Stickman Readers' Submissions June 10th, 2010

Miss Taiwan

I'd like to have your (or reader's) opinion about this case… I wish my name or nationality is used anyway if you publish this. This goes off your standard topic anyway, so no problem if you want to disregard it.

This is probably some sort of "I don't know what to do, please someone bring me my brains back" -case….

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Here's the thing:

I have always liked Asian women much more than western women. No matter what, they look better and they behave much more woman-like. I was lucky too meet my Indonesia wife in my home country some years ago. I was very happy and everything went well. She was really "down-to-earth" type and we didn't have any problems in anyway whatsoever.

After 3 years of dating, she go pregnant and we had a boy. Greatest present and achievement of my life so far. Ok – everything still well – we got married. BAM! After this my wife pretty much stopped having sex with me. Ok – first few months or even first year after giving birth to new kid is ok – no problem. But now my son is almost 7 years old, and we have sex averagely 3-6 times a year (and don't count the average amount with 6 for the whole 7 years – it would be way too much….)

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Reason for this, I don't actually know for sure. She says she is tired. She says sometimes it hurts too much so I stop doing anything. Sometimes it's just other artificial reason I don't even understand. Boy, in this case you start to know when you "get lucky"….

I have a LOT of experience with women – western and Asian, so I am not a recruit in these things. I know my wife loves me and I (kind of) love her too. She is religious person which I am not – that is one small thing here. We have bee talkin about this but it helps only for 1-2 days OR ends up with argument.

Ok – now we get to you specialty point…..

I am travelling quite a lot because of my job. After getting problems in my marriage, I started to use quite a lot of services of Ladies Of the Night, where ever I went.

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About one year ago I met Vietnamese girl in Taiwan, Taipei. Good looking and good shaped – quite a normal type of prostitute girl, but she was somehow nice person in my opinion. I persuaded her to give me her phone number and she (of course) gave that. After that, sex with her was free of charge for the rest of my trip. We talked over webcam later on for the rest of the six months (just for fun). Then I went again to Taiwan and of course I met her again. Still, no charge – of course I paid for all the food, drinks. We had quite a good time, could say that almost like on a girl friend basis…;) Before my leaving she asked for some money and I told her I can some, but I was a little offended by that at first. Then she told me that she had taken two weeks off from her bar just to be with me (which is true, because she really was 24/7 with me for two weeks). I gave her some money and left. I went back 3 weeks later and still had good time. This time she didn't want any money even though I tried to give her before leaving (I forced her to take some anyway).

Now… After 7 months from last trip I came here again. We have been in contact by webcam meanwhile, and I personally believe SHE is at least "a little bit" of in love with me. (THIS is the question I'd need some opinions about…)….

She has taken off-time from her new working place (massage – I am not sure if it's normal or "naughty" massage even though I have been there). She has been very nice to me. I found out she was going to go to see her regular "customer" from bar times few nights ago. I told her that she can go, but if she fucks with him – she should not come to see me that same night. Otherwise it's ok – but I don't like it. I let her do as she thinks is good. Meanwhile I am here, I don't want her to go with other men. What she does when I am away, it's her own business (but I still don't like it). She cancelled her "appointment for dancing" after a while.

She has been buying me clothes, jewellery, food etc. without asking any money from her (now I feel almost like a whore…) She has been crying to me she wants to be me and told me personal things about her family and her previous relationships (and I have met her 2 children, whose father has died 2 year ago)

There's a lot good in her, but still – I simply cannot trust her 100%.

Few days ago she said she wants to have a baby with me… I said strictly "NO" and she was very disappointed. According to her she don't demand me to take care of it, she just wants to have one with me. I still say NO – I don't want to have a child I will not support – I explain it to her but she still insist she wants it. Well…. I say no and it is no unless accident happens (yeah, yeah, we don't use condom, so it can happen…)

Overall, I'd like to have a neutral second opinion for this case, if possible. Don't ask what is my question or what I want to do – I want someone to comment how all this ridiculous shit sounds like…

Stickman's thoughts:

I really do not know what this woman is after. I am not sure and it is very hard to say. I will run this as a reader's story and I hope that the readers can offer some ideas as to what this woman is doing. It does sound as if she has a genuine interest in you although I do have to say that I know very little about women in Taiwan or anything about people from that country in general. I am sure there will be some readers who have more knowledge who can advise.

I am really sorry to hear that things have gone cold with your Indonesian wife. I think it is always a shame when a woman turns off the sex tap. It creates difficulty for the man because let's face it, sex is a big part of the reason why men get married. If there is no sex, or very little sex, or just plain bad sex, then that is going to be a major problem in the relationship and it if it is not revolved then it could be the beginning of the end. I hope the problems with your wife are somehow able to be resolved because I get the feeling that if that issue is sorted out then everything will be ok again. That does seem to be the root of the problem.


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