Stickman Readers' Submissions June 7th, 2010

Bad Mai Thai

On my recent visit to Pattaya in March 2010 I met a beautiful bargirl from Ubon. She was just 24 but looked older – around 30. I am 54. She was 'different' from other bar girls I had previously taken. She was married to a Frenchman & had
lived in France for several years. She spoke very good English & fluent French. Bee was very stylish with poise & confidence & wore lovely clothes. She could also dance & sing. A true beauty with wit & personality.

In short, after two days I began to feel very fond of her. Her conversation, affection & our sex was wonderful. Never a dull moment between us. She told me about her husband (same age as me) & pending divorce. How he had stopped supporting her
family & thrown her out in the middle of winter – she was in tears at this stage. And that she subsequently had a Finnish boyfriend in Pattaya she loved but that was over too. She didn't give me any reasons for either break up & I
didn't ask.

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I find it difficult to achieve orgasm with a condom. Bee catered for this problem orally & manually – after she was satisfied. I suggested we get tested for STDs which she refused as I was not staying long enough. She also said she had recently been
tested as a prerequisite to her new job in the bar – just 6 days. I did get confirmation later that she was 'new'.

The following evening after dinner & late night entertainment we went to bed. As sexual activity got heated she slipped me in without a condom. I was flabbergasted. That would never happen in the UK. I took it as a reason for love & trust. I was
in love from that moment. <I find this phenomenon fascinating and have heard from many over the years – submission writers, emails and even close friends that when they bonk a girl without a rubber they fall in love with herStick>

The following couple of days involved closeness & intensity of feelings I have not experienced for many years. Then came the period. I thought OK shit happens but I am in love. I love her & sleeping with her is enough plus she would always makes
sure I'm satisfied.

CBD bangkok

I asked her if she would come & visit me to which she agreed readily. With that agreed I would 'look after her' & how much did she need. 35k baht a month. Expensive but for such a catch worth it. She invited me to her 'room'
for dinner on my last night. A very pleasant Thai evening – told me off for not taking my shoes off & several other Thai cultural mistakes I made over dinner with her friends – which I found most endearing. She also showed me her passport
& French visa.

On my return I found solicitors here specialising in visas & placed a substantial deposit. They called Bee to check if it was feasible. Yes it was but lots of detail was required from her. None of this was forthcoming over the following weeks. However
the demands for money increased. Plus the ingenuity of Bee & her long away provider became a game. No phone calls & delayed text messages. She refused to go to the Internet cafe as it was demeaning. She became rude & disrespectful
on the phone. Never a thank you for the money I sent her. She was no longer in Pattaya but clearly enjoying herself.

At this stage I decided to return to check her out. I booked a lovely hotel in Hua Hin. She arrived at the airport glum. No touching or kissing. I thought Thais are modest in public so I'll wait.

Taxi ride, which is 3 hours, we were chatting. She tells me she has no clothes or underwear because they were all dirty! I thought as it was her birthday I'd buy her some & she said so. She then tells me she needs a car! I laughed. This is followed
by I need to send some money to my mother tomorrow. I said I had already sent you money for May (plus extra for her birthday) & didn't wish to talk about money at that moment.

wonderland clinic

At this point she went into a sulk. No chatting nothing for 2 hours. <Kick the bitch into touch there and thenStick>

We arrive at the Marriott Hua Hin, a beautiful resort I recommend. There's a Thai buffet that evening by the beach – just wonderful. In the room she says 'I'm not hungry & don't want to eat'. I insisted she come down to join
me. When she finally arrives she refuses drink & food. In conversation she announces she has a period & no sex for a day or so. I finish dinner by 10 PM & Bee wants to go to sleep. In the room she refuses to sleep with me or even kiss
me – 'I'm not a nice girl'. At this point the realisation of my foolishness hit me & I asked her to leave. I paid her taxi fare back to Pattaya.

How can a 24 year old beauty ever see anything in a 54 year old unless he has money?

On a happier note – I met a girl before Bee I really liked. I called her, she came from Bangkok & we spent the next 7 days together. Truly wonderful time. She shagged me senseless twice a day, ironed my clothes & looked after me.

This time I made it clear no money would be sent after our encounter. We had frank & hopefully honest conversations. She even passed the phone over to me from a Swiss farang she had a relationship with who was besotted with her. He was drunk &
disappointed I got there first. She took my call & agreed a deal. This chap was in Pattaya and completely hacked off as he'd kept her for three months but stopped paying the previous month!

And the moral of this experience – enjoy but don't ever ever fall in love. They read body language & feelings like a book & know if you have money to spare. Show it off & they will grab it. Bar girls have seen & done it before over
& over again.

I'm back in November but wiser.

The money I was spending would buy a condo so that's the plan.

Stickman's thoughts:

"Enjoy it but don't fall in love" – EXCELLENT ADVICE!

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