Stickman Readers' Submissions May 24th, 2010

Married Women in the West Don’t Like Sex

An interesting study was just completed by iVillage and reported by CBS News on May 20, 2010. The study interviewed 2000 married American women between the ages of 18 and 49. It turns out that 2/3rds of these women would rather read, watch TV or sleep
than have sex. To a man interested in a normal sex life, these figures are depressing and are much more disturbing than they appear on the surface.

I had 20 years of experience in my first marriage (to an American woman) and a lifetime of talking to other men from time to time about sex. Sex has been a major topic when I’ve been with a group of men together over a beer or during a break at
work before I retired. My working career involved America, Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia. I believe that my conclusions apply to western women in general. So let’s get to the meat of my thoughts.

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Without a doubt western women are more sexually active when first married and the interest in sex drops off as time goes on. The study cited above shows that 2/3rds of American women between 18 and 49 have little interest in sex. Assuming that 90% have
a high interest in sex when first married, what does that say about women as they get to be 49 years old? The conclusion is obvious. 90% have little interest in sex by the time they are 49 years old and the trend goes downhill as time goes on
after that.

No wonder that many of the articles on Stick’s site talk about men 50+ years old who are taking an active interest in the nightlife to be found in the land of smiles. If these men were getting their fill of sex at home they wouldn’t be traveling
half way around the world to sample the pleasures available in Bangkok, Pattaya or other destinations in LOS. These guys are either involved in a typical dead end marriage in the west or have gone through the hell of a western divorce.

Divorce is an interesting topic and was virtually unknown in my father’s generation. In my experience the vast majority of divorces in the west are initiated by women. Much of the problem lies with the absurd divorce laws that exist in the west
that allow women to take a man to the cleaners before he knows what hit him. He can be sitting quietly at home watching TV when two police officers arrive at the door, serve him with papers and tell him to vacate the house that he has worked so
hard to pay off. I know. It happened to me and it happened to many other men that I personally know of. It is happening every day all around the western world. The police are kind enough to allow you half an hour to pack some of your personal
belongings before they escort you out of your house.

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In the end men have been the ones that screw other men (screw not in the sexual sense). Men wrote the absurd divorce laws. Male judges issue outrageous court orders against husbands. Police officers who like to act like alpha males while brandishing billy
clubs or guns enforce the court orders against other unsuspecting men. But hey – they are all politically correct and are protecting the “helpless”, “innocent”, money-grubbing western women.

Getting back to sex, which is a major component in it all. You have western women who, according to the study, loose interest in sex. Then they slowly realize that they can get all the financial benefits that a man brings to the marriage without having
to put up with the sex. If you have a child in the west the woman quickly realizes that the child is worth $250,000 – $500,000 if she is married to typical working man. It’s even more money if the man has an above average job. The result
is a foregone conclusion. The woman, with advice from other female friends, seeks out a divorce lawyer with a proven track record of taking men to the cleaners. Then the legal ball starts rolling. Before the unsuspecting man knows what hit him,
he finds that most of his assets are gone, he doesn’t have custody of his children and most of his pay check is confiscated and sent to his ex-wife.

The western woman sits back and smiles. She doesn’t have to put up with sex. She has a nice check coming in on a regular basis. She doesn’t even have to consult with her ex-husband regarding how she spends the money that he earns. From the
western woman’s perspective she has the best of all worlds. She is in charge. She spends the money. She has the house. And best of all from her perspective – no more sex. Yes life couldn’t be better for the western woman.

The amazing thing is that an experienced western woman can repeat this scenario on more than one man. I’ve seen it happen. After I went through my divorce I became active in an organization called equal rights for fathers. I could write a book
on how men get screwed by the system. But back to the women who do it again and again. They know the system. They know men like sex. They find their next victim. They come onto him with a lot of sex. These women don’t like sex, but they
know how to use it to their advantage.

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I remember a good friend and co-worker who knocked on my door at about 6:30 am one morning. It was her second marriage and his first. She was a good looking woman. They got married after she tricked him into getting her pregnant. The baby was two months
old and they had been married about six months. Two police officers had just knocked on his door that morning and served him with divorce papers. Effective immediately he had to leave his apartment that she moved into before they were married.
The papers also informed him that effective immediately temporary child support and temporary alimony was being taken from his salary. It included a temporary restraining order that forbad him from coming around the person of his wife. This was
one of the kindest, gentlest men that I ever met. It about broke me up to see a good looking man, head taller than me, break out in tears. Since he had no place to stay, I offered him a bed at my place until he could get another place to stay
and he wound up staying with me for two weeks. His final divorce decree saddled him with alimony and child support payments. She was a big winner and she still had everything she took from her first husband. She obviously knew how to play the

So next time you see a 50+ year old man in the land of smiles, have a little sympathy. If you get involved with a western woman you too may be back when you are over 50. Then you’ll be sorry for the day that you ever got involved with a western
woman. Then you’ll understand what is going on and won’t be making fun of the 50+ guys coming to the land of smiles.

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Stickman's thoughts:

There was a submission not too long ago where the writer said that someone close to his wife and suggested to her that she bonk her husband often and make sure he was sexually satisfied and that would play a large part in keeping him "at home". Thai women do get criticised often on this site but this sort of pragmatic approach shows the other side. Also, divorce still has a real stigma in Thailand for women, although it is slowly changing, and your average Thai woman REALLY does not want to become a divorcee. These crazy Western-style take him to the cleaners divorces just don't seem to happen here.

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