Stickman Readers' Submissions May 7th, 2010

The Role Thai Men Play

It is puzzling to me how passionately some defend Jayson and his prospectus on how much he despises white foreigners and the Thai people who associate with them.

The way I read it, Jayson's whole "reality check" boils down to two circular statements:

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1) white people will always be with inferior Thai women – according to Jayson 2) any Thai girl with a farang is automatically not "normal" in Jayson's view

Given Stickman's experience with the nightlife industry and his many explorations on the topic, readers should be aware that a great many of the women who end up there do so because of Thai men.

The guys who impregnate the girl and then is unwilling or unable to support her. That's how a significant portion of Thai bargirls end up in the sex business in the first place. <Correction: that is how many girls end up in the *farang-oriented sector* of the Thai sex industry. In the Thai sector, especially at the higher end, only a small percentage of the girls working there have had kidsStick> Where does that Thai guy falls on Jayson's list of Thai women preferences?

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What about the Thai men who continue to exploit their girlfriends/wives while they work in bars?

Thai fathers who don't bother educating their daughters, treat them like the inferior gender Jayson's attitude conveys, and set them up to be fooled into the industry as a source of earnings for the family.

That doesn't even get us into the numerically far larger sex industry which serve the daily needs of Thai men who are married to "normal" Thai women.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a thoroughly male-dominated paternalistic society. It is unthinkable to suggest that the sex-for-cash industry would even exist if not for Thai men wanting it to exist. They are the ones profiting the most from the prostitution and damage to Thai girls' lives. Amazingly, some Thai men actually look down on farang customers of the flesh-trade instead of being ashamed of themselves for tolerating, indulging, encouraging, and profiting from the sale of their daughters, girlfriends, and wives.

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Even more amazingly, some Thai men even suggest it's better for a Thai girl to accept her lot in life rather than taking a chance with a farang.

Conspicuously left out of Jayson's critique of farangs – sex tourists from Asia. We both know that they are present in large numbers. In the relatively few red light districts which cater to farang, you'll still find numerous Asian customers. The reverse is not true of the even more numerous bars, karaoke places, massage parlors, etc… which cater to Asian men. Japanese, Chinese, and Korean men also pick up girls from bars. They also end up sponsoring them. They also end up marrying Thai bargirls.

But there are fewer of them.

That's because most of them come from the same type of cultural background as Thai men who screw and leave the girl. That is hardly admirable behavior. The girls are just as damaged, except there isn't even the chance of an escape. In fact, the damage is even worse because Thai women are also lured to places like Japan where they are under the thumb of the local yakuza and work as indentured servants trying to earn enough money to get back home. A prostitute trafficking ring was recently broken in Singapore where Thai girls were unwittingly recruited to work in prison-like environs. All of that exists because such human trafficking has been going on in Thailand for years.

If there's a group of foreigners who should be the target of a "reality check", it should be the Asian variety. The problem, of course, is that Chinese-related families and Japanese companies control the majority of the economic lifeblood of Thailand and it's the aspiration of many to be more like these ruthless exploiters of the Thai people.


Go back to that list of 6 flaws of Thai girls.

1) From impoverished regions

2) Poor with little prospects

The fundamental flaw should be obvious. The regions are perennially impoverished and that's driving the red-vs-yellow crisis. Ironically – it represents a multi-decade failure in communication between the urban elite confident that they're superior and the much more numerous people who are tired of being powerless in their own nation. There's a lot to be said about Jayson's attitude toward Isaan – a form of bigotry so commonly accepted among Thais he doesn't even realize it should be questioned. <Ridiculous assumption. He merely made the point that those women may not be the most desirable in Thai society. You are making huge projections to discredit Jayson and support your argumentStick>

3) Below average level of education

That Thai man – the father of the family – has a lot to answer for if his daughter has a below average level of education, doesn't he? Assuming, of course, he's even in the picture.

4) Single mothers

5) Heart broken by Thai guy

Compared to the Thai guy that impregnated the girl and broke her heart, isn't a white foreigner better than that guy?

6) Unattractive

This, of course, is the most silly flaw and it's right up there with #1. It's just bigotry and cultural prejudice that Jayson can dismiss the attractiveness of the Thai girls with farangs on one hand, and then turn around and immediately claim that white people are all unattractive to a "normal" Thai girl.


Even if the husband is a yob who seeks convenience and physical gratification from his Thai wife – can anyone argue that existence is worse than being a bargirl? By comparison to Asian sex tourists and Thai men who screw around irresponsibly – the farang who "foolishly" tries to convert a bargirl into a wife seems far better by comparison.

At least he's actually doing something beneficial for the girl – unlike Jayson and his disdain for any Thai woman who dares to take up with farangs.

Stickman's thoughts:

I agree with many of your points, some of which are excellent, but I disagree just as strongly with others.

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