Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2010

Why They Get So Angry

It could be three years ago that Stick asked me if I could write something about why these Thai pros get so angry and since I have certainly seen my share of their rage. I thought it might help someone to share my perspective.

I have finally finished a 3-year and some months skirmish and would like to relay what I have learned.

He Clinic Bangkok

We met by my ogling her at Club Boesche on soi 16 right off Walking Street. At the time it was about the most popular in town and it may be the first place to fake the lesbian scene in a Jacuzzi. Now, it is almost out of business. I saw this
Thoroughbred and finally got some direct attention after about the 4th visit. It seems many of us farangs require feedback before we'll pull the trigger. So, I come in one night and quickly get the feedback and pay the bar for the short-time
experience. When finished I took her back but she wanted to keep hanging around me. She couldn't speak much English and had the waitress tell me she liked what happened and would stay all night with me for no more money. Well, I was 60 then
and she was 19 and you got to wonder how I could believe such a sales pitch, but I let her hang around and she stayed all night. It is interesting to me that she now relays the story as if I had given her 3k the next morning as well when I damned
sure know I didn't! Sometimes they believe the BS they tell their peers, I suppose.

So, it went and I never told her to leave the bar but eventually she did and I fed her and took her to some neighbouring countries.

Countless times I would evict her over sloth, noise and just plane irritation, but, she would find a way back in. Once climbing across from a neighbouring condo and I live on the 19th floor! <I've heard of many bargirl antics over the years but that is a first!Stick>

CBD bangkok

Then came the big eviction with clothes out of the new large condo I had built and she would assault the door from time to time in rages I attributed to ya ba or Ice. In fact, now that I am out of the forest and can see the trees,
I realise it is about dashed expectations and loss of face to her peers over what she expected to get. Self mutilations and sleeping pill overdoses with a collapse at my door (was she really passed out?)

Does that fully explain the rages? Nope, but if one looks at the Pattaya older girls counseling and their experiences of shaming compassionate old, guilt-ridden fools into settlements then it becomes clearer.

In my years with her, the cell phone purchases and so-called thefts (actually pawn shop visits for family funding) has to exceed 10 and not cheap ones either. Several cameras, a laptop computer and one motorbike gone and this last bike I
only paid half of it down so she would have payments. (Ha, as if she would have learned something from my attempts at maturation).

If I've learned anything in the last 8 years, it is that vacationing farangs overpay and tolerate anything to finally have that cheerleader they can't get back home. As a result, the good looking ones operate with zero accountability
and responsibility no matter how sweet they seem. For those of us here who want to enjoy them, we have to know there are much bigger and richer fools that are contaminating the mind of this machine. We must never forget that it is always about
money no matter what bullshit they tell us or we tell ourselves.

wonderland clinic

Ultimately it can only end one way and this is by terminating the financial portion of the equation. Do we want to see ourselves as someone who just pays and gets treated badly and with shaming anger? I think not. For me it just required
an email. I informed her there would be no more money. If ANY money is given, they will keep coming at you until it stops.

That doesn't say we aren't fools here, just hopefully aware enough to survive. Ultimately, all the things we think we be healed and all the love each of us wants, simply aren't available with such differing agendas, priorities
and dramatic age differences. This great sociology experiment beats the boredom and isolation of being a male retiree in western countries. If we are too lazy or challenged to learn Thai, we'll be seeing girls who speak English, and it will
always result in financial insults unless you've got enough to just give them more than brain surgeons make to keep her around, so we have to each ask ourselves how much time alone do we want and aren't there other things in life than

So back to this anger thing. 4 years back I had a rent-a-girlfriend (met her teaching me Thai in one of those storefront schools) who also had a very wealthy European politician giving her the unbelievable sum of 300K baht each month. I know
because I saw her bank book as I couldn't buy her story. She used anger and actual punching to get more out of us customers. If I called her a hooker, she was furious! These experienced girls simply hate the truth! Eventually, she stole a
family keepsake from me while I was bed-ridden from knee surgery and heavily sedated. When confronted, the knife wielding and yelling got ramped up and I somehow got her out of my home warning her that if she kept this crap up and didn't
return my jewelry, I would call her sponsor in Europe and blow her deal.

"Go ahead!" she screamed.

Not hearing anything the next day or getting my valuables back I did call the guy. He was very helpful and kind and I guess I recognized why some people are good enough to deserve the high places they occupy. He paid the lady 4 million baht to terminate
their arrangement which was only 3 weeks a year, and my things were returned the next day very politely. He too, was fed up with her tantrums and informed my groggy head that anger was her primary tactic to get money as she had learned farangs
feel guilty and over settle when on the defensive.

It was hard for me to feel sorry for this thug as she lived in a sheltered compound in Naklua worth 5 mill, had several vehicles, another expensive home in Chiang Mai, and mooches hanging around, some on payrolls. Here I was in a million
baht Jomtien condo, laying in bed with a double-sized knee and she was demanding I give her a million so she can buy a rental? The further I get away from this battle, the more insane it seems. So, she steals and screams?

If you find yourself in a mess like this, please have your friends help you understand what is going on and just look at their unjustified anger created off some half truth. We deal with thugs and people who see us as opportunities and perhaps
the only easy money they can find.

Soi 6, 7, and 8 are all a man needs at my age. No BS 40-year age disparity affairs or efforts to "save" some young stunner. She doesn't want to be saved, she wants to be enriched and taken care of and, possibly, her family
as well.
Pattaya is a city where many young women's fathers tell them to go to and sell their anatomy. If you don't believe this, I hope your vacation is brief and you finances are safe.

Good luck and notice many long term guys live by choice alone. We all have to decide what is best for us. Be careful, remember "Confessions of a Bangkok Private Eye" . "There is no fool like an old fool" is my favorite
quote from that fun book.

Pattaya Gary

Stickman's thoughts:

That former live-in of your sounds like a tyrant.

I am a firm believer that once a girl flips out you have to cut them loose. There's no second chances for this sort of carry on.. Going through tough periods is one thing but when a woman flips out or makes serious threat you should end it there and then.

It's not always easy and with mentally unstable Thai hookers who may be drugged up, some finesse may be necessary…

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