Stickman Readers' Submissions May 3rd, 2010

Korski Does It Right

Suppose you are a decrepit septuagenarian Western guy with a predilection for young Thai women. You don’t speak Thai, but your declining health and intellect preclude you from learning that language, because actuarial tables predict you would be
dead long before you became fluent. If this describes you, then by all means head for the red light districts of Pattaya, Patpong and Sukhumvit to make good use of the little time you have left, but don’t forget to pack your medicine,
particularly the Viagra. For a codger, attempting to learn Thai would simply be futile. On the other hand, Stickman readers who are younger and more intellectually adept would do well to learn the Thai language.

He Clinic Bangkok

I was prompted to write this, after seeing Korski’s submission Xenophobic, Elitist, Racist, and Wrongheaded to Jayson’s Farang Men / Thai Women – A Reality Check.
Is Jayson really a racist? He constructs a list of the type of men that regular Thai women prefer, which places Thai men on top and farangs at the bottom. Jayson qualifies his list with the statement:

If a farang (or Japanese, or Korean) can speak fluent Thai, he’ll leap right up there on the list. So I’m saying “Thai man” under the assumption that the non-Thais can’t speak Thai very well. Communication is simply that important.

This isn’t about race at all. Jayson is merely telling us that we should study Thai if we want to make it with regular Thai girls who aren’t prostitutes.

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Korski shouts back “RACIST” at not just Jayson, but Thais in general, four consecutive times. This strikes me as strange, because Thai-ness itself does not constitute a race. Furthermore, in my experience, the average Thai is less racist
than the average farang, but don’t take this as a defence of Thailand. Thais are too judgmental, provincial, and class conscious to be concerned by such a trivial matter as race. Yes, their concept of beauty is skewed
by whiteness, and as Jayson puts it, to a Thai girl, the “ultimate” is a tall pale Chinese looking guy wearing glasses. That is because they are preoccupied with prestige and social status, rather than race, and
are mimicking those in power. If the Khmer kings were still in control, the “ultimate” would be a tall dark Indian looking guy wearing glasses. Girls would not bleach their skin, and tanning salons would proliferate
throughout Thailand.

I love it when writers like Jayson smoke out the idiots, and can do so with impunity. This might not be the case should Jayson be identifiable in person as a Westerner with a good job. Korski hails from an extremely PC corner of Farangdom, where one needs
to be careful not to offend the wrong demographic groups, lest he be accused of racism or misogyny. Jayson might be forced to apologize in a pathetic effort to retain his job.

Korski calls Jayson stupid:

Smart men—and Jason seems to not be one of them—look for a suite of traits in a woman when they think of beauty and attractiveness, and whether or not she would make a good mate. (In fact, all kinds of non-humans, even birds that weigh as much as a slice of lime, [zebra finches, for example] are known to use multiple criteria in determining “beauty,” choosing a mate to maximize their fitness or the number of offspring.)

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The problem with that statement is that our reproductive strategies are not determined by intelligence or rational thought. For example, when a guy admires a woman’s rack, is he really concerned about his future children starving from lack of milk
should he happen to impregnate her? I think not. For that matter, certain molecules have reproductive strategies, but they don’t have brains. Calling Jayson stupid because of his perceived preference
in women says legions about Korski but little about Jayson.

What’s my reproductive strategy? If I were given the choice of mating with a middle-aged farang heifer with a PhD and a sense of entitlement versus an attractive twenty-something Thai chick with nice personality and a sixth grade education, the
sixth grader would win hands down. I actually prefer girls who don’t speak any English. If I could choose celibacy over the heifer, then celibacy would win hands down. I understand that some effeminate
men have chosen the heifer, and I respect them for their decision. I’m not going to get into a silly debate as to whether my strategy is better than theirs, because I know that we have little control
over our intrinsic preferences. Such a debate would amount to after-the-fact rationalization of a pre-existing state. Furthermore, my taste in women seems to differ from Jayson’s, because I actually
like the dark-skinned girls from what he describes as the “impoverished Northeast.” Like most farangs, with the possible exception of the British, I don’t give a damn about class or
social status. I’ve never had much interest, or even known how to meet the hi-so Chinese girls Jayson undoubtedly prefers nor do I aspire to meet them.

Korski is doing the right thing for himself, because at his age, he doesn’t have any other good options. On the other hand, he doesn’t know the Thai language and consequently is clueless on Thai culture, and this shows through every time
he writes.

Stickman's thoughts:

There really is a case for proficiency in the Thai language and understanding the culture, especially with all of the concepts, so unusual to foreigners which are *unique* to Thailand.

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