Stickman Readers' Submissions July 15th, 2010

How Can You Top Her Arrogance?

Ah, to label people losers because they are not what she defines as winners, and where is it that she describes the qualifications from her wise point of view? The young lady suffers great anger, the same anger that sent many of us "losers"
away from the loneliness and isolation of not willing to be a neutered American male. Having watched feminism develop starting with the bra burning in 1970 and Germaine Greer's "female eunuch" then Gloria Steinem, Betty Frieden
et al, I saw an awkward transition from traditional values to a form of over equality that has castrated the boys back home. I guess the exception might be the young Asian / American "winner's" opinion of who a winner is… In fact
there are unfair brutalities that exists in all forms in all cultures and in life and I am so familiar with hers that I hope she retreats back there and cleans up on a couple of divorces and gets some enhancements and tucks at some winner turned
loser's expense.. Because of her narrow minded point of view we can wager on several divorces provided she hides her rage long enough to get some masochists to marry this viper..

Certainly one sees repulsive older and not so old drunks behaving badly and deluding themselves here everyday and in that aspect she has her points. But, that being said, I know several expats worth a lot of money, and that seems to be the
American woman's definition of a winner. Who wouldn't even go to lunch with an American woman and I can think of some fit, sober, and successful well-educated men. But, they are not in their 20's or thirties, the only group she
has any justification to categorize. Sadly, the American female is confused…

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It's a big lie the "winners" back home are propping up to get along with Feminazis.. They let the rabid greed balls run their mouths and just appease them and give those housekeepers (3 – 5 years of marriage and she'll
be keeping your house) their fee which is a great deal larger than our wide nosed big footed brown girls..

Her attempts at appeasement are really masks for more of her venom and if you younger guys want that stuff, go ahead and try and toe her line. Not for me, I've tried and consider myself a happy loser..

Of course she has some points, but, it's her ignorant attack on men in general that proves her sophomoric state of mind… I think there is hope for her if she gets away from the American mindset <She lives in the UKStick>
and really lives in another culture as she can think some and see some things anyway..

Until she realises actual truths about real life and has had some losses that even a genius like her will get, she can't write in a credible fashion especially with her use of such terms as winners and losers.. A few more expansions
and we may hear valley girl clichés. Please keep what you've written Ms high priestess of judgments, analysis, and of over reactions to some broken toys trying to eek out some crumbs of happiness in their final years. The brutal consumer
culture she comes from, and it's the only one she really knows much about, creates pain and anxiety that explains the birth of Prozac, and the multitude of serotonin inhibitors.. In 20 years you may see some of your cruelty and poor perceptions..

In the meantime, enjoy some locker room banter with your colleagues over your success at irritating a bunch of stinky old fools who have lived twice to three times as long as you and are so deserving of your contempt..

So this is my attempt at meeting ugliness with ugliness, seemingly the young lady's style of addressing alcoholism and broken lives relieved by the illusion of affection from trophy girls who are simply working and seeking financial
security from a rice farmer's daughter's perspective you clearly are unaware of at all…Are we to tolerate your lack of tolerance and comprehension.? ok…..Sure, it is ludicrous to see such age disparities, but is it any sillier than
the real divorce rate of ALL ages in the states? As long as no one is injured what is the crime??? What is it that really enrages you so much lady?? possibly, that one finger you point at others has three pointing back at you, it's your call
what bothers you about you….Maybe Mr. wonderful chose someone else back home???

Hope you don't have a glass house, because you throw a lot of stones. OR USE YOUR PERCEPTIONS TO HELP PEOPLE

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Stickman's thoughts:

Just to clarify, the young lady claims to have been raised in the UK.

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