Stickman Readers' Submissions June 16th, 2010

The Silly Boycott Articles

It never ceases to amaze me when a non-Caucasian American feels something did not go his/her way they throw out the racism card. This is such a product of America. From the media outlets to movies, etc. If you are Caucasian American you may have misunderstood or are faced with many years of suppression so it is OK for said race to act the way they do, but god forbid someone discriminates against anyone non-Caucasian and wham, it's pure racism. This is the double standard we live with every day.

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How many times have we heard Thais are racist? How many times have we heard they are taught that Thais are #1? How many countries around the world feel they are most proud of their country and any foreigners are considered second? Only in the US do we have such a melting pot that we have lost any history that we may have had (as horrible of a history as it may have been). When we visit any country we have to realize we are a guest and act appropriately to the customs and/or traditions in place.

So let me discuss for a minute the recent article One-Man Indian Boycott of Pattaya. Stolle's ultimate opinion is that one bargirl's opinion never changed about Indians and now he is jaded or upset or whatever. Lets break this down because I felt it was not quite correct to make this statement based on what he wrote. To summarize:

First, he states that he had 100+ nights in Thailand nightlife. From all the great clubs and the time with women. Definitely sounds like a lot of good memories for this dude.

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Second, he states that he "gets it". He says he understands and is dismayed at their antics.

Third, he states he barfined a girl, not to have sex, but to enjoy her company.

Fourth, after some negative comment he got during the soccer match he eventually got screwed over by a bargirl.

Well if you have had so many great times before, why would one somewhat negative trip totally turn you off? If you understand the negative feelings about Indians, why should just your presence all of sudden cause an 'awakening'? You even said you are the only Indian that is accepted enthusiastically in Happy-A-Go-Go. Almost everything you list points towards many positive times in Thailand.

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So, in the end you feel you got screwed over by a bargirl. Wow, what a shock. A bargirl that may not have been honest? A bargirl that left you for a better deal? This somehow surprises you with all of your time in Thailand? A bargirl that may have been using you? Your ignorance to this astounds me. Any of us that have had anytime in the bargirl scene will most likely have a story or two of how we got taken. Whether they stole money (happened to me, because I thought it could never happen), says they have to go early, are menstruating, etc. When your life is the bargirl scene, then eventually something negative will happen.

If 99 Indians have been to a bar before you and you are the 100th with all 99 being 'no good', why is the bar supposed to offer you some respect or dignity? And if you think about it, it is not normally the girls of the bar who are being this way, it is the bar owners who tell them do not allow such and such people to come in here.

My recent trip to Pattaya also let me see the greater influx of Indian people. Now based on what I heard and/or asked about I was also told they "are smelly" and that they are "very cheap". I took it with a grain of salt. Because if that's the perception, then only two outcomes are really possible 1) Indians change their image or 2) Pattaya will have to conform. This is the way it is everywhere when a significant minority shows up to any place in the world. It is not just Indians, it is many minorities that show up in Pattaya. The image is still that farang (read as Caucasian foreigners) are still the big money people showing up to Pattaya. So, it is understandable that the bargirls, who are looking for money, will ditch some "cheap" minority to try to make a deal. It is in their nature. Not all of course, because some are still good, but in the end it is all about time vs. money.

Now if you think just because of your upbringing in the west entitles you to be viewed with dignity and respect, then you have another thing coming when it comes to visiting foreign places. What if some people just do not like Indians? How many people have I met abroad that do not like Americans? Countless! Do I scream racism? Of course not. People of any culture can cause problems and then if you are thought to be from or are actually from said culture then people may not like you. Then it is up to you to change their minds about you in particular and maybe you can be a good representative of that country. But, to just think because you feel you are a good person and that all people should automatically embrace you with open arms is just plain stupid.

You also think because you throw money around that this will command some respect. If you have been a long time reader of this website, then you would realize, that just means many bargirls are going to take advantage of you more. You stated that you took the girl out the previous night, not for sex, but for a good time only. Well maybe in her mind, you just throw money around and that for her to just leave after a few hours (1230am) to make a sex deal for the night was in her favor, because maybe you were not going to have sex anyway. I do not know because you did not offer more information on this, but what I do know is that whenever I see men throwing money around, they are usually taken advantage of in some way.

Racism implies that one race is superior to another. Dislike just means they do not like you. Do not get the two confused.

Again I need to say that I am so tired of non-Caucasian Americans crying racism just because someone does not like you. Yes we can agree that some Thais are racist, but many just do not like other cultures for too many reasons to count.

Stolle, if you think about your time in Thailand, you have had what sounds like many good times. Why let some little indiscretion in Pattaya make you think all these Thais now hate Indians? Go back and change their minds. Do not be lazy, just do it.

If Stolle plans on boycotting Pattaya because he had a little 'boo-hoo' of a trip, then it just means one more available woman for me!

Take care gang,


Stickman's thoughts:

This whole issue is kind of complex and as when you have race issues and the potential to be misunderstood, I am going to refrain from commenting.

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