Stickman Readers' Submissions August 17th, 2010

Snap Happy Farang Women

I was sitting in the Bamboo Bar in Pattaya a few weeks ago with two of my friends. One of them drew my attention to a Western woman and her boyfriend. She had an expensive looking camera with a zoom lens and was obviously taking pictures
of the farang men with their Thai girlfriends. In fact she had no interest in the band or anything else that was going on… It seemed that her sole reason for being there was to get as many pictures as she could and there was plenty of fodder
for her. <I do EXACTLY the same thing and verify that Pattaya has the richest pickingsStick>

If you parade your teerak in public or tourist areas you are likely to get photographed and I don't have a problem with that….them is the breaks. It did though get me thinking about a few incidents that occurred over the last
few years involving western women and their cameras.

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Example 1

Was sitting in a bar in Patong with two of my friends and our three Thai girlfriends, minding our own business. Three farang women appeared at our table standing with their backs to us. Suddenly they all moved
very quickly to either side and then a flash went off….and one of their friends had taken a picture of us. They went back to the table beside us and crowded laughing around the camera to see how the picture had turned out.

It felt to me like we were just pieces of shit to the them and I was stunned at their disrespectful behaviour. I was going to go over to them and give a bit of my mind but my friends persuaded me not too. Didn't really have a problem
with western women… I am single and have never been through the divorce mangle but my respect for them certainly dropped a notch that night.

Example 2

Again in a bar on Ochetaul Beach in Sihanoukville, Cambodia with another friend, we were sitting with two girls and minding our own business. The place has become a bit of a backpacker hangout. The girl I was
with wandered down to the beach where there was a bonfire which she was watching. I noticed a backpacker girl walk on to the beach and approach her. She is from Vietnam and does not speak much English. I saw the backpacker motion to her that she
wanted to take a picture of her and the girl just nodded. The backpacker then waltzed up to me and raised her camera to take a picture of me with out even asking… this time I was not so calm … I will just say that I unloaded myself of a few
choice words that sent her bounding backwards. I was not going to facilitate her in getting the "and here is the pervert she was with" shot. Maybe she was that thick that she didn't realize how insulting this was to me but I suspected
from her demeanour that it was just arrogance. Maybe I am just too sensitive but I don't like being treated like a monkey in a zoo. My friend quipped that maybe he should go over and take a picture of her big fat arse! I am sure that would
not have gone down too well with the sow!

Example 3

I was walking through a mall on Boracay Island in the Philippines hand and hand with a Filipina girl who is a lot younger than me. It was very busy with lots of people milling about. All of a sudden this flash
goes off strongly in my face and when my eyes recover there was this farang woman with one knee on the ground, her head down, looking at her camera in front of me. She had obviously seen us coming and took up a good position to get the shot. I
stopped for a moment and stood very close to her. She was aware I was there but she did not look up. It was very busy there so I decided to keep going. I was thinking what an ignorant bitch and I am sure when she got home she would show it to
her friends. I imagined the conversation "Ohh and look at this one, you see that paedophile and the girl he is holding hands with she must be a third of his age!"

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I had a similar experience in Molly Malones at Patong Beach in Phuket a while back but I won't go into the details cause I think you will have got my drift by now.

I would like to ask the readers if they have had any similar experiences? If so, was there any confrontation? It's a given that many men that partake in the P4P scene in Asia harbour a negative disposition towards western women. I am
not a violent person and I never have, and never would physically assault a women but this type of arrogant and provocative behaviour could drive someone else to do just that. Imagine one of Pattaya's dodgy tattooed brethren being faced with
one of the scenes I have just described. What would be the reaction?

As for my own take on western women, and I have no axe to grind I just prefer Asian women. I share the view of Korski. I am cordial with them when I have to be but other than that I just ignore them, especially in Asia.

Stickman's thoughts:

Photographing older Western guys with younger Thai hookers, ahhh, a subject close to my heart!

Regular readers of my weekly column know that I enjoy this type of photography and have quite a library of such shots. My attitude towards such privacy is largely in line with what the law says – in public places, or anywhere easily viewable from a public space (such as sitting in a bar with an open front near a road), people have no reasonable expectation of privacy. If "less healthy" guys choose to parade their lady du jour in Pattaya and I have my camera on me, I will shoot them. If they intimate in any way that they do not want their photo taken, I will respect their wishes and not shoot.

I really think any guy who walks down Beach Road or along Walking Street with a lady in tow then he has no reasonable expectation of privacy.

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