Stickman Readers' Submissions July 6th, 2010

Response to the Young Chinese American Girl

Dear young lady,

I avidly read your submission, mainly because on this male dominated site it is sometimes refreshing to see what the other side thinks.

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However in your case and as Stick says in his usual follow up, while you may be right in a few points the bluntness and unproved and unjustified generalisations make your article fall flat on its face.

This is however typical for a American youngster who thinks that their (and unfortunately mine too) countries so called values morals and total lack of experience out of the fishbowl leads to such judgemental twaddle.

My counterpoints:

– who cares how many you do in a year – is it a race?

– who cares about what others do, are you the thought police?

– who cares that there is an industry around the nightlife? it's economics 101 my dear you will find that even worse in Vegas.

– who really thinks that Singapore / Chinese girls look totally better than a tight bodied Isaan girl? Personally I ve been to most countries on SEA for work and occasional fun, and there are beauties to be found in most countries.

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– who would guess that in Singapore / China and any other country you named that there is a large government tolerated industry far far bigger than the little farang enclaves to be found in BKK?

– who can rightly judge what a open minded 50 year old of their free mind and now free of western female manipulation will spend their time and money on?

– who can say that a relationship in the west under the law of marriage or not where the male bears the ultimate provider responsibility for the female and the offspring is not akin to a fully professional relationship? the money (water) is flowing downhill, is it not?

– who can say that any 20 / 21 year old can have sufficient life experience to pass judgements on people who have double the miles on the clock and 10x as much lived street experience.

I usually submit here about ways to have good safe fun, whether it be carnal or not and to try not to get burned in the process and save your hard earned bucks.

This kind of judgemental rubbish really gets my back up for the above reasons and makes me resent all the more the usual drivel we are fed by our respective western governments about what we should and should not think / do / imagine / comply to let me go on.

Is Thailand worse than the USA for example?, or Britain (notice I don't use the Great bit as it no longer applies to a bankrupt nation)

Let me stimulate thought by posing some profound questions Thai vs. USA

– who picks more fights with the neighbours? (and moreover who is the poodle that follows along?)

– who kills more foreign people every year?

– who poisons the landscape with uranium and agent orange?

– who sold arms to Iran? Who sold semtex to Libya?

– who killed Patton?

– who removes almost all your wealth if you divorce?

– who made the financial crisis start?

– where are the biggest ponzi schemes made?

– who produces the most porn in the world?

– who dumps a great commander because of chiding politicians and replaces him with a go-fer who faints when sitting down?

– who makes you pay taxes even if you never lived there and never worked there?

– who would shoot protestors on a college campus rather than use non violent means to reduce a large uprising?

Thailand?? I think not

so all those young things from my good old Bible bashing country please look out of the fishbowl for a time before making silly submissions pleeeeeease

Please feel free to re-submit when you are about 45 and have toured the world and had several hi profile jobs and have raised a family then you just might know what you are talking about until then : you have 2 ears, 2 eyes and one mouth so listen twice look twice and after sufficient reflection maybe speak once

Thailand world of wonder :

cheap good food

cheap clothes

cheap houses

cheap hotels

warm weather

lovely beaches

friendly people

needy ladies if that is your thing

and not full of fattso big mouthed aggressive females

I sure know where I would want to retire to!

the Frenchman

Stickman's thoughts:

I get the feeling a lot of people will appreciate your perspective. I certainly do. It's frank and honest – and those are two of the most popular ingredients in any submission.

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