Stickman Readers' Submissions May 6th, 2010

Jayson’s Half-Brother

Hello Stick readers. I am Jayson’s half- brother. This will be a surprise to the majority of the readers here. Jayson is Thai-American. I am his older American half-brother. I make no apologies for Jayson and I am writing to help everyone have
a better understanding of my younger brother.

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We grew up together and we don’t have a lot in common. I have empathy for him and hope some day he can come to terms with his bi-racial heritage. It would be great if he could accentuate the positives of his bi-racial heritage.

Being the older brother and watching him grow up I saw the problems he faced as a bi-racial person. Where we lived the racism centered mostly on the boat people and the other islanders. In school he had friends of other races and upon learning
he is part Asian the chicks had no desire to have a relationship with him because of the Asian stereotype. On this website it shouldn’t have to be explained what stereotype that is. My heart aches, the most, for him suffering that kind
of ignorance. It didn’t seem to matter to the females or they didn’t notice he has the qualities of a gentleman. We were taught to respect the lady and do things like hold the door open for a woman, walk side by side; never in front
of the woman, walk on the traffic side of a sidewalk, open her car door and close the door after she is inside. He and I can thank our American upbringing for those good habits.

He always wants the hot babe and I have said to him to amass wealth and he can have the hot babe he desires. I gave him the example of David Letterman’s sidekick. Paul Shaffer gets the hot babes because of his money and compared to
that male my brother is a Tom Cruise with similar hair and height. When I mentioned about the sidekick he tells me about the wealthy Thai tennis player’s latest girlfriend is Caucasian and didn’t speak Thai when they met and she
has taken on the burden of learning to speak Thai. Sometimes he admits to something but doesn’t recognize the admission and when I bring this to his attention he says I don’t know anything and I don’t understand his heritage.

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He has many issues with the cards that were dealt to him and I have said to him many of those issues he should ignore. I will have to remind him, if he talks with me again after writing to this website, there is only plan A in relationship
searches. (Credit goes to Korski for that eye opener).

He would be tremendously flustered, quoting him, “seeing the white hot babes falling all over the “brothers” in America”. I’d joke with him by saying something such as “Tim the tool man” would
say, the bigger the tool the easier the task. Well he took that joke seriously and bought a mail order device. He had success with the ladies in that department but inevitably they would go for the guy six foot+, I mean in height.

Another issue that is height related had to do with school. He liked playing sports and wasn’t tall enough for basketball so he chose soccer. He was a very fast runner and a good ball handler but he would be out muscled on defence.
He trained in Thai boxing hoping to have a career but due to his genetic heritage he was too heavy at his height for a go at that sport. He had so many frustrating issues growing up.

Other advice given to no avail was stop the condescension and the name calling to get his point across. I blame myself for his use of one word in his reality check submission. I didn’t notice before him using this word until I read
his submission. I do regret the affect of my overuse and abuse when we were younger calling him a bonehead. We did have a good laugh when he told me about the time he slugged a fellow grunt (army) for calling him a bonehead.

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As you can see I keep tabs on him and some of you may know about his confrontations on another website. He tried to drag in family members as back up into his situation on a forum. My intense observations and years of studying his personality
have led me to write this submission. I’ve tried to help him as a big brother and it may seem that I have abandoned him by writing about him but sometimes tough love is necessary. I ask you Jayson my brother to be your own guru to find
the inner peace as it is taught to your brethren and cease trying to be the guru, as you say, to those illogical farangs.

I hope the readers don’t think I am a really bad guy for writing about my brother just understand I am here to help him and you.

For any readers who didn’t work it out, the above story is fictitious.

Double green star to Korski for exposing the speciousness of Jayson’s reality check submission.

Stickman's thoughts:

Looks like Jayson got the brains, the sister got the looks and you got the leftovers.

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