Stickman Readers' Submissions June 5th, 2010

So I Married A Bargirl

I have been reading Stickman for 4 years now, so I have used his advice well. My travel to Asia has been many times. As I have a small business venture in bail, I have been to bail 20/25 times for holidays and business.

As the business is going well I decided to go to Thailand. I went to Phuket 6months after the tsunami. I thought wow they have done well, so I had my sister with me we looked around nice place. I had done my homework on Phuket what to do and not do. Boy was I wrong. It's very easy to get caught up with all the action in Bangla road.

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I did meet a girl at a bar, did the short time thing and a cheap room was good, thank you wham bam. So for the rest of the time did the tourist stuff and then went Bangkok for a 3 day stopover. Did this place blow my mind! I went to Patpong markets, not easy when sister is walking around with you. Had fun for 3 days so went to back to Australia, so didn't give Bangkok a second thought.

The next year back to Bail as usual but Bail does not have bars such as Thailand. You can get plenty of sex, however it's not cheap at about AUD 125 or 4000 baht for a night then 1000 baht pay the guard off and the girls out by 8 AM!

Well August 2007 my 3 mates and I decide to do a Pattaya golf trip, so they fly up 3 days early as I could not get time off. I meet them in Pattaya, hired a 8-seat bus and drove down the old and shitty highway, I caught up with them a 9.30am. Boy I was surprised all 3 with girls and very pretty girls too. I had a shower and hung around with them for the day nice girls. Night time comes time to go out where do we go good question my mates girls says Penthouse so we go.

We get there at 9pm Wednesday night, quiet to start with few beers and more beers, as the girls come on stage I thought shit, pussy pussy everywhere, the poor old neck getting sore left right up down and so on (the kitty bar has a air blower stage that blows the girls dresses up).

So as the night rolls on there's my girl Penn. I locked eyes straight at her as did for me so a few more beers then she comes over a talk and lady drink. We chat for a while then about 11.30 I come to an arrangement so back to the hotel.

The next day I pay her the money as arranged. I say stay with me for rest of the week. As the week rolls on yes I did fall in love with Penn we did everything as a couple does and I enjoyed it. So as the week nears its end she says she loves me so the girls come to airport and say good bye. I went to give Penn some money for taxi back to Pattaya, she said no the girls ask for money then get bus back to Pattaya. Guys this is what you need to know bus to Pattaya 150 baht taxi 1500 baht – you do the maths. So we say our goodbyes and I get on the plane.

The night I get back an email for me from Penn is there. Wow, I thought this girl is keen so I emailed back she was back at the farm for 3 days. So all I am is thinking of this girl so 6 weeks later back in Pattaya again 4 days quick trip, so then we decided to start a relationship.

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I knew what went on. We chatted at 3 PM my time on webcam and 5 AM my time on cam so no hanky panky was going on.

As time went on we got to know each other more and more. I knew her past I was told up front so no worries (most of the bar fines that the girls get are dinner dates and that's it for some of older guys).

So February 08 back in los once again I meet her in BKK she quits her job at the bar for 8 weeks as we get visa for her

we go to the embassy put visa in 1 weeks later no worries . I go to her farm to meet the family it was fun

so I asked the family for Penn's hand in marriage all done big party about 8 cartons of Leo beer with ice as the Thais do

I spent nearly 500000 baht on the family in doing a lot thing for them build garage how water system sewage water

and a lot more of things too

then the tequila so back to BKK I fly home Penn with in Australia 3 weeks later

In April 2008 Penn here for 8 weeks she flew by herself to Australia done well I thought

I meet her at the airport all smile and joop joop ( kissing kissing) then back home for good time .

I showed her around my city and went my parents house in the country all good 8 weeks gone she is back to BKK

( I think the best way of bring you girlfriend to your country is a 8 week holiday )

June 2008 back in BKK again this time for 6 month visa this one little harder to get but we got it

we went to village for 1 week and BKK 1 week so Penn flies back back with me this time

we did the couple things sight seeing in BKK go see the tigers at the months near river kwai

So Penn is back in Australia again for 6 months, this time was harder for her missing family her daughter

I found her some work kept her busy went away for weekends found Thai shops (very important to find shops for Thai food)

so time went quick she had her first Christmas and new year in Australia Jan 09 time to go back .

This was hard for me 6 months you get used to waking up to same person, oh well shit happens

so Penn has all the paperwork for fiancé visas take up to 3 months to get . she goes to work at the factory in BKK for extra money.

JUNE 2009 crunch time visa all done we go back to the village to get married Thai wedding farang in town

250 people turn up free beer tequila free feed why not farang pays, so we have our wedding all good

go back to BKK with daughter and new wife we go to Phuket for honey moon there for 5 days with a mate who came up with me

we had a good time in Phuket well my mate did any way Phuket has got better in the last few years

we fly to Singapore then back to Australia this time for good .

as time goes by my daughter goes to school Penn gets 2 jobs and goes to English school.

we get married in November 2009 assize way good wedding and good night it was .

Its now may 2010 all is good, I cant complain about anything we off to bail in 3 weeks for holidays

all I can say there are good Thai girls out I suppose you to be lucky to find them I think I did

(Please make sure you take your wife or girlfriend to plenty of Thai festivals find this shops and DVD shops too

don't rush the girls to staying into your country its a big step for them I bought my wife here 2 times to make sure right thin to do)

Stickman's thoughts:

I got half way through and could read and proof-read no more…

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