Stickman Readers' Submissions June 12th, 2010

The Pendulum

I started thinking about this submission well before we had the Western vs. Asian women debate and of course the whole Jayson saga. I have personally gathered statistics for this piece which I hope will be pleasing to Korski.

I hope this can be viewed as a standalone piece although you can obviously make references to the previous debates.

It is the belief of many western men and even some women that western society and laws are now skewed in favor of women. It seems to be the opinion of many on this site and elsewhere, myself included, that the pendulum has swung too far in favor of the western female.

It has been a gradual and probably unintended and unnoticed procession of change that has brought us to the present status. While many changes to the rights of women were not only intentional but well over due such as the right to vote, the consequences of the entire package that we now have, could not have been foreseen by those fighting for and making the changes.

What form will this ‘return swing’ of the pendulum take on? This is a question too great for my humble intellect. But it is my bet that this ‘return swing’ will also be gradual, silent, and take on many forms, again going unnoticed except by those who are looking for it. So look out “feminazis”, the silent pendulum is going to knock you on your arse.

Many western men are just sick of the shit we get from western women and are voting with their feet, more on that later.

The divorce industry is thriving here in the west. My own experience with my 1st wife (western) bears this out. The 1st wife must have started planning the divorce shortly after she finished planning the wedding. During our 1st year of marriage she had already let slip comments such as “when we get divorced” and “you will get to see the kids on weekends” when we didn’t actually have any children. Even her father who was going through the divorce to her mother let slip “when it happens to you” and then back peddled by saying “well I hope it doesn’t”. It was as if divorce seemed to be required as some kind of ‘right of passage’. I suspected at the time and I am more than convinced today; that the only purpose for which I was required was that of a living breathing bridal accessory.

When I recently spoke to my teenage ‘first love’ she spoke of her husband and father of her children and I quote “he cannot leave me, it will cost him too much money” WTF!! Is this the western women’s idea of the basis for an ongoing relationship? How many women are retaining their husbands through fear of financial ruin in the divorce courts and the underlying threat of restricted access to their children? What kind of attitude towards relationships will this “divorce” or ‘threat thereof’ mindset breed in the minds of our western sisters?

Women in the west are aware that they no longer need to be good wives and home makers, all they need do is get the Real Estate agent to drop by for a “free market appraisal” to keep the hubby in line. “Oh darling, I was just curious” to know how much $$ I am worth.

I hope for the sake of my ‘teenage sweetheart’ that neither her husband nor any of his friends have ever heard of a place called Pattaya.

A long time ago my old man (Father) told me that divorce only occurs when there is some money involved and I believe this holds true ‘till today. I know of more than a few women that stay with their husbands because they just can’t afford to separate or there is just not enough to be gained. “For better or worse” I think it was called, but that seems to be an outdated theology here in the west.

In contrast to much that I have read on this site; I personally know of many western marriages that are harmonious and successful. Many in my own age bracket are well into the second decade of their relationships and have children. The common theme with these successful modern marriages is that the partners are respectful and appreciative of the roles and contributions of the other.

Funny how this old-fashioned outlook still seems to work and how so many women just don’t get it, they are very quick to demand respect but feel no obligation to reciprocate; “The more I do, the more she expects, and the less she appreciates it” this quote came from a friend whose marriage did not make it past the 1st decade.

A while back I noticed a common trait among women of around the age of 30 and I named it the “As good as it gets syndrome” About a year later a movie called “as good as it gets” was released which stole my phrase! This syndrome is triggered when a women comes to the realization that the Knight in shining armor, mounted on his white charger is not coming to sweep her off her feet and carry her on to the happy ever after. What she wakes up to each morning is the reality of her life and it is all the fault of that no good husband, he is never at home, always at work and complaining about all those silly bills that keep coming in. I should buy myself a new car and go to the salon… and… oh!, get rid of that useless husband.

Western women Vs. Asian women

‘In my humble opinion’ and with my educated observations, the differences between Asian and Western (Caucasian) women has little to do with genetic race and everything to do with environmental upbringing.

I live in a very culturally diverse part of Australia and largely through my 2nd wife (Asian) I have had the privilege to gain an insight into the mindset and practices of the Asian community here in Australia.

