Stickman Readers' Submissions June 21st, 2010

Homosexuals, Prostitutes, Freaks and Convicts

Wow, Caveman states that 'Very few people will voluntarily admit that they are freaks'. (Please see the link to the Saturday 19 June submission HERE.)
But right up front, without any hemming and hawing, without a diversionary trip to the toilet I want each and every reader to be forewarned that I AM A FUCKING FREAK!! Neither proud nor ashamed of this, merely the fact of the matter. Same as reading
Caveman's submission and as the bible puts it "He found that it was good".

Having spent an undue proportion of my life in the corporate world and having had more than my fill of the rules and structure that come with it, the overblown egos who pump up their own importance and the denial that it's just a way
of making money, I can unequivocally state that I HIGHLY VALUE FREAKS. I like people who are not afraid to be different. Sure, some of them are unpleasant to spend time with, just like a lot of conventional, non-freakish people are unpleasant
to be with.

He Clinic Bangkok

When I was young I had the notion of trying as many different experiences in life as I could. I quickly accepted that some experiences were either best in very small doses or best avoided altogether. In this category I include gonorrhoea,
motorcycle accidents, military service, gainful employment, leprosy, spending time incarcerated. Some of these I was able to avoid whereas others eventually made my acquaintance. But I learned something from all of these experiences and they made
me a richer and better person for it.

Are practitioners of the medical speciality of proctology inherently deviates and homosexuals because they probe anal orifices in their offices? Was the nurse who took your temperature when you were a child with a rectal thermometer a paedophile?
If I accidentally and perhaps even unknowingly brush by a katoey on the skytrain, what does that make me? I shudder to consider the things I could be and not even be aware of it. WOW, I COULD BE A RARE SUPER-FREAK AND NOT EVEN KNOW IT!!

I am overtly courteous to any police officer who has decided to talk to me because it is in my own self-interest to do so. Without any self-interest, other than in being a congenial fellow denizen of this over-populated planet, I try (and
it isn't difficult for me) to be courteous to all people I encounter. If a ladyboy wants to be considered a woman, I am more than prepared to call her female and use the words she and her. Unfortunately it seems that many people have little
inclination to make other people happy or feel good regardless of how little effort this entails. YES, I'M A FREAK. I LIKE TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE HAPPY!!

CBD bangkok

Yes Caveman, Andrew Clay did have a comedy skit where he notes that you either suck cock or you don't. (Reminds me of another comedian who starts his show: I love working in this city. Nice people here and the owner of this club is great.
I'll never forget the day I met him. What a blowjob!! (pause) I gave him. . . I'm kidding, I'm kidding around. But I'll tell you, if I gave blowjobs, they'd be damn good blowjobs. None of this "I don't know"
shit. It's the hesitation that kills things. Women think that they have to touch you here for half an hour, over there for half an hour. Get the fuck over here!! Ladies, we aren't going to think any less of you if you go right for it.)
I never have, but I sure have thought about it. Frankly, it strikes me that it would be more orally gratifying to have a creme-filled Bismarck in my mouth rather than the labial folds of a woman. But I don't go down on my wife for my benefit,
I do it because I want to give her pleasure. Am I freak to you Caveman because I've thought about it, or am I truly a freak because I'm not disinclined to admit where my mind might take me?

Recently I brought home a massage girl (Duan) after her shop closed and she spent a couple of consecutive nights with me. I believe that we both had a good time and she asked me about my life and I was honest with her. I told her that my
wife lives in Khon Kaen and that although she doesn't like it, she understands that I do have other women. Feeling that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, I've told my wife that she is also free to enjoy other people.
Duan made some comments about being my 'mia noi' and this caused me to flash back to words like prostitute and ladyboy. I suggested to her that we try to be friends and later we might see what comes. But couldn't we forget
the labels and the baggage that tends to come with it?

Nigger, spick, wetback, dago, pommey, rump-wrangler, homosexual, faggot are just words. But most of the time people use these words in a pejorative manner. I'm not PC so I don't really mind the usage of these words. Frankly I find
them rather fun to make use of. Unfortunately they tend to be used in a strongly denigrating fashion even by people as bright and clever as Caveman. And I think that denigrating usage comes from latent human insecurity that wants to look down
on others to make us feel better about ourselves. These fucking labels keep us from not only making friends with the homos, ladyboys and kikes, but even prevent us from even seeing them as humans with any innate value. Perhaps the Nazis knew best
what to do with the homo and kike freaks?

Even in some of the most liberal urban bastions of west coast America, most people still want to put convicted criminals in cells and forget about them. Why not, these people are scum, dirt, CONVICTS. But the reality is that few people have
met these convicts or know their stories. But like it or not, most of them will be set free at some point and join you as neighbors, fellow highway drivers and just might take up with your daughter!

wonderland clinic

I've written previously at this site about bored, retired farangs in Thailand. One of the freakish things I do here in Bangkok is visit a man at the Bangkok Hilton, the monkey house, the maximum security prison Bang Kwang up the road
in Nonthaburi. I get a lot out of visiting this man, bringing him food to supplement his diet of Isaan insects, little critter biscuits and watery rice and sharing stories of life in this magnificently varied world just so frighteningly full of
freaks. Any other guys interested in visiting at the prison, feel free to email me and I'll take you for an initial visit.

Caveman, I've enjoyed a lot of your submissions as you have a good sense of humor and you write with conviction and an impressive vocabulary. It wouldn't surprise me in the least that were we to sit down over a few beers in Bangkok,
we'd have a damn good time together. Anything is possible, but I must warn you that it's unlikely that I'd suck your cock. But that you'd likely be able to find some other local freaks, prostitutes or ladyboys to do just that.
Hell, you might even like them. It sure seems that that is exactly what happened to Stick when he sat down for his ladyboy roundtable. But most likely I don't know what I'm talking about as I'm nothing more than a twisted freak.
I admit it.

And I'll admit even a bit more. I've dabbled ever so slightly with the ladyboys. (Was it an accident or on purpose?) But according to Caveman, "Those who have sex with ladyboys, in every single case, have other serious accompanying
mental disturbances". You hit the nail on the head again Caveman. I put my hand on the Koran and swear before Buddha that I have a severe mental disorder. Specifically, that I am a very happy man and I would like to see everybody else be
happy also. But I ain't no fucking religious zealot; don't even think that for a second. Those would be fighting words. . .

Stickman's thoughts:

I have no comments, suffice to say that it will be interesting to see what the readers make of this…

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