but I could sense she wasn't acting.

Her mood had changed, and she meant what she said!

So to calm her down, I took her back downstairs to the hotel lobby where we had a 10-minute chat, eventually gently persuading her everything would be alright, and to come back to the room. I explained that people stayed there every night, and if there were anything untoward happening, then the hotel would not allow anyone to stay there. I also promised to leave the light on all night. As far as I was concerned the whole supernatural saga, was all mumbo jumbo anyway.

So we went back to my room and as agreed, I left the light on, the entire night.

She calmed down, we showered, did the business and then fell asleep.

During the night I suddenly woke up with Noi still crashed out beside me. As I looked across the room, to my horror I saw a girl (early 20's) stood at the end of my bed! She just stood there motionless, with a slight smile, staring at me for about 10 seconds, then suddenly vanished! She was dressed similar to a bargirl, and all else I can remember is that she had a red handbag.

So there really was a ghost in my room!

Needless to say, I didn't get any more sleep that night and didn't tell Noi what had happened when she woke up.

It made me nervous and a bit afraid, to be honest. So, the next day I went to reception and explained what had happened and asked them to change my room. The receptionist barely raised an eyebrow at my request. I thought she might be quite startled by my story, or might even find it amusing, but she just treated it the same as if someone was asking her to order a taxi. Anyhow my wish was granted and I was moved to another floor.

I was asked to choose one of the porters who were lingering in the lobby, to help me move my luggage. I went over and picked one, who then proceeded to follow me upstairs.

We reached the room and before I could explain to him what had happened, he gave a knowing smile and said,

"This room have lady ghost."

Anyone else heard about this at the Nana Hotel or had a supernatural experience in Thailand?

Stickman's thoughts:

Great story!

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