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Revenge is always the weak pleasure of a little and narrow mind –

Live well. It is the greatest revenge – The Talmud

Hatred is the coward’s revenge for being intimidated – George Bernard Shaw

A friend and I were walking down Soi 4 one evening on our way to Kublai Khan’s stately pleasure dome known to some as Nana Plaza when we stepped into the road to allow two farang women to pass. My friend remarked that he had met a guy recently who would never cede passage to white women. Not only that, he would deliberately bump into them without making any apology. It was his retribution for having been womanhandled in a Feminist Western society. I suppose he wanted them all to know that his testicles had grown back in Bangkok and there was nothing more they could do to him.

I have written elsewhere about men living in a continuing act of revenge for what had happened to their sense of self and justice back there. I always think what a pity it is that some men while living in what most think of as a paradise in which to express their male nature still have the smouldering coals from their last great conflict consuming them from the inside. Even the balm of a nubile Thai girlfriend, or wife, or their latest working girl companion is not enough to soothe the raw nerves once laid bare in a land far, far away. Well fed though they may be in Pattaya or Bangkok or upcountry, the junkyard dog rears up whenever any foreign woman looks at them sideways. Their response is always the same – bare the emotional canines.

I would urge readers to carefully consider the wise submission from the learned Old, Fat, and Bald, because in what he says you will find all the ingredients that will enable you to serve revenge cold. In a coolly rational way he cites studies that mute the accusations levelled at men’s reprehensible behaviour (for many women) that speak to our nature, our way of behaviour that is natural, as Nature intended for the good of the species. Society’s gloss is an afterthought designed to achieve other ends but none should trump what is good for the existence of the tribe. For some, eating fish with scales is an abomination while for others sexual intimacy outside holy matrimony is a mortal sin, but these rules do not speak for the species we are. Men need to read more about their nature to become familiar with what they are as a sex and the ways in which they relate to the other sex, rather than going off half cocked about ‘their rights and freedoms’ away from a politically correct society. But we have to do more than just skim others' writing – we need to make it part of our general understanding of the way life works. The end result will be that we men will always have our ready and dispassionate response to accusations about our morality.

As a small example, one time outside the Gates of Heaven and Hell which is Nana Plaza’s other incarnation I asked a group of evangelical Christians a very simple question: ‘Is man made in the image of God or did Satan have a hand in the design?’ No one could answer because they saw the problem. If man’s nature was designed by God, what sin can there be in following it? Mind you, that is for the religious among men’s many critics. OFB provides scientific research. But in either case I am saying that when you know what you are talking about you can easily engage those who have shrill and pointed accusations about what we are doing wrong in our lives and the lives of the women we are seen with.

A piece of research not mentioned by OFB has to do with the rationale for a very common sight in the Land of Smiles – older men with younger women. Here is a lift from an article entitled Old men chasing young women – a good thing (Scienceblog): “It turns out that older men chasing younger women contributes to human longevity and the survival of the species, according to new findings by researchers at Stanford and the University of California – Santa Barbara.”

Now, for some of you guys down in Pattaya, I would just say don’t get carried away that somehow you have suddenly arrived at the top of the food chain. Some of you are old beyond your years because of the way you live, not because you possess longevity genes. You can change that, of course, but it is a personal choice and I will not lecture you on it. But if we men get used to viewing ourselves and our activities in a slightly more positive light, we will find that we can put behind us our need for revenge against Western women, our angry responses to any criticism of what we are as men, and continue on secure and calm that we are living according to our nature for the good of everyone.

Read the quote from The Talmud again and have a beer on me.

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