Stickman Readers' Submissions May 27th, 2010

Why I Go To Pattaya

I'm a long regular visitor to your site but this is the first time I have written in. There does seem to have been a lot of negative articles written about Thailand and the night life recently. So as a bit of light relief I'd like to share my limited experience and viewpoint with you.

First of all a bit about me. I live in England, mid thirties, married with children. My wife and I both have well paid but busy careers in England, and are both university educated and work in finance in London. Our life is good, we devote a lot of time and energy on our children. However we very rarely have time for each other, "as lovers". In fact I don't really think we see each other "as lovers" anymore as we are more like business partners and our business is in looking after our careers and providing a good life for our children. So in that sense we are a good partnership.

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Have you heard the joke about the man and woman who get married, and after the wedding the wife can be heard celebrating loudly. She is just so happy because she knows that she will never have to give another blow job again! Well I think that describes the process of marriage and children quite well.

A couple of years ago I found myself on the plane to Thailand for a week long trip. I had always wanted to go as I had read about Pattaya on the internet message boards and felt it was something I just had to experience in my lifetime.

My first night in Pattaya I felt what I can only describe as shock and awe. I had the good fortune of meeting up with some experienced Pattaya regulars who took me out on my first night and showed me the ropes. Before we went out, over dinner at Pattaya Beer Garden, the 2 guys had been passing on the wisdom of there experience to me and had told me rule no. 1 – don't fall in love! Just take my time and try not to get caught up in it too much. I laughed at this and explained this would never happen to me. I was not some inexperienced lovesick young teenager. I was a man of life experience with many beautiful ex girlfriends.

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I have always had a real passion for petite, oriental women, but have never in my life sampled one so for me walking into my first gogo in Walking Street, what I felt was close to a revelation.

The cliché is that first timers to Pattaya always fall for the first girl in the first bar they walk into, and this is exactly what happened to me.

I spotted T, one of the cutest and most petite dancers in the bar but looked slightly shy which really appealed to me.

I asked the mamasan to bring her over and she came and sat next to me with a lovely smile. She smelled sublime, her skin was so smooth and glowing, long soft brown hair and when she smiled she had 2 little diamonds glittering on 2 of her front teeth. Talking to her was fun. She told me she was 20 and had only been working in Pattaya one month and spoke English only a little bit. However it was enough to get our meaning across. We sat and talked and drank for a couple of hours. T was leaning all over me, kissing me, smiling at me, caressing my arms and my legs. She was, I believe "working me" good and proper. And it felt absolutely fantastic. I had decided to barfine her quite early on, my 2 friends had barfined 2 each and we were having quite the party at our table.

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When I told T she was the first girl I had barfined in Pattaya she could not contain her happiness and wai'd at me "Thank you, very lucky for me!" After barfining her she went to get changed into her outside clothes and came back in a little red slip of an evening dress which was so much sexier than the gogo dancing uniform she had been wearing earlier.

After barfining we all went to Angelwitch to watch the show which was great but T was the real star of the evening. She never stopped stroking me, dancing for me, wiggling her hips, kissing me. At this point I was nothing more than a wobbly quivering lump of putty in her hands.

I am personally not much of a big drinker or night club type of person so I decided to head back to my hotel room with T at 1 AM (which is really early for a lot of the Pattaya regulars) as I couldn't wait any longer. The first night back at the hotel was I think one of the best experiences of my life. T held nothing back. She treated me like the prince out of "Coming To America" (Eddie Murphy). I think you know the scene I am talking about where the girl servant says "The royal penis is clean".

It was unlike any sex I had ever had before, the combination of her being so young and beautiful with literally the body of a gogo dancer. Yet also so eager and experienced, enthusiastic and elastic. Such a glorious contradiction, because back in England of I met a girl as young and beautiful as her I would expect to be the one chasing her and pleasing her in the bedroom, and probably being patient about her inexperience compared to me, a man of nearly (not quite) twice her age. Instead the roles were completely reversed and she showed me things I had never experienced before.

Then come morning when the sun started peering through a crack in the curtains we woke and she treated me to even more.