I met my 2nd wife when I was an expat working in Asia. She migrated to Australia under a spouse visa with my sponsorship, “she” proved to be of the worst of the worst type……are you waiting for it? A hi-so, high-maintenance but with no money and great expectations, she had an excellent pedigree and nothing more. That whole debacle is worth another submission.

I could not help but notice that many of the 1st generation Asian males that have either been born or raised here in Australia have a preference to marry women imported from their country of heritage. I get pretty much this same or similar story from all of the Asian Aussie guys with whom I am close enough to discuss these things:

When they are of perceived marrying age they are encouraged to take a trip to their ancestral home where they are introduced to a stable of potential wives, these introductions will have been pre-arranged by the parents. I know of several cases where the trip was funded under the guise of a birthday present. There may be several selection trips involved. I suspect that there is sometimes parental pressure applied for the guy to marry a particular girl but I have never been able to gain enough information to state this categorically. It does seem that the more westernized the guy, the less likely he will be to marry his father’s best friend’s daughter and the more likely to disregard his parents' wishes.

Something I have observed in several instances is where the parents continue to live with one of their sons and his imported wife, often in the house that the son has bought. I have never known the parents to live with an Aussie Asian wife or even an Aussie Asian daughter for that matter. Oh, some exceptions when it involves an elderly single parent that requires care (and not expected to live for long).

These imported wives are easy to spot if one knows what one is looking for. Just look for the hot Asian chick working a menial job with poor English. I am always keen to start a conversation with a little Asian hottie and of course they will be mostly pleasant to the eye, guys will always select the hottie when given the choice. I also got to meet plenty of these women as my 2nd wife’s ESL class was stacked with them.

So what happens with the westernized sisters of the above mentioned 1st generation Asian guys? They will certainly not subject themselves to being bossed around in their own home by their Asian mother-in-law as I have observed happening with the “newly arrived” wives. And the mother-in-law definitely doesn’t want a rude, lazy Aussie daughter-in law who fails to fully grasp the concept of “respect for your elders”.

Well I can tell you that I do not know of any Australian educated, fluent English speaking Asian women that travel to her parents homeland for arranged introductions to poorly educated penniless potential husbands.

These girls are more likely to marry local Asian guys from better established (read wealthier) families and many even marry local Caucasians who find them quite desirable.

I confess that although I have largely been generalizing, I have been witness to everything I have stated thus far and generalization is relevant to the main point of this submission…..we get to that later….

Those of you who can accept what I have said so far as being mostly correct may wish to skip the next 4 paragraphs as I will only be elaborating on what we already know.

Well to check myself I just felt the need to race out for a box of beer and a quick survey sample of one. I went to the establishment of Tam and Tanya, Vietnamese business partners that run the local liquor/lottery/post office. I only know a little about them personally although I have been a customer of theirs for nearly 10 years. They also do the Western Union for all my previous girlfriends and are aware of my “deviate” preference for Asian women.

Tanya has suggested on several occasions that if I like Asian girls I should go to Vietnam and she can arrange for me to meet some beautiful ladies that speak good English and can show me around. Whereas Tam has suggested that if I want to go Vietnam to meet good women I should learn to speak some Vietnamese first and avoid girls that already speak English. Hmm….I wonder what he is implying?

Now Tam and Tanya are not husband and wife although they may have once been. They obviously have some kind of family connection and they both came to Australia as refugee children in the ‘70s. Whilst writing this sub I recalled that Tam and Tania have over the years had an endless procession of newly arrived young Vietnamese girls working in the shop. I talk with these little hotties at every opportunity and yes, every one of them is in Australia on a spouse visa. I will often compliment them on how well their English is progressing and tell them stories of the difficulties my 2nd wife had when she first came to Australia. It should come as no surprise that all of these girls are reasonably attractive and well presented. In fact when I have visitors from out of town they prefer to buy their booze from this shop and pay slightly more so they can catch an eye full of little Asian hottie to file away in the wank-bank for later use. I tell these guys that they are pathetic; none of these chicks would register more than a 7 on the Nana scale.

So on this quiet Sunday night as I sit at the keyboard and decide on a beer or two (got tomorrow off) I head up to the local shop and find Tam there on his own and no customers other than myself.” Hey Yobbo, how are you today?”, “I’m doing fine thanks Tam, how about yourself? And can you grab me a slab of Carlton Draught?” Well this is as good a time as any so I take the plunge and ask him straight out “Hey Tam, there is something I am curious about, what is the story with all the pretty young girls that you get working here?”

