Stickman Readers' Submissions May 1st, 2010

You Must Be Joking 2

This is in response to Jayson’s recent submission.

He Clinic Bangkok

I can't believe he got a green star. Even Stick said he was trying to give an honest Thai perspective, even that is a contradiction of words / terms, what he should have got was an Oscar, just in time apparently they are giving them
out at the moment.

I think Steve was more to the point and with an honest out look and more realistic, and Miss Sanuk's return was a perfect slap in the face, she is the one who deserved the green star.

If I may take the liberty of quoting Korski again and add a little, yes there is no real/normal Thailand except what you see on the surface there are all these hidden agendas under the surface it is one of the most 2 faced ambiguous places
I know, If you don’t believe me read the Stickman site, listen to all the warnings from overseas, the Govts say “stay away” remember the yellow shirts and the damage and the lives and jobs that were destroyed at the Airport
closure, nothing has changed, it was all a waste of time (which the Thais are good at) and nothing was achieved, the Thais don’t care, Thailand will always be Thailand. Does any body really think the red shirts will change any thing, in
2 years time it will be all forgotten and the lives and damage done will be all for nothing, its all crazy has any body thought that the young army guys who died their parents were probably red shirt supporters any way, and incidentally remember
the Khmer Rouge it actually means Red Cambodians and all they wanted “This is Year Zero and that society was about to be purified." I know there is a difference but all Tyrants started off innocent enough.

CBD bangkok

Lets get back to Jayson he talks about “Normal” he is that arrogant he even writes “he is here to help” what does he think, we are all a bunch of colonialist over here with no concept of what’s going on,
what is he the new messiah sent to save us from our misunderstandings of Thai culture and so called not normal Thai babes.. He calls them “hot Thai babes” does a “hot Thai babe” sound normal/genuine, sounds a bit immature
to me what is he a 16 year old, I suppose that is how a 16 year old would talk, or a 30 year old Thai man. What he thinks is normal, is his perception of normal. We are all different and our desires, wants, ambitions are DIFFERENT

Ask an outsider looking in, They would say “Normal Thailand” yes the moment you get off the plane you are being scammed it is full of lady boys, it is known as the gay paradise of the world it has the 3rd highest prostitute
number in the world, so on so on and so on, we have all read it before.

Lets substitute the word normal for authentic. Where I work and live, (North west) I would consider the Thais here to be normal/authentic they are all happy normal genuine and basically what you see is what you get I worked at the airport
for a period, teaching aviation they were all Thai men, finished University and spoke fairly good English and very good students. Coming back from lunch they would put there arm through mine and walk together I thought it a bit odd but to them
it was normal to show affection, out of 12 students only one was married and when I got to know them better I mentioned that Thai women don’t like you guys because they say you are lazy and you don’t want to work, the student that
had a Chinese G/f said the reason they say that is because WE don’t want them because they are selfish, lazy and bossy, so there you have it what I considered a normal/authentic part of Thailand the men thought different or may be they
were just thinking like most men do.

The point is it destroys Jaysons little list, 90% in this case didn’t want Thai women in fact 2 of them asked me if I knew any farang women, a small percentage of them had already spent a period overseas on education so may be that
was an influence.

wonderland clinic

Another friend of mine from Hui Hin who was well off (not high up in Thai society) reports to be making 30,000 a week and has spent his time overseas and speaks good English was desperate for a farang woman; he just didn’t like Thai

Correct me if I’m wrong but I gather Jaysons perception Of a “hot Thai babe” is the typical white skinned Hi So form Bkk. last year I had a moment with a natural white skinned (half Chinese) from a good family, but it
turns out there was nothing nice or sincere about her, but she wanted a farang (or two) boy friends I thought I had a good one. It changed my out look on Thai women

Check the internet dating sites the so called good girls who ALREADY have a Thai husband or boy friend who want to experience a farang. After my experience with the girl above in the last 18 months I have dated enough HI So and good girls
to gather enough material to write a book (the 2 faces of Thailand) I ask you Jason are these girls normal, if not that makes millions of girls that aren’t normal. I would say normal for Thailand.

Jason says the normal girls say there ideal man is “Chinese looking guy is the ultimate. Go figure. It’s not just the look, but what the look implies. This guy must be a faithful, loyal, hard-working, from a good family, successful
(money my italics) emotionally stable, and an ideal family man” Interesting, that is what they want but can they deliver the same in return…I doubt it. I don’t know who the Chinese guy is if or who they were saying this to,
but I wouldn’t believe them, goodness every farang here including me has been told they are handsome and have a good heart. Jason come on you don’t really believe what they tell you.

Also There is a contradiction there before he was saying its not about money but about communication, oh of cause the Chinese possibly speak Thai, but then again so do many farang

I hate to disappoint you Jayson but a lot of “normal Thai girls like farang because we are not boring, we are interesting, may be they have an adventures spirit, every body is different.

Applying this to Thais, they don’t have a lot of self esteem (ego yes) and self esteem comes from feeling good, honest and happy about your self regardless whether you are short, fat, ugly or beautiful. In Jasons case he is a typical
Thai (Chinese) and because he is "well to do" he has developed a typical arrogance that goes with his low self esteem and his high ego and all his life is superficial.

Because of my work I have had a lot to do with Thai men in the aviation industry, and there is nothing more embarrassing then a arrogant Thai because he is the first captain on a 747, yer its good for the ego but its self esteem that is important,
and having said that there are a lot of Thais in the industry that aren’t superficial.

If the Jayson “normal girls” had self esteem they would be happy being normal authentic Thai girls, not applying whitening cream and having nose, chin, eye Boob jobs and contact lenses, is that normal? I’ll tell you what
it is, they are trying to make them selves into farang women, because secretly that is what Thai men want and Thai women want to be farang women, all the beautiful women are farang women, and that is straight from the horses mouth (Thai women)
they are infatuated with farang women.

The word Deviants, interesting, if any country is confused in what they want or want to be its Thailand, they are even raciest against there own people (normal people). The whole world is full of interracial relationships, its normal after
all we are all human it’s what we find desirable in a partner.

And for all those teachers out there (my observation) the really smart students are the ones with farang fathers not because farangs are better because we like them to learn more then comic books and to learn out of the square.

I can go on but there is no point, I just like to say, I love this country for many reasons and its not because of the 6 part list that Jason gave us (you really need to get a life Jason) if you read my previous subs I originally came here
to work and disliked Thai women and nothing has changed, after 6 years I eventually found a lady that suited me is she normal? Yes. And is she a hot babe? No, but she is pretty, my guess is Jason wouldn’t like her and I know she wouldn’t
like him, but she is good for me. We compliment each other

I have 2 sons that both have Thai wives are they normal girls? Yes normal for my sons and that is all that matters.

Stickman's thoughts:

For the readers / complainers, those who had their egos deflated or feelings hurt by Jayson's piece, why not offer up why you think the failure rate amongst farang male / Thai female couples is so dismally high – and the fact that a good number of these failures are not just routine break-ups, but certifiable train wrecks. Don't go into denial! Why have a good number of farangs come to the conclusion that Thai women – from the farang's own perspective – by and large, are dishonest, evil, stupid, and insensitive nut cases, all only interested in money? Have you come up with your own theories? Will you be able to do so without taking pot shots at Thai women? Would you be willing to actually take some personal responsibility?

I think you missed the point completely.

nana plaza