Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2010

All Western Women Including Prostitutes Are Bad News

Previously I’ve documented how western women use the court system to screw (not in the sexual sense) men. I’ve been through the school of hard knocks and, based on experience; firmly believe that no man should ever get involved with a western
woman. I’d now like to expand things by saying that this includes all western women, even prostitutes in the west. You might ask why I’m taking such a hard line here?

After sending in my last submission to Stick, I was surfing the net and came across the case of Dean Melvin in Portland, Oregon, USA. Mr. Melvin was recently released from prison after spending three years there on phony rape charges. The
facts of the case are as follows. Mr. Melvin hired a prostitute, had sex with her and took a few pictures of her in the nude – all activity duly paid for and agreed to by the prostitute. How do we know these are the actual facts? Mr. Melvin
passed two lie detector tests verifying the facts. However, lie detector tests were not admissible in court and couldn’t be used in Mr. Melvin’s defense.

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After Mr. Melvin was convicted of rape, his attorney continued to check things out. It turns out that the prostitute had a warrant out for her arrest on prostitution. When the police came to arrest her, she told them about the dastardly Mr.
Melvin and how he abducted her, tied her with duct tape, took her to an isolated spot, raped her and took pictures of her in the nude. The police and prosecutors quickly forgot about the prostitution charge and tracked down Mr. Melvin. Sure enough
he had nude pictures of the woman on his cell phone. Slam dunk conviction. Three years in prison before the conviction was overturned and Mr. Melvin was released.

What caused the conviction to be overturned? Before I get to that, let’s talk about the woman and why no name was in the newspaper article. Well it is illegal in Oregon for courts to release the name of any woman bringing rape charges.
It’s also illegal for the press to publish the name even if they get hold of it. You know how you have to protect the helpless, defenseless, sugar and spice, everything nice, innocent woman. At the same time it’s ok to smear the
man’s name all over the press. After all, every man is just a low down, scum bag, lump of whale shit that deserves his place at the bottom of the ocean.

Getting back to why Mr. Melvin’s case was overturned. The facts about the prostitution and the warrant for the woman’s arrest came to light. It also turned out that she made similar charges against another man in the past (a
man fortunately who was never apprehended). It also turns out that she was caught shoplifting in a local store and caught with heroin on her. She told the security guard that if he charged her, she would bring sexual harassment charges against
him. Fortunately the security guard ignored her threats and the shoplifting story was a matter of public record uncovered after Mr. Melvin’s conviction.

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What happened to the woman who caused Mr. Melvin to be incarcerated for three years on her trumped up charges? The newspaper article says she has left town and the police don’t know where she is. Therefore, authorities haven’t
been able to question her about the evidence piling up against her accusations. The Deputy District Attorney, Greg Moawad, who convicted Mr. Melvin and later had to eat crow as Mr. Melvin was released, had this to say. “No charges will
be filed against the woman”. Hey, it’s just another case where a woman can bring false charges against a man, put a man in jail and suffer no consequences for her actions.

Erin Ellis, executive director of the Portland metro area Sexual Assault Resource Center applauded the decision not to prosecute the woman. Said Ms. Ellis – the woman may have been telling the truth even though Mr. Melvin passed two
lie detector tests. The woman might have disappeared not because she lied about the kidnapping and rape, but because of other dire circumstances in her life, Ellis said.

So there you have it. A prostitute can falsely accuse a man of kidnap and rape with no adverse affect. Indeed it can help her get out of a prostitution charge (or other charges that may be pending against her). And to top it off there are
tax supported institutions like the Portland Sexual Assault Resource Center that stand ready to help such and an abused, helpless, downtrodden, innocent, sugar and spice, everything nice woman.

In the face of all this how a man would ever get involved with a western woman – even a western woman prostitute – is far beyond me. With venues like Pattaya, Thailand and Angeles City, Philippines out there and available, why
mess around with prostitutes in the west? To me masturbation is preferable to any western woman. If the P4P scene is not for you, Asia also still has plenty of women with traditional Asian values who believe in supporting their man. All they ask
in return is to be treated with kindness and respect.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Why is it that in the West you don't hear that much about Western women being so bad, but in Thailand – which gets trashy Western guys, you hear so much complaint? It seems to me that there IS a correlation!

I don't doubt that some of what you allude to happens or is true, but I can't help but feel that you're starting to go a little over the top. That said, I will admit that I am totally out of touch with Western women and what is considered "normal" or "acceptable" in the West.

I sure don't like to criticise, but I went back and read some of your pieces and frankly, the word misogynist comes to mind when reading your submissions.

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