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Man’s Best Friend

Consider, if you would, man’s best friend.

No other animal on the planet is more closely associated with man than the dog. For 15,000 years, dogs have been part of human society. They’ve been found on every landmass where mankind has established itself.

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From a biological perspective, the dog is a huge success story. There are a huge number of varieties in dogs today, thanks to deliberate breeding. Breeds vary from huge Great Danes to pocket-sized ones. That’s generally considered
a measure of success for a species.

There are also huge numbers of dogs today, especially compared to its evolutionary predecessor – the wolf. While wolves are foraging for food outdoors and possibly getting shot, there are dog hotels, dog massage, dog furniture, etc…
Increasingly, people are referring to pet dogs as their children – anthromorphizing them as if they were individuals. There have even been lawsuits to determine if dogs can legally inherit large sums of money.

All of this success comes from the simple fact that dog is the only animal species we know that voluntarily associated itself with human beings instead of being caught and forcibly domesticated.

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So what’s the relevance to Stickman?

Consider for a moment the wolf who first decided on its own to join the humans it ran into. Think that wolf was the “alpha” of the pack?

Of course not. It was the loser. The misfit. That wolf decided to scavenge scraps / leftovers from humans because it wasn’t getting enough on its own efforts. The first time the wolf came into a human camp – it didn’t
know the reception it would receive. Would the humans decide to kill it for daring to approach? Or would the piece of meat be thrown its way. That particular wolf lucked out – the guy decided to keep that sorry looking animal around as
a “pet”, a new concept in human affairs 15,000 years ago.

By submitting to be ordered around by human beings, that wolf gave birth to a new species – Canis lupus familiaris. Instead of running and hunting and possibly getting hurt in fights – it can lie around most of the day having its belly
rubbed and being fed. The owner would even pick up its poop.

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You can bet the next misfit wolf that’s hungry because it’s the loser of the pack noticed that the other misfit wolf in the human camp seem to be living a pretty good life. Another convert is made – so on and so forth.
Domesticated dogs, according to Wikipedia, are literally dumber than wolves, which suggests that brains are over-rated.

Which brings us to to the Thai girls in the farang-oriented adult industry.

Yes, they are the misfits of Thai society. They aren’t the most intelligent. They aren’t the alphas. We’re talking about an entire population whose existence is predicated on getting others to take care of them. By voluntarily
associating themselves with the white tourists where nice Thai girls wouldn’t do it, the women of Isaan reap the benefits the same way those original misfit, loser wolves did.

A bargirl will lie around the house all day doing nothing. If she gets in a bad mood – you have to put up with the tantrums that might include taking care of neighbors’ complaints. She requires a constant stream of reassurance
and material gifts to keep her happy. The guy gets incredibly angry and wonders why he puts up with all that craziness. She rolls over, lets you rub her in a comfy way, and possibly licks the guy a bit – all is forgiven.

That’s kind of what a dog does, right?

A dog lies around all day doing nothing, and the owner even has to hire a dog walker just so it has something to do. If the dog gets in a bad mood, it’ll chew things, howl, and generally make life unbearable for everyone around you.
The dog requires a constant stream of attention and affection plus toys and play with, or it gets unhappy. The owner might even come home to find a pile of dog-poo on the living room floor. The guy does get angry, but what is he going to do when
the dog turns its big eyes on him, wags the tail, licks his face, and flips over to invite you to scratch his belly.

His anger evaporates. He forgives the dog, and takes the dog for a ride.

It’s not all fun and games though. Plenty of dogs found out to their dismay that their owners don’t want to keep them around. Some dogs are mistreated badly, beaten or even killed. While there are reputable breeders who does
humanely raise dogs, the retail outlet for puppy mills have appalling conditions. A good puppy could have its heart broken by a cruel owner and end up distrusting all humans.

A similar risk exists for bargirls. Plenty of them found out to their dismay that their boyfriends / husbands don’t want to keep them around. Some of them are mistreated and hurt. A generally good person could have her heart turned
into a chunk of flint-and-ice by uncaring men.

Overall – is abandoning the independent life and letting man take care of you a good course of action?

There are an estimated 400 million dogs in the world.

There are estimated to be less than a million wild canines of all types.

Who’s the real winner – the alpha wolf or the misft?

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