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Farangs and Thai birds…What the heck?

Well, here we go again. I see the boys are out again arguing about whether they attract Thai girls, what sort of girls, the GFE, the so called hi-so girls, are Thai girls the most beautiful in the world etc etc. Well, to cover the last point first, no they are not. When did a Thai girl last win Miss World? When did you ever hear of a Thai supermodel? As far as I can recollect I don’t think there has ever been such a creature. Thai girls are pretty in a rather fey kind of way, but for beautiful women you would have to travel to Russia, the Ukraine, South America, Scandinavia etc.. The most beautiful girl I ever saw in my life was in a coffee shop in Helsinki. Unbelievable, my jaw just dropped in amazement. I looked a fool and I didn’t care. Others that left a lasting impression was a girl on a ferry from Sweden and the coffee shop girls in Caracas airport Venezuela. Wow, unbelievable!!

Hehe, now the fun begins!! What kind of girls can farangs expect to ‘pull‘ in Thailand? Well, I never cease to be amazed on the kind of westerners I have seen when I’ve been in Thailand, and how they interact with the local ladies. I mean, there are guys out there who are so grotesque as to be beyond belief. Where is their sense of self respect? Nobody needs to be badly dressed, smelly and 100 lbs overweight. Yet these guys expect to pull. I am not what you would call good looking but I have enough self respect not to wish to be seen as a total slob by anyone. Yup, they may getting a girl on rental (as a bar girl in Pattaya once eloquently described it to me) but the rental experience would be so much better all round if they made a bit of effort. At least the girl’s level of disgust would be lower.

He Clinic Bangkok

Hi-so girls. Well, what can one say? Why would ANY western guy want a hi-so Asian lady? To get one of these you have to be seriously loaded, seriously smartly turned out and be prepared to put up with a load of attitude. Nothing wrong with that if you can cut the mustard but how many guys can? Never forget I was in a karaoke bar in Kuching with a party that included a Minister from the Sarawak state assembly. His new young second wife just ignored everyone and was a total haughty bitch. Me as a white guy was completely beneath her contempt. That’s Asian hi-so for you! More realistic for most farangs would be the legion of perfectly nice ladies who do hum drum office jobs for little money. But most of these are respectable and fairly conservative. Most of them in all honesty probably dream of marrying a Thai civil servant or other government employee. Is that what guys who read Stick are REALLY looking for?

Young farang guys in Thailand. Now I love this one. Why do young white guys go on the hunt in Siam? Well, I think it’s quite simple. In Thailand they can actually get a girl. In England now the young ladies seem to prefer a black guy, or a guy with a shaved head with tattoos aplenty, or a wealthy guy with a flash motor and a thick wad. This means the boy next door type gets locked out from the attractive girls and some head for Thailand. Nothing wrong with that but why don’t they just admit they can’t pull hot girls at home. Then again, from what I’ve seen in Thailand, they can’t pull a hot bird there either!!

Now I come to what I think of the Thai girl/farang scene. For the life of me I don’t get a lot of the guys who hang with bar girls in Thailand. For me, I am used to this type of girl. I grew up in a rough nasty part of the east end of London. Girls like this are second nature to me. Rough, mostly uneducated but cunning, I can relate to them and talk easily to them. It’s second nature, like feeling at ease when I walk into a rough pub in England. I really don’t understand why the geezers on here moan so much about these girls. No farang was ever conned by a bar girl, he conned himself, he convinced himself she was something she wasn’t. Face it boys, they’re low life and they hang around with more low life. Everywhere in the world you find P4P you find low life hangers on. Stop even thinking about engaging in intellectual conversation with them and buying expensive meals. They’re a lot happier eating cheap Thai food and watching some dopey movie and most of all having a good laugh to forget their quite crap lives. Me, I have never thought women were a problem in Thailand to find or have fun with. Then again I am happiest with a common ‘ho with a tight body and a dog rough face, what your followers, readers and correspondents would probably rate a ‘ 6 ‘. Still, each man must find his own nirvana. In terms of Thai women I found mine. But then I know my level.

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With regard to that Jayson guy, I think he speaks a lot of truth. I don’t think the majority of Asian women would ever consider marrying out of their own race or type or whatever you want to call it. With the sinking of the western economies and the growth in SE Asian economies, this effect can only become more pronounced

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