Stickman Readers' Submissions July 7th, 2010

Loser’s Paradise and Perceptions

Interesting sub from the Asian lady. Call me cynical. But is this put together by you Stick? Surely as night turns into day this certainly will generate some traffic. <Absolutely was not written by me and no, I have no reason to play funny games to generate traffic when this site's traffic is very high alreadyStick> Obviously what she wrote is what many western women think. As you say she has some good points but as you correctly state I think she makes incorrect generalizations and especially about the readership of your site.

I agree with her that Thailand's culture is less sexually permissive than the west from a traditional women's point of view. We must see it from her point of view as she is ignorant to what Thai men do and how they conduct themselves.
Traditional Thai women are very conservative and more so than their sisters in the west. This is where many people have it wrong and not only some of the people who she classifies as losers. Many people who have never spent much or any time in
Thailand have this misconception. As for the loser's tag she bestows on western men, I would counter that the women that these so called losers married generally turned out to be losers. Even my ex-wife's father would not argue this
point with me.

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Her sub gives us a window into what type of women she really is and it's not attractive. To classify the women as 4 to 6 's is bitchy and makes her lose all credibility. Obviously there are many ordinary looking Thai ladies but
I feel beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and I don't try to push my preferences on to other people. I find Isarn women attractive but not all. It's very subjective. The beauty debate is like arguing over which beer tastes best. Who
cares! Drink up and enjoy.

Maybe this hate-filled submission is really aimed at her father. I am no psychologist but maybe this is her way of putting him in his place so to speak. Maybe he reads this site and this is for him and all the others who are like him. She
may not even be half Asian, heck guys do we know women lie or what. My own daughter is 22 years old and some of what is written is what would come from her mouth as well. But this sub that she wrote is from someone who doesn't obviously have
all the facts and is still immature. If it was my daughter, which it is not, I would be embarrassed as she is surely a tart as she was bedded by some ex-model who was looking for another notch on his belt.

The main problem stems from the fact that western men couple with much younger Thai ladies and this is what really grates on western women like her. Some of these women are not highly attractive but they are at the age that the mongers chase.

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Does this make mongers who frequent Pattaya and Bangkok losers? Certainly not because life is what you make of it and we should enjoy it while we can. That being said, seeing an old guy arm in arm with a young Thai lady is not always the
best look. Also I have heard Thais remark that they think it is also inappropriate to see a large age difference between a man and a woman. My current girlfriend is only 4 years younger than me and not all your readership heads to Pattaya or Bangkok.
But I don't worry what other people think. I enjoy the company of mature women and each to their own.

There are many very successful Thai ladies who consider a relationship with a western man and these ladies are not looking for a walking ATM. But these ladies do look for someone in their age group and they are not just sex for sale. We all
know or should know by now that if you try to have a relationship with a service girl who is half your age that the chances of success are very limited. Yes, it is a noble thought to rescue a bar girl from a brothel and it is not necessarily impossible.
But with the cultural differences and her entrenched behavioral patterns it is going to be nearly mission impossible.

I think some generalizations are sad and I hope this Asian lady matures over time and develops a better understanding of Thailand and the people who frequent your website. As she stated, she is someone’s daughter and she is still young
in this world but this is how the readership is assessed by many from our countries. Should this worry us? As I said, I have a 22 year old daughter as well and I would be lying if I said it didn’t worry me. Trying to explain the realities
as we see them to family back home is not always an easy task.


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Stickman's thoughts:

Nice closing sentence. It is very difficult to explain to folks back home just what it is really like here…

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