Stickman Readers' Submissions September 21st, 2010

Played And Stunned

I wonder how many other guys have had this experience? A girl begs you to come to Thailand and then, on the first day you basically get stood up.

I could understand if we had never met before, but I’m not talking about an Internet ‘girl friend’. I had known her and her aunt for about three years, spent days with her on a previous trip to BKK, helped one of her cousins and our relationship had lasted for all this time. She would regularly call just to say hi.

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I had wanted to visit her a year before but couldn’t because of work pressure. She left BKK to work in London for 6 months and even asked me to visit her there. Again, I couldn’t go.

So, together we planned this long-awaited holiday. She must have sent a dozen SMS texts enquiring about my progress with booking the tickets and what hotel I was going to stay in.

Just before I left she sent a text saying ‘CU soon honey, we wait so long only a few hours xxx.’

I then replied and asked her is she would meet me at the airport since the taxi touts bug me.

‘No’, she replied – she was in Cha-am that night and had a problem with transport. I felt a twinge of anxiety and thought about ditching the trip. How many times do we override / ignore the voice of warning that is all too soft and fleeting and then blunder on to disaster? I blundered on.

I started justifying her decision – when I start making excuses for someone else this should have raised a warning flag. But I thought, ‘I’ll be tired on the first night; it’s good to get some rest and then spend the next day with her.’

At 10 the next morning the lobby called to tell me that ‘my friend was here’.

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She was there and looking hot. Short skirt, best shoes, stunning smooth legs (why do so many Thai girls, even the glamorous ones, happily walk about on hairy legs?). She had her diamond necklace, a new handbag, make up. She had made an effort to look good.

We went off to find a restaurant. Talking to her I felt like the ‘spark’ I was expecting was missing. While we ate lunch she was distracted by her phone and then said she had a problem – someone had died and she needed to leave for the funeral that afternoon.

That was the last time I saw her.

She ignored my calls during the next two days and then sent an SMS saying that she was sick and, if she felt better, she would try to see me again before I left.

And her parting SMS shot to me after I replied that this was very disappointing was ‘you think too much’.

I had other people to visit, but my main reason for going to Thailand had fallen apart within a few hours on the first day. I was confused and angry.

Why would she do this, and make the effort to look good only to dump me after lunch?

Luckily I could move my flight up a few days to shorten my stay.

I can’t tell you how lame it feels to be alone in BKK. When you take the hookers out of the equation it can be a mighty lonely place.

I did think about going down to Soi Cowboy to find some company but ended up spending a day in the hotel room watching Bloomberg business channel.

Afterwards I thought this was revenge. Maybe she set out to make me spend that money on air tickets and the hotel for nothing. Maybe she wanted to look good to make my loss even greater. Certainly, there was something nasty going on. We have never made contact since.

Guys, what I’m saying is don’t be complacent. You may think you have landed a stunning girl who is gagging for you arrive in BKK. You might even think that a great romance is going to blossom. She may have entirely different ideas.


Stickman's thoughts:

It sounds as though she was juggling guys and she chose someone else.

While what she did is shitty, be thankful that she showed her true colours fast giving you a chance to move on (to the next one).

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