Stickman Readers' Submissions August 20th, 2010

Miss Perfect

So here I am crossing over Sukhumvit Road on one of those concrete footbridges. I like to stand here and watch the traffic for a bit sometimes. All those cars with people in them all going somewhere. Makes you think. But today it feels different.
There’s a bit of a spring in my step like. Even some old beggar sticking a stump in my face can’t upset me. In fact I give him 5 baht. I don’t normally do that but today I feel good. Not sure why but I may be in love. Make
it 10 baht.

Don’t laugh. I never thought it would happen to me again to be honest. My mates tell me I’m a hard bastard and after I split up with my wife I just wasn’t in the mood. She got the house and the kids and I swore I was
off women for good. And I’m not daft if that’s what your thinking. I’ve read Private Dancer and I’ve heard all the stories. Well after you’ve been in Thailand a few months you do don’t you? Blokes losing
all their money, jumping off buildings or getting their dicks cut off. It won’t happen to me don’t worry. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not one of these miserable buggers that you run into all the time here either. You
can call me cynical but I know how to have fun.

He Clinic Bangkok

OK I know what you’re thinking. No fool like an old fool right? But trust me. This girl really is different. You’ll meet her in a minute.

It started in the usual way. I’m in NEP, one of those outside bars, and she comes to sit with me. Gorgeous little thing. I buy her a drink of course not really thinking much past that and she just sits there looking at me.

I’d just spent a few hours in one of them blow-job places so I wasn’t actually looking for action tell the truth but I didn’t have any objections either. Here we go again I think, another night in Bangkok, ladies drink,
barfine, hotel, shower, blow job, usual stuff but when I actually got her lined up on the bed something strange happens. Nice tits, very nice bum, perfect pussy…but it’s the way she looks at me after that does it. I can’t explain.
I just know I’ve found a keeper.

CBD bangkok

Next morning she says it, right off the bat. ‘You good man. I want stay with you.’ Hallo I think, here comes the bullshit. Let me guess, sick buffalo, old mum in hospital, Thai boyfriend round the corner. “I no hab family.’
She says, ‘no friend me Bangkok. I all alone.’ Right. So of course I do a little interrogation and she tells me she’s just arrived in Bangkok from Udon Something and she’s living with some girls who she doesn’t
like and would it be all right if she stays with me for a few days until she gets sorted like. Naturally I ask her how much she wants and get the old ‘up to you’.

I’m not one to rush into anything. So I take her for breakfast in that place under Robinson’s. We both have the noodle soup and I watch her looking round the place. The way she’s taking it in I can tell she really is
straight off the farm. I ask her if she wants to do a bit of shopping and she says no I go home now. And she still hasn’t asked me for any money. Not yet. Before we leave I pass her a thousand bath note thinking she’s going to turn
her nose up at it but no. She gives me a little wai and tucks the money away somewhere like they do. After that I put her in a taxi and go looking for a game of pool which I change me mind about because I can’t concentrate. Anyway, long
story short I had a bit of a nap in the afternoon and I wake up thinking about her. A part of me knows it’s stupid but another part says so what?

Right here we are now in Nana and as I get near her bar it looks like she’s already spotted me. Her smile has lit up the whole plaza. Look out she’s coming over. I give her a little hug. Nothing too obvious.

‘You OK Mr. John?’ she asks.

wonderland clinic

‘OK,’ I say.

‘I wait you.’ She says.

I’m definitely OK but there’s a problem. A couple of blokes down the bar are watching all this. One of them’s got his eye on her I can tell. This is what I don’t like. Any dickhead with a couple of thousand baht
can fuck her. It ain’t right.

I’m not a bad looking bloke. Bit heavy round the middle maybe but not like some blokes you see around. Still let’s be honest I’m not exactly Brad Pitt either. I ask her why she likes me and I can see her little brain
ticking away. I don’t think she really likes answering questions like that but she says ‘you same same father me.’ Fair enough. I’ll be dad. Whatever she wants. As long as she lets me into that little muff.

I’m going to barfine her again that’s obvious.

To be continued…

Stickman's thoughts:

Nice start! Do be sure to send in part 2!

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