Stickman Readers' Submissions May 6th, 2010

The Jason Debate, What The Numbers Say

Looks like we have the makings of a debate on the scale of the mongering thread. I read Stick's comment on Korski's submission about showing the Jason submission to the Thai female prof. Her comments essentially were that she and all her prof colleagues would not go near a westerner, romantically speaking. I would like to offer the suggestion that her comments on the
article are colored by at least two things, apart from ignorance of course.

Thai pride: This would seriously influence anything she says. Saying that Thai womanhood would rather go with westerners than Thais would label Thai men as seriously deficient which reflects on all Thai society with consequent loss of face.
We all know that Thais are brought up to think that Thais and Thailand are the best. That includes Thai profs. <This woman is free from bias and while I don't know her that well, I have much respect for her willingness to just say things how she sees themStick>

He Clinic Bangkok

Empirical research: I know of many Thai teachers here in Phuket currently on line that are looking for westerners. Its a small world here so I got curious. Here is what comes up when you search TLL under a few different criteria. All of these
were search for Thai women looking for westerners, living in Thailand of any age, description, religion etc..

1. Thai women in education: Many thousands on TLL. The maximum returned on a search is 1,000 so it is difficult to truly gauge the total number. However, Bangkok alone comes up with over 750 teachers.
2. Teachers with masters: 671
3. Teachers with PHDs: 13
4. PHDs of any kind: 95
5 Teachers in Phuket: 23

After spot checking the profiles they seem legitimate. Especially the PHDs which mostly all have great English. After all, if you lie about being a teacher or having a PHD it would come out pretty fast in the first meeting.

CBD bangkok

So this kind of puts the lie to the professors assertions that teachers won't go near westerners. It also puts the lie to Jason's assertions that good looking, educated Thai women only want Thai men. Think about it, there are almost
100 Thai women with PhDs that want to meet western men on one dating site alone. <That site has 1.1 million members, about half of which are Thai women, so that makes 100 a fairly insignificant number in terms of the big picture
Stick> If you added up all the dating sites I am sure the numbers would swell to quite a few hundred. How many women PhDs are there in Thailand? <At bachelor's degree level, almost 70% of Thai university graduates nationwide are female and I would not be surprised if the ratio is the same at PhD levelStick> A few hundred looking for western men represents a large percentage, maybe even the majority. And Jason, disregarding superficial things like the darkness of their skin, I would think that they would be considered
the cream of Thai society, even by Thais. The cream has turned deviant. One also has to remember that on line dating sites represent just a small minority of women seeking western men.

The numbers speak for themselves, gentlemen.

Stick, I bet if you were single, that prof would have tried to pick you up.

Re comments by Korski and others.

wonderland clinic

The white skin dark skin debate. Western countries used to have the same colour consciousness as the Thais / Chinese / Japanese…. The aristocrats of Europe went to great lengths to keep their skin white so that they could distinguish themselves
from the great majority who had to toil in the sun. Getting brown became a fashion when the rich were able to fly south, get tanned and flash that tan to their pale countrymen that could not afford to escape the cold. A complete reversal where
tanned skin showed how rich you were rather than how poor.

It will never be a sign of wealth to be tanned in Thailand as it is so easy to do. Also, Thailand is a country where 50% of the population is rural so looking tanned is not going to get you any points. The other issue is that the hi-sos of
Thailand are mostly of Chinese who naturally have pale skin. They are the ones who want to set themselves apart from the masses and set the standard of what is the fashionable skin colour, and that is white. Mind you, that applies much less to
the men as golf is a good excuse to be brown.

Stickman's thoughts:

Some good points for sure, but I think your numbers are way out. With the TLL membership at 1.1 million now, the number of PhDs you list is relatively insignificant. Also, and I do not wish to be rude here, but why would you think there are only a few hundred female Thai PhDs in Thailand? I personally know more than a dozen – that is, I am on a first name basis with! I bet there are thousands and thousands!

nana plaza