Stickman Readers' Submissions July 7th, 2010

There is No Such Thing as a Loser’s Paradise

As always Stick will put articles on the website with no bias. I enjoy this greatly as it gives you insight to the many different readers of Stickman. The articles range from great to ridiculous. Stick has his 'Green Star Submissions'
and I really hope one day he will make a column for "The Most Ridiculous" or "The Worst of the Worst". The first article I request he put under this new title would be the recent submission The Loser's Paradise.

Since I will be referring to her many times in this submission, I will call her LP (Loser's Paradise), since we do not know her name. Doing the math I assume she is 23 (first came to Bangkok 7 years ago at the age of 16). She says she
is half Chinese, but we do not know the other half. Maybe half Chinese and half bitter? Or half Chinese and half clueless? I would surmise she is half bitter and half clueless!

He Clinic Bangkok

At the age of 23, LP shows us she really has no idea what she is talking about. Maybe she lost her man to a Thai woman and now wants to lash out at the Stickman readers and the Farang living in Thailand (typical of the western mentality).
She obviously has some hatred towards Thai people because she does not like being thought of as Thai. Is this part of the Chinese upbringing she may have had? The mindset that Chinese are better than Thai.

She says she attempts no moral condemnation and is not judging someone wanting sex. Really? LP later writes that Thai women are ugly and that the men who think they are beautiful are just kidding themselves because of their low rank on her 'Beauty Judgement Scale'. Why the contradiction? I think it is because she (like many western women) want the control of the man. When the man finds out he can go to SE Asia and be free of the mountain of bullshit you have to put up
in the west, they find a way to go and this, in turn, removes the control from the western woman.

LP truly has no idea what types of things us men put up with in the west. When we compare just the attitude alone to the SE Asian women, we discover more of what we want in a woman. When LP is 50 y/o, going through menopause and has 2 divorces
under her belt maybe she will have a difference of opinion? I doubt it. She will be like every other disgruntled, bitter Farang woman who has spent her life nagging and trying to control the men in her life. LP could learn a thing or
two from her SE Asian counterparts before it's too late.

CBD bangkok

How can a little girl of 23 understand the mindset of the 40+ y/o man that has had nothing but problems with western women since he was young? She can't! Yet she tries her best to put us in her little generalisation that we are losers.
So typical of the western mentality. LP has no wisdom or experience in life and tries to convince the readers, in one of the most clueless article submissions I have seen, what derelicts we are and that we only like unattractive women.

LP obviously hates the whole P4P scene. Let me do a quick math comparison. I take out a western woman for dining, a show or dancing and have to spend $150, so I can somehow impress her and then hope maybe I can hook up at the end of the evening
otherwise it may be another 3 – 4 dates. For $60 and no drama I get a Thai woman in the P4P scene and feel very satisfied. Economically makes sense to me. Why go through all the motions of "How are you?" "Tell me about your life."
Blah blah blah. In the end, I am looking for sex, so why waste the time? This is how most of us will see it here in the P4P scene.

Granted I am not a big P4P scene type of person, but I absolutely understand it. If a man comes here and spends the rest of his days doing the P4P and is happy, then wow, he has found his own paradise. I do not judge that behaviour because
as the saying goes "To each their own!"

LP makes reference to sleeping with some model guy who slept with 50 women in a year. Wow LP got to be #51. How much self worth is in that? She probably has his picture on her wall and looks at it often thinking how cool she is. Tells her
friends she hooked up with a good looking guy, because this is what children do. It sounds like she is trying to justify her pathetic sex life by saying there was no money involved. LP is happy being a slut, but thinks it's ok because she
is educated? Is there a difference between being a smart slut or an uneducated bar girl from Isaan? There is no difference to me, but in her world she is on top (probably literally).

wonderland clinic

I think LP and Jayson would make a good match. They could sit together everyday denigrating Thai women and talk about how cool the Chinese are. In there Asian world they want to be Caucasian, so they disrespect Thai. In our Caucasian world
we want Thai, so we hold them up on a higher pedestal than the Farang women who think they are better than everyone else.

For all of the reading LP supposedly has done on the Stickman website, she has failed miserably in understanding why so many men are frustrated with western women. In her simple mind she thinks it is our inadequacies that make us blame the
west. When a woman submits an article on Stickman (seems rare and I wish there were more), they usually are not this bitter. Oops, I referred to her as a woman. Sorry for the slip as she reminds me of a spoiled 15 y/o who thinks they know everything
about the world as well as the people in it.

Her reference to her Eurasian friend who has a 5'10" blonde hair, blue eyed med student girlfriend is sad. She thinks this makes him a winner. Her wish to be blonde and tall will never happen, but wants him to know how great he
is because of her own inadequacies in life. She is obviously not proud of her own heritage and wants everyone to know how much she dislikes Thai women, so maybe she can hook up with a Farang man. This again shows her immaturity when looking
at life through her "I wish I was a Farang mindset!" To be embarrassed of your own heritage is a sad thing indeed. We can not control where or who we are born to, but we can control our own actions and act accordingly.

Again we have another submission that makes reference to truly deep love and understanding of each other. Where does this benefit us men in relationships? How many of us men thought we had truly deep love and understanding and then were taken
to the cleaners through a divorce? Countless. The excuse that we will not have a truly deep and meaningful relationship with a Thai woman is just a justification for those people to say "This is why western women are better." Who can
define true love? If both parties are happy then maybe they have true love. Love comes in all forms and many have found true love in their own life. Maybe true love for me is to not have a childish woman like LP, who would most likely nag me to
death. Maybe it is having a woman who cares about me like I care about her. Since we all require different things in life, there is no way to define true love for all people.

In summary: LP is the loser with her dumbest of the dumb submission. People are not winners because they have a hot western girlfriend, they are not winners because they whore around for free and they are not winners because they denigrate
Thai women. Many of us here have found our paradise by moving to Thailand. Many of us find Thai women truly beautiful. LP shows her complete immaturity when she wrote her submission. No one living here has to justify the reason he came or why
he enjoys it here, but it is nice to read the stories. However, when some little child wants to put us all in the same category, a few of us might get offended and need to squash her clueless mentality about life and the world.

Paradise is finding the place that makes you the most happy. There is no such thing as a loser's paradise!

Take care gang,

Stickman's thoughts:

I actually hope "LP" comes back with a response to this, although I think some of the points you make are spot on and will be difficult to respond to.

nana plaza