Stickman Readers' Submissions July 30th, 2010

In Defense Of Old Men

Time has certainly not been gentle with them. Their feats of youthful glory are but a distant memory of the past. In the twilight of their life, they are the undesirables of society, not expected to live, but merely wait for their deaths.
Some would have you believe that they are losers, simply because they are no longer attractive to some 19-year old fashion model from Sweden. The mere thought of them actually enjoying life and having sex with a young woman can create lifetime
psychological disturbances to innocent western girls.

They are the same men who have worked for the best part of their lives, and still do, to bring civilization to where it stands today. Men who have collectively contributed to the fields of industry, science, technology, medicine etc. for
decades, to bring the quality of life to the high level that we younger people have been accustomed to nowadays. These men have raised sons and daughters, struggling day after day, so that their beloved ones can have the best opportunities in
their lives. Yet, the idea of those old farts living and enjoying themselves for once, is repulsive to so many individuals.

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There is but one conclusion to be drawn about those individuals who seem so eager to criticize an old man. They lead genuinely unhappy lives. Those younger (or not) individuals have been completely jaded by the material abundance of the West,
into a state of effortless and pointless existence. Their never ending boredom has only led to misery. And their misery feeds them with nothing but envy and malice, for anyone with a smile on their face, be it Farang or Thai. It really makes no
difference, trying to argue with such people. Their opinions are fueled by the despair they have in their hearts and thus, they cannot change. There is no reasoning in their words, only wrath.

Sometimes I walk the streets, and I see an older man with a young and beautiful woman by his side. Do I loathe them? Do I think the man is a loser? Perhaps I would, if I had a mental disorder, or worse. But since I don't, I can only
have respect and admiration, for men who dare to live their lives, no matter how old they are. On the other hand, I can think of several other types of men, who could be classified as losers. In today's politically correct world, they rank
in the millions, and they come from all age groups. Some of them live in a basement, playing World of Warcraft 16 hours per day. Outside Azeroth, they have no life. Others are addicted to substances or gambling, or both. Last but not least, men
who stay in a failed marriage, simply because a divorce would financially destroy them. Living in fear, day after day, like puppets. The list could go on but there isn't really a point in that. What really matters is that all those "losers"
share a common trait. They all have a non existent or almost non existent sex life. So when I see an older guy (or a guy of any age for that matter) who has a sex life full of beautiful women, I see a winner. The only true winner that can ever

In my travels, I have met and interacted with all kinds of people. One thing I can say for certain. The man who travels is wiser than the man who doesn't. Alas for those who have only known the little world of their city or their country.
During my escapades to Thailand, I've had the privilege of knowing some of the most interesting guys that I will ever know in my life, probably. There is really no age pattern here, as some of them were as young as 21 while others were in
their late 60s. Some of them had tough luck in their marriages etc., but they were all kind hearted and courteous people who I felt very comfortable with. What I found remarkable, was that the older bunch, were so much in pace with the modern
times of computers and the internet etc. Could you say the same for the average pensioner who lives in the US or the UK, whose only interests are watching television and erhm… watching television? Thailand is truly an amazing place luring amazing

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Finally, I would like to share a little story, which happens to be very relevant with the object addressed in this submission.

Last March, I was sitting in a baht bus on Beach Road, along with a couple of western ladies in their late 40s. It was late evening, and the streets of Pattaya were filled with people and cars, most of them heading towards Walking Street.
Because of the music festival during that time, Beach Road was practically cut in half, slowing traffic even further. Moments later, two Brits, probably in their late 60s, entered the baht bus, sitting just across of me and next to the ladies.
They were elegantly dressed, white trousers, shirt and shoes, if I recall correctly. If I only judged from their appearance, I would assume that those were two very refined gentlemen. It didn't take long before one of them struck conversation
with me. In fact, what he asked for was directions. I soon found out that both of them were only hours fresh from the plane, on their first vacation in Thailand ever.

Being "green" as they were, they kept asking me all kinds of questions, and I tried to answer as best as I could. Because of the music festival, the traffic jam was severe. In a twisted way, time was on our side! So there I was,
giving "advice" to men who could have three times my age. Men who probably had children older than me! I found that hilarious, and so did they. Before we parted ways, I said something silly along the lines of "Keep your wits about
you and don't fall in love!" and we all had a good laugh. The three of us I mean. Until the two gentlemen left the baht bus, I really hadn't paid the slightest attention to the two middle aged western ladies who were sitting right
beside them. Only afterwards did it come to my attention, that they were giving me their most contemptuous gaze. They never said a word, and neither did I. They tried their best though, staring at me in a way that was supposed to make me feel
guilty. I could almost feel they wanted me dead, right there! In the end, I couldn't help but smile! It was sooo funny!

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Stickman's thoughts:

Very nice and very realistic. We will all be old one day…

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