Stickman Readers' Submissions May 3rd, 2010

Jayson’s Reality Check – Get Real!!

First of all I am really glad about Korski's lengthy submission on this disturbing topic because it takes much of the pressure off my boiling blood to respond to this nonsense though he gets caught up in details. Stick cannot be serious in advocating
someone who refuses his country women's right to learn and talk English for it may – surprise surprise – make them electable for well paid jobs in international companies and more worldly as opposed to serving sausages in 7/11 and spreading
their legs for their short-dicked, THB 10,000 a month earning, subduing and narrow minded Thai boyfriends or husbands.

He Clinic Bangkok

Having been raised with Western values and having certainly profited quite a lot from the affluent liberal and open minded society he grew up in I am sure Stick just wanted to provoke. That has certainly worked out well!

I have been a long term affectionate of Thailand with more than a year in country and dozens of trips. Let me say that I have never experienced Thailand more at odds with itself and its visitors than during the recent uprising. The vibe
in BKK has been terrible. Less smiles than in your typical L.A. gang neighbourhood. Looking at people's faces you can see them frowning, tired from work, bored from lectures, absent stares lacking fire and perspective.

Thailand is a shadow of its former self and it is predictable that it will continue to go downhill due to the fact that 75% of its population are poor and uneducated and will remain so. All those who expect the current unrests to subside
by the time of the rainy season are voodoo sociologists.

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Let me summarize the few points which made me come back time after time even in the light of a less than satisfactory experience.

Few remaining reasons to visit Thailand: Familiarity, easily reachable – cheap flights, No visa necessary, climate, convenience.

Deleted from list: Girls (mostly mothers now who will try every trick to rip you off), Smiles (replaced by tired, bored, vacant looks), Sanuk (replaced by angry brabblings by low-lifes over loud speakers and NO law enforcement to stop
the anarchy and let businesses operate and people get about their work. Pathetic!), Food (hemorrhagic E.coli infections), Safety (even without the riots BKK has a hostile vibe to it and is no safer than comparable cities), Infrastructure (traffic
chaos and internet downs).

So much to answer those in advance who say: "Then why does he visit?" It will be quite a while until the urge to go back returns that is sure and every Red day is an embarrassment and a day lost for Thailands reputation both
as a tourist destination and as a place to invest.

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Now that the disposition is set let me answer in a direct way to Jayson's Thai nonsense:

I do not need Thai women to get sex. In fact the last time I was there the girls I was with probably had more orgasms than me. They bore me to death. If for whatever reason Thailand ceases to exist there is (other than the usual suspects
like the PI) a giant called China waiting to be explored where many girls are educated, interested to learn English, smart, devoted, laborious, hot as hell and actually do have something to talk about other than brother Somchais money needs!!

There are no gogo bars and prostitution is not as hypocritically in your face as it is in Thailand (where it's illegal? duh!) and one may need to date a girl, eager to meet a Westerner for they bring something exotic in said girls
life, a perspective, excitement, an escape of her tight social borders – and let me assure you that Thailands choice of women pales to what Shanghai alone has to offer without even touching the rest of the vast country. They will also not
give an Anteaters ass about whether you can speak Thai or not. Even the Filipinas ridicule a lack of English in Thais. Now that is pretty embarrassing.

Let me further summarize where Jayson got it all wrong in terms of his knowledge of the female psychology and biology.

Asian women have always and will always be interested in Caucasian males for the following reasons:

1) Respectful, equal treatment of the female partner in a relationship. This may have backfired on us in our own societies for we have overdone it but in Asia this is still a very sought after trait by the local women which most Asian
guys simply CANNOT deliver (lets call it short-dicked inferiority complex). Especially pathetic in Thailand where the whole family puts all burdens on their fragile daughters often working 2 jobs while brothers and fathers are out whoring,
gambling and drinking… Very enviable indeed!

2) Superior purchase power. Lets make no mistake. Thailand's GDP per capita is a joke. I can earn their annual average in a week! So is the PIs and Chinas as well as the whole rest of SEA and this will NOT change during our lifetimes
and that of our children. Western males easily earn 10-20 times more than their Asian counterparts (except only Singapore, Korea and Japan). Money means freedom. Money means power. Don't tell me that this is not a VERY strong attractant
for any woman, particularly Asian, except maybe the to 1% Hi-So girls which are pretty much unavailable in any society in the first place…

3) Physical attraction. Women prefer tall guys. No woman likes to walk alongside a dwarf. Asian women generally adore mixed kids with a white male. Often they are movie stars in their respective countries, mostly beautiful and financially
very successful. How captivating the thoughts for an Asian woman to escape the uniformity of her potential local partners (black hair, flat nose, dark eyes, small posture) and mate with an exciting foreign man who – in most cases – will also
offer traits 1) and 2) !

I wanted to keep the list simple. For sure there are more points which could be listed and every guys mileage may vary. But it should be clear from he above: Western guy + Asian woman is not the result of us forcing them brutally onto
those poor females but to a large degree due to genuine interest from a very big percentage of the Asian females to benefit of what the Caucasians can offer which is often so much more than her male peers.

For these very reasons you will never see our sisters and daughters sucking the dicks of Chinese, Indian and – certainly not – Thai guys because they are simply NOT attractive to them and have nothing, absolutely nothing to offer.

Stickman's thoughts:

Jayson's original submission was about guys in serious relationships with Thai women, but the points you make seem to be more about your disdain of Thailand, a disdain that I would caution is born out of spending rather too much time in the bars and less in "regular" society. As I said to you recently (for the readership, I know and enjoy the company of the author), anyone intending to spend a lot of time in Thailand and who is not here for the naughty stuff really ought to get away from the bar scene lest they develop a warped view of the country.

You did not address any of Jayson's points and what you have written strikes me as a rant about other things. Fair enough if that is how you feel, but I don't think your arguments really relate to Jayson's submission.

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