Stickman Readers' Submissions July 16th, 2010

Dirty Old Men

It is pretty hard for someone of 23, especially a smoking hot half Chinese girl, who it would seem was 'brought up English' to understand the fact that despite the physical deterioration with age, ones primal urges and youthful
outlook do not necessarily desert you. So smoking hot you may be now and many an old gimmer might look at you with a wistful twinkle in his eye. Not so sure he would enjoy sharing your opinions though. But who knows, in fifty years time you may
still be hankering for a bunk up with some young gigolo stallion and may no doubt be wealthy enough to pay for that lifestyle since you earn so much.

I read an honest and open account by a well known unmarried authoress, (her name escapes me), who is still quite attractive as a mature older woman, whose sexual desires are adequately and expertly fulfilled by an ever changing series of
young studs to their greater financial satisfaction. (I guess there are some minor imperfections that one can overlook if it puts bread on the table). I also read that there is a growing tendency toward lesbianism in the West as women mature to
middle age, although many are not comfortable to disclose this. Whatever takes your fancy! You have only one life and if mongering is your thing and you have a willing co-respondent who makes you feel a real man or a real woman again despite an
age disparity then go for it. For some I guess paying for sex is the only reasonable way to have a taste of the experience that all these young hot shots with desirable physiques and huge scores seem to take as a God given right. As our cutie
says – its sex, its fun!

He Clinic Bangkok

But I am not going to respond in detail to the smoking hot half Chinese chick of 23 years of age who could be my granddaughter but fortunately isn’t, although her second submission stimulated me to write this. I am really unqualified
to write on this site. I enjoy it as it gives me a perspective on life I never knew existed until I found it, mine being unlike the worldly adventurers who subscribe so eloquently and with such intimate knowledge and qualification. That doesn’t
mean to say I concur with everything I read or even most of it. But I admire the literary command of some of the contributions as well as the flavour of their international experience and accumulated wisdom.

So where am I coming from with this? I read the smoking hot half Chinese girls’ first submission for what I thought it was: the measured thoughts of a typical modern arrogant young person and not to be taken too seriously. Her profound
view on life was coloured by some unfortunate bad experiences and a fair degree of over-generalisation culled from her self righteous simplistic superficial view on the order of things. I didn’t disagree with it all but once I started to
think about why I was agreeing I began to question whether it was right to hold such views.

Then came the second diatribe of patronizing aggression which I have to say I have not managed to read to the end. The ‘street’ language used here and there is not something I can comfortably accept. Nor the snide comments about
age. In fact when I think of it age is something she has a real problem with. I’m not sure when my heyday was, if ever I had one, but I was born before WW2 if that is a bit of a guide.

CBD bangkok

The tone of her ‘insightful’ contributions have made me better understand the criticisms levelled on here at western women and the feminazification that seems to have preoccupied many submissions. Certainly every newspaper I
read has at least one article that justifies this extreme preoccupation that many correspondents on here have developed, often through bad personal experiences which have led to profound cynicism and penury. Is she typical of her generation I
wonder? Will she one day read the copies she has made of her submissions and cringe that she could have been so vain, dismissive and arrogant as to write with such contempt and lack of understanding. Am I wrong to detect a slight hint of vanity
about her? I can’t bring myself to try to read the last submission fully to be sure, so I apologise for that.

I have to come clean. I am English and she may well earn more than me. I am not really entitled to submit to this site as I have never visited Thailand. Sumatra and Malaysia yes, and at a family level. I have always been intrigued and sometimes
quite entranced by the worldly attitudes and tales of those I met who are profession expats. Now here’s the rub, I doubt I would ever be allowed a personal pleasure trip to LOS with the reputation it has here and the chortling innuendo
by some of my so called friends to my wife about trips to the East. They would definitely disturb an otherwise happy household, Golden Wedding and all that! Additionally I have never paid for sex nor could I could envisage doing so, maybe because
I have never had need to. But perish the thought if someone saw me in LOS. Dirty old man! Loser!

I don’t know how seedy it is in Thailand and my knowledge of what dirty old men get up to is gained from Stick’s very enjoyable site. How judgemental should one be? The submissions by one or two especially Mango, which I found
very moving and I wish him well, show how the scathing patronising young lady’s comments, although maybe not aimed at such as he, can be unnecessarily hurtful and misguided. Still at least she stimulated some interesting submissions.

One day she will be old, maybe rich but maybe no wiser, maybe consumed by her acidic perspective and maybe wondering where she went wrong. But then maybe she will go the other way and join the trend I read about.

wonderland clinic

Stickman's thoughts:

I am currently outside Bangkok and pressed for time. A lot of submissions have come in responding to the half-Chinese Girl's two articles and I want to get them up online quickly. I would prefer to take the time to read through these articles and comment but that is time I just don't have at the moment. It's a case of either publish without comments, or not publish for a few days. I have decided to publish. My apologies for no comments appearing.

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