Stickman Readers' Submissions July 26th, 2010


If Thailand was to have a motto or slogan on it's flag, can you come up with a good one?
How about:

1. Thailand, It's all about Me!

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2. Thailand, Short time or Long Time?

3. Thailand, Visit once, you'll want to Cum again ( and again, and again, and again……)

4. Thailand, Where even the Losers get Lucky

CBD bangkok

5. Thailand, It up to you….

6. Thailand, Land of Brass Poles

7. Thailand, Land of Smiles, ( Especially on the Sex Tourist's Faces)

8. Thailand, Hello you Handsum Man!

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9. Thailand, You're Suddenly 25 years old Again! (in your mind)

10.Thailand, Rated number 1 in Women Rentals!

Ha! Guess these slogans or mottoes would be from the sex tourist's point of view. Not that I would know or anything about that! ha! I just read a submission by a Chinese women who was going on and on about the men who visit Thailand
and how they are losers and can't get women in their own country. Maybe that is so in some cases, but not mine. I know I can get women here in the U.S. and have had many in my life, even though I've also had several long term relationships
with some fine ladies too.

I just got done with a 12 year relationship that I very much wanted to work, but I finally gave up trying towards the end. Talk about your high maintenance women, she took the cake. It was all about things I could do for her and how everything
revolved around pleasing her. I kept raising the bar. Expensive gifts, trips, a million dollar house, jewelry. I could go on. Was I at fault? Yeah, I'm sure I played a part in the trying to please her. I feel sorry for the other men out there
who get a woman like that who just feels entitled to all the nice things you do and give them, without doing anything nice back in return. Maybe the new western woman's slogan should be "It's all about me!!!" I pity those young
guys out there. I hear most of the young women are also developing the "I'm Entitled" philosophy.

Anyway, I like my 20 day sex trips to Thailand. It's finally something I'm doing for myself. Yes, I should wear a t-shirt that says, "It's all about me"

Of course, I know it's all an illusion and the girls are in it for the money. This Chinese girl who said all the guys are losers?…, she's right in some cases but not all. I'm just using Thailand as an escape from reality.
I could date more women here and maybe have more sex, but the sex through dating here in the U.S. has it's downside. In Thailand, I don't have to do the dating thing. The sex is readily available. I pay the girls well. I treat them very
well. They're happy and I'm happy. Also, Mr. Happy is happy! I'm not looking for a long term relationship. Been there, done that. I'm finally realizing my complete happiness is not based only on if I'm in a good relationship
or not.

I never would pay for sex in a million years till my first visit to Thailand.

For me it works great. Of course I just love women in general and like spending time with them. I think some guys out there really don't even like women. (maybe those are the one's trying out the ladyboys?) Of course, in 20 days
I'm with quite a few,(40) but it's really nothing to brag about. I'm just a customer with the money, nothing really special about that. I do still find it all very astonishing. All that available sex. It's like picking up fast
food when you're hungry. And all those single guys back home who watch porn? Hey, why watch those movies, when in Bangkok, you can be in the movie! (so to speak) I know a person will not find happiness in these short time endeavors. In fact,
the whole scene is getting a little somewhat boring. Get up in the morning, go find a girl and do your thing, then out again at night to repeat the same routine. I try to break things up a bit by trying different bars or areas, but the end result
is basically the same. Like I said, it's just an escape. It can be a fun one though, especially compared with staying back home during those cold winter days and nights.

I think I see the bar/sex scene for what it is. I have no illusion of meeting "miss right", mainly because I'm not looking.

Apart from the sex scene I've managed to meet some great Thai friends over there, and I love visiting all the different parts of Thailand. Vietnam and Cambodia are amazing places. I love Asian people.

I really enjoy this site and getting an education reading the submissions. I personally like hearing about the first time visitors and their experiences. I know how the unexpected can happen while traveling in Thailand. Those can be the most
fun experiences of all. Never a dull moment over there. The senses come alive. The visuals on the street. The smells, the noise. The beautiful Thai women! I just love it and look forward to my next visit! I know Mr. Happy is looking forward to
it also. Ha!

Stickman's thoughts:

Speaking of submissions we like, there haven't been any bargirl done me wrong stories for a while. I have to admit I used to find them a good read!

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