Stickman Readers' Submissions August 14th, 2010

Just A Smile

It's the only way to get by here… We can never teach the unwilling and unconquered the value of integrity, work ethics, or respect for other people. That we all grew up being taught and sometimes generally doing.. You can't find a farang here
around ten years or more that has high regard for the moral fabric we encounter on a daily basis…

Hey, have any of you who've played BF/GF ever noticed you learn the truth a few months later? For such poor quality liars, they put us off pretty long.

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I found it was hard to run my own life working on the mysteries of discovery while having a bar girl fulltime in my life, and I am not convinced "good girls" are much different. Pretty good looking hookers with some nice food is
about how Thailand stands out in the world in my experience.

And it is amusing to see how naive the girls have to be appreciated for what they are and we have to keep ourselves grounded in reality. Sometimes we can have miracles in bed with one or two or more ladies and become blinded in our profound gratitude.
Just this afternoon I had such an experience that made life worth living. And they do have hearts, just on a different track than ours.

There has been a lot of debate at this site in recent months as to what sort of losers we may be as farangs not participating in the game as it is played back home. I think each of us comes here with ideas about what may happen and things turn out different…
Perhaps we learn that the real benefit here is the opportunity to know ourselves better and accept what we are vs. what our cultures expect us to be. It is not that we arrive here and finally find love, it is that we find ourselves and have the
freedom to be just that!

We are not going to change Thais. The only entity changeable is ourselves. I don't know about anyone else, but I enjoy the girls and the freedom I didn't have walking the tightrope or pleasing the unpleasable back home. There is no need. We
cannot own a woman, we cannot spend all our time trying to please one so spend it pleasing yourself, thereby being happier and bringing more joy to others!

Once, I was walking around the Chiang Mai zoo with a girlfriend I was renting at the time and asked her why most of the Thai guys I saw looked gay. Her response was "Because we are free people and can be however we want." They will
always be just that friends, what they and their peers want.

They are lots of fun and if you think it is free, you just haven't lived long enough. But, with your head alert and screwed on right it is a ball and it is safe.

We wouldn't be here if we didn't have some success, as the other guys want out too, so spend it as you please as long as no one, including yourself, is hurt. Catch and release.

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New guys are with the desire to advance the uninterested who is only waiting for the dough. Ever notice at Date In how few Thai ladies are interested in relocating to other countries? They think life is better here – that's
how sharp they are!

Philippine girls are all ready to relocate as the typhoons and corruption leave them on the brink of survival wistfully thinking that stranger who deposited semen in her last night may yield someone to improve the shanty the family occupies.
Guess that's why they are humble and sweet.

Humility is so sorely lacking here and I'm thinking as they haven't had enough hardships to appreciate what foreigners bring to this land of low level Buddhism and lying as the national pastime.

Was laying with a lady last night who was unusually frank. She's got a 5 month old baby with an Englishman who is back home busting his ass working to provide money for the baby but has such low regard for her that he wouldn't bring
her to England and marry her. In my opinion he's smart as it's pretty commonly discussed among these pros how lucrative the divorce after three years can be. Yes, she could come back and dance again after dancing got her a divorce in
England so she gives money to her sweet mouth Thai boyfriend, maybe named Turdsak. She told me she treated the Londoner so badly, would never apologise and doesn't care. I believe her.

So my ex girlfriend too is pregnant from a Brit. I guess those boys get horny back home, and this rich guy sends her 40K a month to stay here. I know since he's a lawyer he doesn't want that financial burden if he brings this mental
frustration home. It should be illegal to see a bargirl more than 3 times I'm convinced. But then, prostitution is illegal in Lieland..

Since they have an average IQ in the low 90s, we can't get too upset with their guile, scams, and common bullying – it just takes time to learn how to deal with these people as they are predictable… Just smile and control them prudently
with money – that's the only thing on their minds.

So smile, enjoy them for they are. If you have compatibility, take it. Take her when you want and don’t overpay and she’ll let you be. And stop trying to make chicken salad out of chicken s**t. Have fun, brothers. Keep your wits; watch the
drinking and life the life you want. If I can, you can!

Stickman's thoughts:

Going back 3 times to the same girl is one thing, but getting her pregnant? Hmmm…

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