I still don’t know why, maybe he was bored and felt like a chit chat, but Tam just opened up. He confirmed what I have already stated about the bride imports and that both of his sons had gone down this track but his daughter is married to a Singaporean that she met at university in Melbourne. With the exception of one, all the girls (never boys) that have worked in the shop were all imported wives who worked there until their English skills were to a level that they can gain better paying jobs elsewhere (I suspect they get paid peanuts in this shop). The girls are coached by Tanya on their manner of dress and to flirt and chat with customers to keep them coming back; from what I can see it is working well.

The one exception is as I suspected, Tanya’s daughter. This girl speaks perfect English with the full Aussie accent and comes to the shop from time to time to sort out the computer problems. Tam has no time for this rude, fat and lazy girl who is on her third university course but yet to complete one of them – sounds like a typical Aussie gen Y to me. Tam expressed his concern that this girl would never find a husband as she was rude and had no respect – ‘welcome to the western world’ thinks I.

Asians folk don’t seem to like women with westernized attitudes either!

On the few occasions that I have found myself marooned in “tourist towns” such as Bali and Phuket, I have noted a very amusing change of attitude amongst my western sisters. I stand to be corrected on this but I just can’t help thinking that when these farang women sub-consciously find themselves in completion with the plentiful, readily available local women they tend to lose a lot of the attitude and become much more (user) friendly. I truly believe that this attitude adjustment is only temporary and they are unaware that it even occurred upon their return home (sadly). I take great delight in recalling the night in Bali that I rejected the advances of a bitch from New York who came on to me like a cubic meter of wet concrete. When it became obvious that I did not want to sleep with her and that I was not gay (not that there is anything wrong with that), the said loudmouth New York bitch suggested that I should go out in the street and employ some hooker to entertain me for the night. I followed her advise and returned to the hotel 30 minutes later with a stunning 18 y/o local lass much to the embarrassment of “loudmouth”. Another guy expressed his interest to procure a similar “arrangement” so I sent my barfine off to sort it out and she returned 5 minutes later with her 19 y/o sister. All my western sisters just seemed less picky than they were when at home!

20 years on from that night in Bali and it seems that things are slowly in the decline for our western sisters who like to place their pouches on a pedestal so that you may whoreship before the holy pussy shrine. If you are a good boy, wash the dishes and mow the lawn you might get a chance to mount the shrine once in a while.

An analogy that I like to put to guys back here in Farangland who question my motives for traveling to foreign countries for the women is as follows; here in the west a man must whoreship before the holy pussy pedestal in the hope of getting a sniff, whereas in Asia it is more like pushing a trolley down a supermarket isle and pondering your selection as you are spoiled for choice.

It is quickly noticed how our western sisters quickly fall off their pedestals when competition is present such as in the tourist destinations of Asia where local women are ready and willing (usually for a small price). It is my belief based on my (admittedly limited) observations that the main reason for the Asian women’s attitude towards their husbands has far more to do with available competition than it has with race.

I have a 21 year old trainee who works with me on occasions, he is a big strapping young lad whom I assume would be very attractive to the young local ladies here in OZ. I was curious as to why he shows up in the mornings driving his grandfather's older model car. He told me that he preferred to spend his money on other things. I enquired as to what these other things might be and he replied “travelling”. Fair enough, “so where have you been traveling to?” err….uumm “Thailand” he tells me. Well bugger me! A baby monger at no more than 21. And so it turns out that my young trainee and his mates of similar age have figured out that it is more efficient to go mongering in LOS a few times per year than it is to chase the local pussy back home. Is it just me or is there something wrong here?

I so enjoy the tails told by this young guy of how the advances of female western tourists ware dismissed by him and his mates and how girls who were so obviously looking for a bit of holiday romance ended up sleeping alone. I might struggle to believe it had I not experienced the same thing myself.

I would recommend that all the feminists should take a good hard look in the mirror if they want to know why many young blokes don’t want to entertain the thought of the relationships that women so crave. The outlook of the young men of generation Y is tainted by the ugly smear of divorce and financial castration. You only get 18 years for murder or so I am told. On second thoughts, best if the feminists don’t look too hard in that mirror because they might catch a glimpse of reality and the fucking thing will crack!

