Stickman Readers' Submissions June 14th, 2010

Paying For An Education

One of the rules about readers contributions to this site is that trip reports that focus purely as “Sex reports” are not welcome. This is something I am fully in favour of, because I have found that there is nothing more boring than listening to someone who is a legend in his own lunchtime, telling me about his sex life and what he did to whoever.

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I have always thought about the sex act as something very personal, and therefore something that is demeaning to the other party when you start telling all and sundry what you did to her. I have also frequently come to the conclusion, that there is an inverse co-relation that the more someone talks about, the less likely he is to have done it.

I remember in my early days of driving a cab, one colleague who was forever telling us about the beautiful young girl who he picked up last night, and when they got to the destination, she discovered that she had left her money at home, so she paid him by trade in the back seat, or so he said. This was happening to him nearly every night of the week.

One night we were sitting around the base office having a coffee and a chat, when a quite attractive female walked in looking for a cab. The boaster was second in the queue to take the job, and the driver who should have done the job, passed the job to the boaster. As he left the office, he cast a look over his shoulder and gave us all a wink and a nod, as if to say, “This is my lucky day”.

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The driver who had turned the job down, then said, “I hope I am here when he gets back. I cant wait for him to tell me that he got paid in the back seat by that one”. It transpired that the driver knew the passenger fairly well, and she was in fact a part-op transsexual and was at that stage where she (or he) was considering whether to have the final snip or not.

Cut a long story short, the boaster as was anticipated, when the boaster got back to the office, he started telling anyone that was present about how he had to be paid in the back seat due to a cash shortage with the passenger. Unusually, the drivers who were present asked him in great detail what he had done, and extracted ever more graphic details from him. He was very keen to tell us of his latest conquests. After about ten minutes, someone mentioned that the passenger was a transsexual, and it was amazing to watch the colour drain from the story teller's face. Speaking personally, I cannot say whether he was telling the truth or not, though I have to say that in twenty years of driving a cab, it never happened to me once, and I know of few drivers who did collect the fare in this manner. All I can say is that I never believed him.

Whether it happened or not didn’t matter. What mattered was that by boasting that it did happen, he made a fool of himself. The day after he found himself embarrassed, he came to the office, and surrendered his radio, and we never again had to put up with his boring stories.

Having said this, I find that it is necessary to break my own rule about talking about my sex life. I was in Pattaya in February, and on the prowl looking for a bit of female companionship, when I spotted a girl that caught my attention in a very crowded bar on Soi 7. I sat down and spent a great deal of time trying to make eye contact without any luck. While I was making my efforts, another woman from the bar came and sat next to me and started talking with me. She was I guessed about 35 years old and reasonably pretty. I am aware that if I buy her a drink, she earns a commission on this. I thought that unlike my target, she was making an effort, so therefore, she had at least earned the drink which I ordered for her. She was very pleasant, and after a while, me being a bit the worse for wear due to drink, offered to barfine her. She was delighted to accept.

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Somehow or other, I had forgotten the usual job interview questions that I ask prior to offering to pay the fine, so after having committed myself, I shut the stable door after the horse had bolted, and started the interview retrospectively. I was surprised to discover that she was aged 42. I hadn’t yet paid the fine, and she said “Maybe I too old for you. Maybe you not want me now”. She had a disappointed look. I have always tried to avoid hurting people's feelings, but felt I had painted myself into a corner. I lied and said she wasn’t too old for me, but I couldn’t think of anyway of not paying the fine, and not hurting her feelings, so my fate was sealed.

I took her for something to eat in Walking Street, and though she was good company, I noticed as the night wore on, and her make up deteriorated, that she did look more like 42, than the 35 I had estimated her age at.

She had an interesting story to tell. It turned out that she was married to Thai for twenty years, and she had a 17 year old daughter. A few months earlier, her husband had abandoned them both. Up until that point, they had both worked very hard to give their daughter the best education they could, and just when she had been accepted into University, the husband left. The lady told me that she had worked too hard and for too long to have to abandon her daughter's education when she was this close to finishing it, so she came to Pattaya at the age of 42 in order to earn money to finish the dream. I felt humbled by this story.

Anyway, we go back to the hotel and my disappointment is compounded when she undresses. Though she has nice legs and a pleasant face, age has not been so kind to the torso area of her body. I try to feign enthusiasm, and am getting ready to blame my inevitable failure on the drink, However, I had not reckoned on the idea that this was a lady whom I can only describe as sex-starved, and she went to work on me with such an effort that I had never experienced in my whole life.

After it was over, I lay there thinking about her. She was still pretty, though as I said, the body had deteriorated, but not the appetite for sex. She was amazing in this field. I thought about her husband, and wondered what could have induced him to leave her, and all the bedroom benefits that she offered so well. I enjoyed the experience so much that I paid the barfine for a second day.

After I went home, I thought about her a few times, and hoped that she was getting enough money to help her daughter, especially in the current climate.

I was back to Pattaya this week, and kept an eye out for her. She was still here, so I booked a repeat performance. If anything, this was better than before. I’d like to think, that I was trying to help her to help her daughter, but the more likely truth is that this was a lady who really did give more bang for your buck. When it was over, I said to her that I thought her husband was mad to have left her. She said, “All my customers say same same!”

In previous posts to this site, I have commented that I never cease to be amazed at some of the sacrifices a Thai woman will make for her children. I think that at her age to come to Pattaya to carry on paying for her daughter’s university education is possibly the most extreme that I have come across personally, and as usual when I think about many Thais I realise how lucky I am. I have just had text from my brother who tells me that while I have been debauching myself, the we have made a profit on the business this week of nearly €6,000. How lucky am I not to have been born in Thailand?

Stickman's thoughts:

Just to comment on your lead in before the story proper started, if there is one thing that irritates me more than anything else it is people who want to tell you in detail about the sexual endeavours. The odd passing comment is normal enough but this was far from that. I had one supposed friend try and do this just the other night. He wanted to go into all sorts of details about his top 10 encounters in Thailand and he was most offended when I told him that he lacked class and I had no interest in listening.

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