She also kept telling me that she loved me, which I just laughed off. I felt like I knew that she was trying to win me over, and that I was enjoying it, but I felt I was a big enough boy to be able to deal with it, and say good bye to her without feeling anything. Come time to say goodbye at about 11 AM, I paid her 3000 baht (we had never mentioned money but I felt that 2000 baht at going rate plus 1000 baht for the best experience of my life was a bargain, especially since I was getting more than 60 baht to the pound at that time). She told me she wanted to see me again and hoped I would come back to her bar that evening. I told her that I was sorry but although I really liked her I couldn't see her again.

Later at breakfast with my 2 buddies we chatted about the night before and I told them I had had literally the night of my life. My friends warned me about T, not to get too attached to her or I would end up pining for her, so it would probably be best if I stick to the 3 day rule. So I agreed that this evening we would go out again to a different load of bars and see everything Pattaya had to offer.

So later we went out again on a pub crawl around soi 2. I barfined another girl and had a great time. However the following day I found myself thinking about T, and when I thought about her I would get butterflies in my stomach and come out in a sweat! What had she done to me? I had thought that I could play her game and come out unscathed but I was wrong. But I didn't really care either, I wanted to see her again so why shouldn't I?


If my submission is published and the feedback is good I will write about the rest of my first trip to Pattaya.

However I also wanted to comment on Stick's latest submission about how he has gotten bored of the bars in Thailand
and they don't hold the same appeal anymore.

I could see how that could happen, especially if you actually live in Thailand and go to the bars regularly, and even more so if you don't partake!

I mean for me personally the only reason I go to a gogo bar is to barfine a beautiful young lady and enjoy her company for the evening. I just can't see the point in going to a gogo bar and having a few drinks and then going home alone, I would find that boring too. It would belike going to a car show room every day to look at cars without buying a car. Or it would be like going to Disneyland, walking round all day and looking at the rides but not riding on any roller coasters.

I am not a big drinker, (although I do like to have a couple of bottles of beer in the evening) and don't particularly like the loud music. I love the process of going to the bars, and looking for the one that catches your eye, then the whole process of getting to know her and the anticipation of what will happen when you get back to the hotel room, then the best part is what happens in the hotel room. If you are just going to go to a bar and then sit and drink then go home alone, you might as well go out to a night club in England!

I see Thailand as an escape from reality, well earned rest and recreation. Nothing more than a chance to relax and do something for myself after devoting myself to the wife and children all year. Back in England I have a life and a career, hobbies and family. Its just for me that despite all this I cant stop thinking and reading about Thailand even though I should really be happy and satisfied with my life in England. There is something missing from my life, an itch (an addiction?) that I can only scratch in Thailand. And it has something to with unbelievably beautiful young women with exotic brown eyes and brown glowing skin. And I find myself wanting MORE! Where will this lead to?

I do think about my future a lot. I feel as though I am at some sort of a cross roads right now. One road leads me to spending a long and happy life in England with the wife and I growing old together. Then me devoting my retirement years to raising my future grandchildren.

The other road finds me wanting to spend more and more of my time in Thailand, more than just one week once per year. (And maybe ending up in Pattaya alone and penniless, then jumping off a tower block!)

Maybe I'm dramatising it a bit. In an ideal world I would continue to enjoy my once yearly trips to Thailand while still continuing with my life and career in England. At least until the children go off to University. At this point (10 years from now) I would be theoretically free to do whatever I want 🙂 And what I want at the point might be to spend more time in Thailand, or it might be to stay with my wife! She actually earns more than me so if we do end up getting divorced 10 years from now and end up splitting our assets I am going to be far from penniless.

I do know that if my wife was to find out about my little trips to Thailand she would probably divorce me, get custody of the children, ownership of the house and I would have to pay so much in child support and buying/maintaining a 2nd home that I wouldn't be able to afford to go to Pattaya anyway!

Stickman's thoughts:

Nice story – keen to see part 2.

I wonder how long you will be able to continue your jaunts to Thailand without your wife realising. Everyone's situation is different but I would have thought that while one trip might not raise too many suspicions, a second trip would be a real warning sign for her that something was up…

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