Stickman Readers' Submissions May 12th, 2010

Go Girl!

Please allow me to introduce myself and pry myself away from the TV watching Oprah. I wish to be known as Junkman. Having many friends and acquaintances in my circles who have already done so, I am a young and proud gay male aspiring to undertake a trans-gender
operation in the hopes of being liberated from the bondage my body has placed on me in since birth. Oh how life can be so unfair. I was meant to be a woman, but I'm trapped inside the body of a man. I live in Southern California in the USA
in one of the gay districts near L.A. I am a member of Reverend Jessie Jackson's Rainbow Coalition and strongly support everything it stands for. I also truly admire the country of Thailand for being an open, allowing, and understanding culture
for persons of my affiliation. I visit there regularly and have several ladyboy friends and acquaintances. If you email me, I will be happy to send you photos! But don’t fall in love too soon!

I am a huge fan of several writers on Stickman. BKKSW is my hero, with Farang Dave in close second. I also truly admire Dana and aspire one day to meet him. Maybe I can give him the time of his life! Just the thought makes my loins quiver.
Ooooooo. My least favorite writer is that degenerate and social misfit who calls himself Caveman. That man is crazy and dangerous to mankind! Gosh, golly gee willikers, but he really has something against women, probably as a result of a bad childhood.
But maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't mind running my fingers through his thick fur while he was asleep. But what a brute. Did you read his submission where he said such terrible things about his own mother? What kind of monster is he anyway?
And Korski just scares me. I hope never to cross paths with him in a dark alley way for fear of him causing bodily harm to my soft, caressable skin, or possibly plundering my most sacrosanct of orifices which is saved only for that someone special.
So anyway, now it's time to send in something of my own since I’ve been a reader for years. Gosh gee, but I am really nervous. I think I have writer’s stage fright. I'm blushing, can you tell?

He Clinic Bangkok

I just read Anunya's submission this morning. Here is my reaction: GO GIRL!! Yippee-yi-yo-kai-ay, hoo-rah!

In her submission, Anunya says "Communication or more as I like to phrase "being understood" IS the most important thing for a woman." Feeling like a woman anyway, I couldn't have said it better. All a woman really
wants is to be understood, and loved. And a woman wants to be respected, and they all deserve our respect for having to deal with just being a woman and having to undergo the indignity of bleeding 5 days every month anyway. And like Cyndi Lauper
says, "Girls just wanna' have fun". And that means Thai girls, too! Yeah, baby. But oh how often men are inclined to misinterpret what the fairer race really intends? They are so frequently denigrated and insulted by males in general
in society today. Who can deny that it's an unfairly male-dominated society, to include even in Thailand? Even as open and accepting as Thailand is of persons of divergent and alternative lifestyles, misogynistic males are still dominant
and pervasive in Thai society. I would join the National Organization for Women (NOW), but unfortunately I have a penis. But it's not that big! And I may soon remedy that! There may come a day when I can look down and see no genitalia, and
for reasons other than an intervening swollen abdomen.

Anunya says about the downtrodden Thai female "They are taught to hide true feelings underneath politeness and a smile from a very young age." This is such a sad fact, but true. Oh how true! Thai women are taught that displays of
emotion are not becoming of a lady and they are thereby caught in the cross hairs of a cruel male society with their emotions going every which way but loose. Oh how I pity their debacle so! My head becomes light and my fragile heart swoons at
the thought. Farangs should recognize this fact and treat them accordingly. But I wouldn't count on it!

CBD bangkok

The habit of females to communicate in a roundabout fashion is a reflection of the fact that they want to keep the man guessing, and they have every right. That's a woman's prerogative, isn't it? I mean, really! Where are all
the knights in shining armor today? Chivalry is dead! Where is the man of yesteryear who lays down his overcoat on the mud for the dainty feet of the female to walk uponst? The Thai woman rightly wishes to weave a veil of mystery about herself
to protect her fragile emotional core and seduce the waiting male prey. One of my good Thai lady friends once said to me, "Junkman, I have so many feelings welling up inside me, I scarcely know what to think of anything anymore. Visions of
sugar plums are dancing in my head. Sometimes I feel like a gelatinous a mass of conflicting emotions and feel like crying out to all of humanity and let them know that I suffer so. My soft heart is driven from pillar to post in a terrible conflict
of passion." My heart went out to the poor girl. I let her know that she had my complete understanding and support, and gave her the hugs and embraces her heart so desired, until all her fears were quelled. And when she unexpectedly relieved
herself in my arms before she could make it to the powder room, I was there to change her soiled panty and do the dirty laundry. But oh how few men really understand women! That is such a true statement. Men really are stupid sometimes! Such ham-handed
brutes. I'm ashamed to be among them.

