Stickman Readers' Submissions August 25th, 2010

I Couldn’t Make This Up

Just seeing a new fleecing beyond any prior moves and I'm trying to figure out how to disclose it without revealing the characters. Well, here goes…

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This Facebook thing allows us some communications not really possible before and a girl I knew here who has since made the UK. "I'm so enchanted with your sexy self, that I'll take you home and risk it all" move. She's been chatting with me as she just sits home while the guy labors to keep things going.

She danced in his bar and was far and away the hottest in that sexy pretty much anything goes place. A couple of times I got there and I recall her saying as she left my my condo one night "Take care of my home". Her guile seemed a bit over the top even for local standards. My style is to fade away from that type as it is tiresome and not a place I see myself going.

In the next year, she was doing sort of a mamasan job and sporting some gold. I thought, pretty strong for 19. Usually the sharks get really good close to thirty.

Yesterday she shows me the new house the guy bought for her in England, the equivalent of 94 million baht plus I guess he needs to give the gov 5% up front. Now, that's a lot of money anywhere I have been and the pictures show a wonderful thatched roof. Looks like a 5-bedroom wonderful English home.

I was thinking, well, good for her as I can't begrudge the girls wanting a better life. They grow up so much harder than we did so it is completely understandable to me as everyone wants a better life.

So, I'm looking through the pictures and can't help but feel for the guy as I see the worry in his eyes and the look on his face while she beams with joy! I could tell him, this thing is going to get worse! I don't know when I have seen such bold greed before. She reminds me of the Cassius Clay of love. (I'm a baaaaaaaaad girl!)

If you are going to live here, you have to understand what they are giving you this fabulous time for and enjoy it and they will respect you if you don't over pay and show them you are not a fool and don't care if their sponsor is…

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So, chatting with her I said, "I guess you're thinking 3 years down the road?"

She said, "Yeah!" She is 20, guys, and already worth a million dollars – and can barely form English grammar although she claims to have been raised in an English speaking house in Essarn (Anybody know such a home there??)

When you see such things, you just marvel at your own close calls and think about it could be you had you not read this site and seen such comedies as a damned near 10 walking with a man who could not get sex in the West at gun point or the old couldn't get laid in a woman's prison with a handful of get out of jail free passes!

What I am writing about is a true story! I have seen others but this is the largest windfall. Aren't we smartest when we just make ourselves aware and avoid buying into such illusions…?

If we are to ask folks back home which is the best way to live, they will pretty much all sing the praises of monogamy.

Well, I have had two different in the past two days who made me happier than any live-in ever did.

If you love sex and joy, stay away from love around here.

I cannot imagine any place I would rather live than right here in Pattaya. I couldn't always say that but I can now.

Money can't buy me love, but sure as hell some good times…

Stickman's thoughts:

I wonder if the guy has any financial protections in place? Maybe there is a prenup? Maybe he doesn't own the place? If he does, wow, this guy is going to take the financial hit from hell!

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