Stickman Readers' Submissions September 30th, 2010

Thailand Sex Tourist Map

I wouldn't call myself an expert on the Thai sex scene, but after 6 trips over I've pretty much got most of the major sex tourist areas checked out. It took me a while to go to most of the areas. I've often wondered why someone doesn't
print up a "Bangkok Sex Tourist Map" These could be sold in all the sex areas to tourists. I figure they could be printed up for almost nothing. I was trying to figure out a fair purchase price. Perhaps $6 dollars U.S. which would be
something around 200 baht? If nothing else, tourists would buy them for the novelty. Perhaps Stick could print these up and have sponsors ads down the sides of the map. Of course these sponsors would probably be the bars, etc. in the sex areas.
I don't know if Thailand has something like a trademark or something legal to prevent others from copying the idea. (like they would?)

I'm sure the Thai authorities would frown on the idea, since we know prostitution is illegal in Thailand. Anyway, the first time newbie could hit many of the hot spots during their very first visit! They wouldn't have to fly over
multiple times like I did to figure my way around. There could be a Bangkok, Pattaya, and Phuket version of the map, each sold in each sex area? I'm sure like many of my quick brainstorm ideas of mine, there might be some down side to it.
I know I would've bought one. Maybe sell them on Sticks site? Click a banner and pay your $6 dollars for the download of the map?

mens clinic bangkok

Maybe on the map you could note the prices that you'd be expected to pay. If you're at Spassos or CM2 disco, you'd be in the 2500 to 3000 baht price range. Up to 5000 for those Russians with the attitudes. Of course that would
be at the top of the scale. I guess the bottom of the rung would be Nana parking lot babes or freelancers on the street for 1000 baht. If you're down Pattaya way, I guess the bottom rung would be the freelancers along Beach Road for a mere
500 baht! Thats $15 U.S.! Guess That would appeal to the "Budget minded sex tourist."

Of course you'd have to list the big massage / bath places. It took me a while to find the better ones. I think Cupidy and J-Wan are two of the better ones. There's also Annies Massage. That's just a few. The map could even
have some discount coupons on it. I don't know what these would be like. Perhaps you get identical twins instead on just one hooker at a time? Perhaps at the bath houses where you get in the big bubble bath tub with the girl, if you present
a coupon, the girl would give you a snorkel or flotation device? Ha! I know. You're thinking….Why didn't I think of that!

There are so many other great ideas I have. I could go on. There's the "Safety Sex Tourist Helmets" that could be worn by the sex tourists ( on their head) This could prevent possible severe headboard head injuries when you
get caught up in the heat of passion with some sweet little Thai girl. I'm talking safety here! Then there could be specialty condoms with "Stickman" written down the side of them. When a white guy puts one on, they would say "Stickman"
down the side. Unfortunately, the Asian guys would only be rolling them half way down, so they would just say "Stick"
Perhaps they could have the glow in the dark versions. How you would impress that little Thai gal when you turned
out the lights. I guess that would be Stick's new form of "banner" advertising! Ha!

Another brainstorm. Why don't we, the sex tourists, have numbers on us and the girls could pick us out? We could just perch upon a bar stool somewhere and they could come to us! I guess that would be for the ultimate "lazy ass sex
tourist" that's too damn lazy to get off his barstool. I know I've seen a ton of old guys over there on those barstools that never seem to get off. (get off the barstools that is)

I could go on. Maybe set up condom/Viagra dispensers in each bar? Ya get your condom, your Viagra, you sit and have a beer or two for an hour, and you're primed and ready and out the door to your hotel or the nearest "short time"

Maybe a "Sex Tourist" travel package.
You get:
1. Airfare
2. Hotel near Soi 4
3. Sex Tourist map
4. Condoms (the party pack)
5. Viagra( with Pez dispenser)
6. Guide on how to spot a Lady Boy (very important)
7. Guide on how to smuggle your Thai bargirl back in your suitcase without having to marry her
8. Stick will personally go and check up on your bargirl sweetheart after you leave (pictures extra)
9. Crying towel to use after Stick reveals
to you that not only was your bargirl with another guy, he had to get one of those little hand click counters cause he lost track of how many she was with!!! ha!

Stickman's thoughts:

I particularly like point #9 on the list!

nana plaza