Now then……. What really got me thinking about this subject and submission.

It was some time ago that I made the comment to a colleague that for every Asian man/Caucasian woman (Am/Cw) couple you would see, there would be 50 Caucasian man/Asian woman (Cm/Aw) couples. I later revised my estimate upward towards 100 Cm/Aw for every Am/Cw that would be seen.

So, for the purpose of this submission and to please the Honorable Professor Korski I personally undertook the odious task of conducting a count.

I positioned myself in various locations in and around central Melbourne and began to count. I tried not to allow myself to be distracted by the Lonsdale St. “out slutting competition” ……

Let me digress: This appears to be some kind of completion whereby Asian international student girls who are studying in Melbourne and living out of home for probably the first time in their lives, try to outdo each other by dressing more like a slut than the other girls. The results can be very distracting and positively dangerous for passing motorists, especially for those of us with yellow fever. My Tiny Teeruk made the comment “they look like Pattaya lady”. These wannabe sluts could certainly make a Soi 6 girl blush. Sadly I have not come close to confirming if their actions match the manor of dress, but don’t put this down to lack of effort on my part.

These students live in very expensive accommodation and study very expensive courses at very expensive universities. When it comes to Hi-So types with greatly restricted access you won’t find many harder nuts to crack than these gals. To crack one of these young chicks you would need to be in her age group and probably in her class at University. Fortunately I know a place where this is not always the case….Hello, Thai Airways please?

Back to the count, I was not out there ogling, I was gathering statistics, honest!!

Well I passed the 50 Cm/Aw mark early on the first day and was getting on towards the 100 mark without sighting a single Am/Cw couple. I resolved to just keep counting until I got my 1st Am/Cw.

Almost a week later I was able to stop the count.

361…….That’s right folks! I counted 361 Caucasian male/Asian female couples before I saw ONE Asian male/Caucasian female couple.

I will proudly and robustly argue that there is little or no stigma of any kind attached to Am/Cw couples in our fine city of Melbourne (where Stick will come and live when he departs Thailand – he just doesn’t know it yet). Let me make it clear that I am in no way implying any slight on Asian Men. I have many Asian friends all over the world.

I would be very happy if an Asian man were to marry my feminist spinster sister (poor prick!!).

I am well aware there are factors that could have skewed my statistics, in fact the day after I stopped the count I saw another Am/Cw, this would still gives us a ratio of 1:200 approx. Doubtless that further collection and correlation of data would provide more accurate statistics, but if we can assume even a ratio of 1:100 then my point is already more than made.

The vast majority of people still marry within their race, ”birds of a feather will flock together” (with a few deviate exceptions) and so many still marry “the girl/boy next door”. It just so happens that here in Melbourne the girl next door may well be Asian and she has been instructed throughout her life by her mother that she should respect her husband. Meanwhile her brothers have travelled to Vietnam or China to find brides that don’t have shitty attitudes like their sister has (by Asian standards that is).

On the other side of the fence is another girl next door who has witnessed western women of her mother’s generation screwing their ex-husbands dry in the divorce courts and assuming it is their birth right to do so. The optimist in me hopes and assumes that all the negativity I have expressed is the exception rather than the norm.

In the greater scheme of things, as a percentage of population, the western men that are voting with their feet and rejecting their own race in favor of Asian and other cultures is probably very small but I hope I have articulated that it is definitely happening. Maybe Australia will be the first country where it becomes noticeable.

But it is a mistake to disregard small percentage swings, just ask any western politician.

In most western democracies, especially here in Australia where voting is compulsory, it is a very small percentage of the voting population known as ‘swinging voters’ that actually decides who will govern the country. These free spirited swinging voters who will change their vote from one election to the next make up only 5% to 15% of the electorate, usually somewhere in the middle of this range. A swing of 5% or smaller can easily be enough to kick a sitting government out of office.

Cause and effect.

There is little doubt that the feminist biased Western society that we have created or inherited has caused or contributed to more and more western men to become disillusioned. Although it may only be a small percentage of men who seek their women among races and cultures other than their own, what effect will this swing have on western society?


In my humble opinion

The Yobbo

He Clinic Bangkok

Stickman's thoughts:

For sure, things have got quite bad in some places and there will be a correction. How long will it take though for that to happen?

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