Stickman Readers' Submissions July 3rd, 2010

Divorce Disaster – All Western Men Lose

The news is out on Tiger Woods’ divorce. The details are in the UK Sun. This is good news for all western women and yet another disaster for all men in the west. Tiger’s wife winds
up with $750 million (₤500 million). She hired a team of lawyers to get him and they uncovered more assets than she originally thought he had (obviously she had nothing to do with earning the assets since she knew nothing about them, but
now feels that she is entitled to them anyhow). So she’s winding up with much more money than she originally filed for. The Sun article doesn’t give any details about child support,
but Tiger is undoubtedly on the hook for $ millions more in that department.

This divorce gets the headlines, but the same thing goes on every day on a smaller scale involving the financial rape of millions of men in the west. The potential benefits of getting involved with western women just don’t come close to the potential
downside. This is just one more headline that every woman in the west reads that proclaims that western men are second class citizens who can be raped financially by western women any time they please. The procedure is straightforward. The woman
seeks out her victim, entices him with unbelievable sex, tricks him into marrying and having at least one child. Then she has him by the balls. At least half of what he has and half of what he earns is hers. She can kick him in the gutter and
enjoy the fruits of his labor for the rest of her life. What a deal for a western woman. And the men involved come to realize that slavery is alive and well in the western world. Women in the west are protected from slavery, but not men!!!

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While men like Tiger Woods are getting raped financially, it seems like a worldwide phenomenon in the west that financial and political power is slowly moving to females who make no bones about putting men in their place. The worldwide campaign slogan
seems to be “vote for me – I have a vagina”. In Germany you have Angela Merkel. In Australia you have Julia Gillard. In other countries you have men in charge who are intent on appointing women for every influential position
in government or the military.

I voted for Barack Obama in the Democratic primary (what a mistake). However, the alternate choice was Hillary Clinton. After the election was over what did Obama do? He appointed Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. But he didn’t stop there.
He named Janet Napolitano to be head of Homeland Security – the most powerful police position in the country. His latest Supreme Court nominee is Elena Kagan. No wonder the court system seems obligated to screw men (screw not in the sexual
sense) wherever a dispute between a man and a woman occurs. It could be divorce, child support, rape charges, child abuse charges, domestic violence charges, sexual harassment charges in the workplace etc etc. Yes it’s not just in the marriage
arena that men are second class.

Men who are in supervisory positions in any work environment know that they have to tread lightly wherever a woman is involved. It matters not that the woman’s performance is subpar. Where a man would receive a pink slip and be let go, when it’s
a woman careful procedures and documentation are the order of the day. When a woman is fired, the man who fired her can expect a sexual harassment charge and he better be ready to prove his innocence 100 times over to escape with his career intact.
A man just trying to live his life and get by will find himself in a meat grinder that will chew him up and spit him out half the person that he was. It matters not that he is the innocent party. In the female centric western world the man is
presumed guilty and it’s a 100 to 1 shot to for an innocent man to prove himself innocent. Most men can give you an example of a woman who screwed her way to a high paying position (here I mean screw in the sexual sense). Yet they are never
prosecuted for it. But if a man gets sexually involved with a woman at work he leaves himself open to criminal and civil charges. Maybe that’s why it works for a woman. She can seek out sex with the boss and then tell him if she doesn’t
get the promotion or raise she will go public with the information. Such options are not available to men.

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One famous example that comes to mind is Barbara Walters – the famous news reporter in the USA. She recently wrote a book that describes the affair that she had with Senator Edward Brooke years ago. Mr. Brooke was senator from the state of Massachusetts
from 1967 to 1979. It opened a lot of doors for her at the time. I’m sure people around her, who didn’t know about the affair, were astounded at her rapid rise to the top. The mainstream didn’t and doesn’t crucify her
for the affair – hey it’s ok for a woman to screw her way to the top. But let a man get caught having an affair and it’s the end of his career. You know the low down, no good man taking advantage of the poor defenseless woman.

All this gets back to not getting involved with a western woman. If you must get involved have a vasectomy first. If children were not involved in Tiger’s case, the wife would have been lucky to get 10% of what she received. As I’ve said
before the courts take money from the man, give it to the woman and say they are doing it for the children. What rubbish. The other thing you can do to protect yourself somewhat is to have a prenuptial agreement. However, this is not an easy thing
to do. Western women know that they hold all the cards and are very reluctant to sign a prenuptial agreement. A prenup is better than nothing, but when divorce time comes the woman’s lawyer always attacks the prenup. You know the standard
line – the poor, innocent woman was tricked into signing a prenup by the heartless, vicious, low down man. So courts toss out a lot a prenups. But they don’t toss them all out – so it is better than nothing.

You can also save your money, come to LOS from time to time and enjoy yourself in ways that you never could in the west. My recommendation would be Pattaya. Hotels are cheap, food is good and sex is available as long as you have money in your pocket.
Without a western woman to drag you down, you’ll have a lot more of your money with which to enjoy yourself. Recent articles here on Stick’s website suggest that Angeles City in the Philippines is also a place to consider. In my
younger days I would certainly be checking out Angeles City. If you are very careful and very selective you may even find a Thai or Philippine woman who has traditional Asian values and will be loyal to you. Then you can forget about the pay for
play scene – if that happens to be your desire.

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Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, divorce (in some countries) seems to be a nightmare for men.

With that said, for those who relocate to the likes of Pattaya and Angeles City, they do get boring – and a lot sooner than you would think!

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