Really in my experience women seldom have bad intentions. The heart of a woman is a heart that's pure…..that is, until a man gets a hold of it, perverts it, and stomps on it. And Thai women are the purest of all. Especially those innocent
little farm girls that are FORCED into prostitution by evildoers, and then victimized cruelly by farangs who care nothing for them and treat them as pieces of meat. We as men should openly trust women and allow them to control us, and I think
we would actually be better off!! You just might be surprised at the result, you guys out there! Yes, and what a new and beautiful world it would be, one dominated by women. There should be a new world order, and one nation the world over, and
with a new flag. The top half of the flag should be the flag of Thailand, and below it should be the symbol for femininity:

Look around you at how many problems there are in this world dominated by men! It's time to give women a chance! Our trust will be rewarded in the future, on that you may depend. For those who believe in pre-nuptual agreements with innocent
Thai ladies you meet, now just how romantic is that? You obviously have security issues with who you are. Try looking in the mirror.

Men who can't understand Thai women simply lack patience and understanding and imagination. You need to get more in touch with your sensitive side and find your inner child. This is the essence of my whole problem with men’s behavior
and the reason we have such a bad reputation in the circles of society I respect. Men are such brutes. I mean, really! What do you expect, for the woman to come right out and tell you what she feels? What if she doesn't know? I mean, she
has to say something, doesn't she? And as far as direct communication goes: Where's the fun in that? What kind of excitement would your life have if women did that? What kind of world would we live in? I know what you're thinking:
you just want to have it my way or the highway. Typical men! Gosh!

wonderland clinic

So many men lack male intuition in trying to discern the true meaning in the way a lady communicates. This needs to be developed with unlimited patience over a period of years and even decades in relations with women. Consider it your job
and you'll always have job security! Maybe it should even take a lifetime, which you should be happy to devote to your woman if you really love her, and if you don't then you don't deserve the woman's love anyway. And in that
lifetime, you should try to your utmost to learn and cherish her inner beauty and try to become as one.

Anunya says so eloquently "Now you may ask yourself, so how the heck will I be able to understand that her "yes" or "maybe" actually is a "no"? It's not that hard, but it takes training." Men who
really love their woman will have the patience to work through such misunderstandings and trust in the inner goodness of their woman. Try the practice of meditation or yoga to bring you in touch with areas of your mind you never knew existed.
A little bit of psychotropic drugs assists in this endeavor also. I take peyote on a regular basis and recommend it to everyone. And those who know anything about Thai culture should probably just assume that whatever answer is provided by a Thai
female, well, maybe you should just play a wait-and-see attitude and see what comes up next. Maybe she's just not ready to tell you the truth so suddenly. I mean, really! Just give her a chance to think things over without being too forceful.

Thai women are after a man who understands all the beautiful little quirks and inconsistencies that make a woman a woman, while simultaneously admiring them for their colorful personalities just as you would the beauty of a flower in the
desert. And don't forget guys: all roses have thorns. I mean, duh? What do you expect?

Yes, the Western man, if he's a real man, should learn to fully develop his male intuition in dealing with his girl. If you have respect for Thai culture, and if you really love your woman, that is exactly what you'll do. Show her
the true love and unwavering devotion she deserves by simple virtue of the fact that she's a woman, and that will make you a man!

Anunya says "Why do Westerners, especially those in North America, have to have an opinion for everything, even though it's just BS? And those who don't have an opinion have to be classified as "stupid"?" Go
girl! I mean, really, I couldn't have said it any better! Some men are just like talk, talk, talk, talking about every subject under the sun. I mean, what's the use? I'd rather be watching Oprah. Too much talk can be so mentally
draining, and the last thing a Thai lovely wants to do is think too much. It's not what women are all about. Women are all about feeling and being in the moment, waiting to be swept away by a devoted man who understands them. Direct answers
are so often offensive anyway, and the last thing a Thai women wants to do is to offend a brutal farang. Can you be open minded enough to understand that?

Everything about which Anunya writes describes perfectly the true essence of Thai womanhood. There are lessons to be learned from this, guys! Are you paying attention?

I would love to hear some feedback from all who take the time to read my article. I am very confident that everyone will agree with me!

I'll leave you with these words of wisdom: Our strength lies in our diversity.

Stickman's thoughts:

While I am sure a gay guy can teach us some things, I am not so sure the secret to understanding Thai women is amongst them.

nana plaza