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Stickman Readers' Submissions July 17th, 2010

For Half-Chinese Girl

Delusion no 2: Half-Chinese Are Beautiful

There I was enjoying Thursday night television when my husband had to get me all riled up with this stupid Chinese girl. She is not really Chinese though she is British, and seems quite happy to look down on an entire nation of people. She is the perfect
combination of the worst aspects of both British and Chinese society.

He Clinic Bangkok

All I could think of when you told us all the story of the fat, bald, drunk guy was my own experience flying to England. There I was flying to meet my husband who had left the week before and all I wanted was a nice nap. The elderly British gentleman
sitting next to me decided that wasn’t going to happen as he made it his personal mission to save my soul from the devil. I could have very easily used that to draw the conclusion that England is nothing but Bible thumpers, but instead
I drew the conclusion that this individual was a Bible thumper. I enjoyed my trip to England, but your food is terrible.

The point that had me wishing I could give you your first Thai boxing lesson was that all Thai women are ugly. Excuse me? Actually being born and raised in Asia I can tell you there are plenty of beasts flowing out of China. The word snaggletooth comes
to mind. I mean seriously fix your teeth, China. Also isn’t Britain the fastest growing hotbed for obesity? You should be careful who you call ugly since you seem to be made up of some fairly ugly DNA yourself. You see how easy it is to
take a generalization and apply it to a large group of people? You have to learn there are ugly and beautiful people from every country. You choose to see the ugly in people which speaks volumes. I propose that you send in a picture of yourself
and I will send one of myself and we can let the readership decide who is ugly!

I really knew you were naïve when you deluded yourself into believing that your ultra liberal society was somehow more sexually liberated than the East. Asians are shocked you live alone because we are a communal society and we give a lot of credence
to our family’s reputation. As a woman it is even worse to live alone because it means a decent chance of you getting raped or having many strange men back to your room both of which kill your chances of marrying up which is important to
Asians and Chinese especially. It isn’t about what you actually do, it is what you are perceived to be doing. For being such an expert on Thailand and Asia that point seems to have missed you. Another point that missed in your expert insight
is the fact that Thais don’t talk about their sexual conquests in mixed company. Of course we convey shock at sex to someone we are not close to, in Thailand going around telling everyone you who you are screwing is a fast way to run your
family’s name through the mud, completely killing all marriage prospects for yourself and your offspring. Most Thais keep their sexuality a secret from all but their most trusted friends. This applies to every aspect of their life from
dress to speech. That may not jive with what you saw on Patpong, but those girls get a pass in Thailand because we understand they do what they have to. Western girls squeeze their giant ass into a pair of g-string panties and call themselves
liberated. Just because we don’t dress like sluts doesn’t make us prudes. I am surprised it is so easy to make sweeping judgments against us from your high horse, but perhaps your fancy education didn’t buy common sense.

Did some Thai girl take away your boyfriend? That’s the only way I can understand why you want to say so many bad things about us. Normally I encourage people who had a bad experience to come back and I will even introduce them to someone who can
help them see a better side of Thailand, but for you I say please don’t come back. Please just sit in Britain, get fat, and torture whoever has the misfortune of marrying you. I am sure he will find a way to have a business trip to Thailand
to meet the most beautiful women and eat the tastiest food in the world.

Being a Thai married to a Westerner, I found that I have associated with a lot of Thai-Western relationships. What I have found is that the guys who truly are losers generally wind up with girls who are just looking for a more comfortable life, and the
relationship never lasts. More commonly I find that the relationship is great as long as there is a healthy supply of Thai food and the occasional trip back to visit the family.

Stickman's thoughts:

Absolutely brilliant response! I loved this submission!