Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2010

HCG: My Thoughts

HCG makes a good case for herself and I find myself agreeing with her on some issues but she decidedly misses the "big picture". I'll get to that in a minute.

Just like many others here I've also enjoyed my free breakfast at a better hotel in Bangkok and noticed the odd couples. It does look weird to see some old geezer with a 20 something Thai hooker especially if she's still dressing
the part. The age difference is one thing, but on the other hand it is the weight difference which makes me wonder just what kind of sex is happening between them. One thing I've never seen amongst these odd couples though is the guy comfortably
sitting back in his chair with a wide grin on his face who's body language screams, "look at me, I'm a sex god". Mostly their heads are down and they eat and they don't say much. People do have to eat though and when staying
in a hotel with a free breakfast they will take advantage of it, so discretion goes out the window in lieu of monetary reward. Yes, it would be better if they would dine from room service. And, it's not just Thai people who are mortified
at this particular sight, any Western couple, often with their children in tow, will also be uncomfortable having to dine with the odd couple. It really does look out of place.

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I don't think anyone here would disagree that Mr and Mrs Average Thai find the odd couple distasteful. Most Westerners do too. The only people who would find the odd couple to be ok would be other odd couples or potential odd couples.
Probably the male half of the odd couple wishes he were 40 years younger or 40 pounds lighter but there's not much he can do about it.

Thailand is a Loser's Paradise and it's also a Winner's Paradise. When I go there with my Western girlfriend I feel like a real winner. I'm a winner because I can be free for 2 or 3 weeks, free from the incessantly politically
correct ways of the West, free from the garbage of Western television, free from the "honest" cops in the West who could potentially cost me far more than the "dishonest" cops in Thailand, free from work at least for a while.
It's a great feeling to be a winner!

I don't think the fat, dumb, balding, aging sex tourists are bragging to the Thais just how sexy they are. I don't think they think like that at all. I think what they think is, "I am so happy to finally be able to get what
I want, a nubile young lady that I can have great sex with". For HCG Thai girls aren't that good looking. For the sex tourists, they are quite good looking.

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It's unfortunate that HCG was groped on an airplane by a drunk falang, I'm sure it happened. My then 9 year old son was almost molested by a Thai transvestite who lived next door to us in the Philippines, his mother owned a Thai
restaurant there. HCG is getting her revenge by writing a Stickman submission, I got mine through a discrete contact with some Philippine Special Forces guys who paid a quiet visit in the middle of the night to my neighbor's place. I would
have preferred to deal with it myself but I was in the US military and due to our laws I could have been punished for doing what was right. Life isn't always fair. If it happens again, you should make it known to one of the airline employees.

My girlfriend and I were dining at an outdoor seafood restaurant in Phuket. At one table near us I spotted two very attractive Thai looking young ladies about 19 or 20 years old. As a male of the species, my first thoughts went like, hmmm,
I would love to have sex with either or both of them. I didn't know if they were hookers or not but I desired them. I found it odd though that they were sitting next to each other and not across from each other. It turned out not to be so
odd when their parents joined them, a Scandinavian looking guy and a Thai looking woman. At another table were an older Black male and a much younger Thai female. My girlfriend and I are outgoing and sociable, we wound up striking up a conversation
with the Black guy who turned out to be a retired US military guy spending his life traveling around the world. This guy has lived everywhere, including a stint at a Kibbutz in Israel. He was quite friendly and had some interesting things to say,
the 3 of us had a grand time chatting about this and that. In the 45 minutes or so we spoke the Thai girl did not say one word, nothing. My girlfriend and I knew why she was there and weren't bothered by it. I imagine Mr and Mrs Average Thai
would think differently but I didn't see any Thais trying to engage this young lady in a conversation to see if there was anything interesting about her, there probably isn't but who knows till you try. Would you HCG give this woman
a moment of your time? If not, why not? If so, how would you go about it?

The "bigger picture": HCG, you aren't going to prevent anything you find distasteful by writing a Stickman submission but you'll make most of us interested and satisfied, you write well. But, you have to understand just
who facilitates those things you find disturbing. Who profits from it, who keeps it going because it is profitable? Would you be surprised to find out who just that is? I think you know already. So, start there to fix this problem and get yourself
killed (it won't be one of the losers though, you probably know who it will be) or don't do anything which is wiser I think. The losers will keep coming though, you'll have to just get used to it. You'll cringe when you see
a drunken idiotic falang who thinks he's a "sexual superstar" and I'll cringe when I see a Thai transvestite, we both have to live with our prejudices which are legitimate.

Exeter Bill, who can be contacted.

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Stickman's thoughts:

I had to make a choice between no comments, or no submissions for a few days. I chose no comments. To the author of this submission, I hope you understand why I chose to publish without commenting.

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