Stickman Readers' Submissions July 21st, 2010

HCG’s Ego Trip

Yo, HCG! (or would HCB be more appropriate, if you catch my drift, honey?)

Ok, let's say your "beef" is limited to middle age+ whitey westerners who diddle Thai bar girls much their minors. Fair enough. You are entitled to your opinion there, though I really don't see what your big problem is.
Some old-timer made a lewd remark to you on the plane years ago, and you are still being a cry baby about it. Get over it. These things happen. I (a man) was "lewdly approached" at a party by a middle-aged woman when I was in my teens.
I was shocked and appalled, of course (grin), but hell, after much stewing about it and copious ranting in web forums on middle age dirty bird losers, I eventually did get over it before long. No I didn't diddle her, but now I wish I had
(grin). But I certainly didn't carry that scar around with me and have it become a psychological issue.

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But let's stop and think here, and realize that the defining word that appears ad nauseum in your submission is "loser," and look at what that says about you. After all, surely, this whole discussion really isn't about
(mostly imagined) reproachable delusions of "Pattaya Poster Boys," and definitely not about sex, is it? After all, you so (deludedly?) generously grant the losers their meagre sexual exploits, and you yourself revel, though defensively,
in your own slutting around, so everybody is "getting some" all around, no problem, right? And, again, who in their sane minds would give a flying fuck about what other people's delusions might be? No, if we are being honest, this
is all about YOU and YOUR issues of insecurity and inferiority that just won't be appeased by your attempted self-aggrandizement at the expense of others, will they?

You don't appear quite like a happy person. A happy person is too busy enjoying their own REALITY to be concerned about other people's DELUSIONS, and then subjectively perceived ones at that. You see life as a struggle, with clear
winners and losers, and since age is a bad thing, you are looking forward to losing more and more as time goes on. And worse, as a woman, you don't believe you will have the same recourse that men have in Thailand and like places, when you
inevitably become that "dirty old bird" and your age pushes you out of the bonable range of the young demigods you so crave to be validated by, as in "I had his wiener inside me, and he's a stud, therefore, I, too, must be
worth something." I don't mind handing it to you that you must be quite the stunner, because I, for one, surely of the few such men around, have my standards, and after one sentence of your typical talk, I would have taken the parachute,
but oh that model half-breed(-wit?) friend of yours was willing to overlook your stark ugliness in character to have his way with you. But then again, maybe not. Us men are known to "take down some real hogs" (quote from My Best Friend's
Girl) occasionally when the urge hits hard enough, and the light is dimmed enough, eh? So … are we perhaps feeling insecure about our own relative winner's status and need to buoy our spirits up by dumping on the downtrodden?

Oh yes, and we have a good job, and make "more money than you," don't we? Real nice. Real adult-like. What we however forget oh so easily though is that we came from a good (read socio-economic) family background, never had
to work at McDonalds to help put us through school. Sure, we may have won that scholarship on academic merit, but still, it was easy to foster such merit in a good middle class home or better provided for – surprise – by an OLD MAN. And what about
that scholarship and that nice first cushy job we got? Did we perhaps sail in on Affirmative Action on two points, female and ethnic? Or at least we perhaps operated smugly under the umbrella of Affirmative Action, which by now has put the white
man (two minuses) on the bottom of the totem pole? Point is, life isn't fair, not everybody gets the same fighting chances at that game we call life, and even if you initially had good options, life has a way of landing that unexpected kick
deep in the groins and leaving you way down there in the dust, sometimes with no way out. Who the hell are you, then, born or not with that silver spoon up your uptight half-breed arse, to judge other people without even knowing them or the facts?
You don't even know whether people might have BEEN "winners" before and got to where they are now because of some combination of factors not all under their control? And why does everybody have to be your narrowly defined type of
glamorous young winner? Maybe that old loser you denounce once belonged to the hidden masses of quiet winners who worked hard to get by and add a little happiness to other people's lives and their own?

Yeah agreed, some of those pot-bellied lame-os could do with a little fitness regime, as well as better routines of personal hygiene, grooming, and some cat walk fashions, and remedial classes on social skills and so on and on, so that they
can become less of that eyesore for you, but somehow I sense your concern is not so much with the well-being of these folks, but exclusively with your own ego.

In conclusion, clean up your own act before you judge others. Your attitude, as you say, is representative of the collective attitude of western society, and this is precisely what induces these hordes of losers to leave and find better shores,
where they can still feel like winning at life, in however small way, and deluded or not. Good riddance you say, but what if you eventually manage to drive away your own future husband with your sick fuck psychology? Now you enjoy the perks and
options of youth, but the day will surely come when these will fleet away, and if you haven't taken care of your issues by then, you too will be a capital L LOSER, not to mention along the way as well, although you might not realize yet.

On that note, happy trails!

"The greatest evil to befall man is that he might, in some way, come to think ill of himself."
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
German Writer and Philosopher

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Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, you're not afraid to say what you think!

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