Stickman Readers' Submissions May 8th, 2010

Back To Basics

Having read more submissions on Jayson's submission than I'd like, I thought I'd put my 2 cents into the debate. And this is where I should stop now, because I'm getting damn sick of reading everyone's views on whether Thai women prefer Thai men, or white men who speak Thai, or white men who don't speak Thai or Thai mutes who can read Braille in 14 Chinese dialects . I really don't give a s**t!!!! I 'd rather have a discussion about whether Thai women prefer manually or battery operated. Where's Dana when you need him?

I'll tell you what—if a Thai woman doesn't like you because you are a Farang, so be it. If she doesn't like you because you don't speak Thai, so be it. If she doesn't like you because you're fat, bald, and ugly as hell, so be it. You get the point. Basically—Who Cares!!! What I'm trying to say is that if any woman on the planet doesn't like you for some reason, that's their choice, and you'll have to live with it.

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I've had women dislike me for so many reasons I can't count that high. And I've had woman like me for the most idiotic reasons it's hard to fathom. (Actually as long as they found something, I was fine with it). It reminds me of the first guy I took to look at a house, when I passed my realtor's license. I showed him a house, he didn't like it because he didn't like the door knob. WTF!!!! True story.

The point being is that people see things differently, and THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT!!!!

Good looking guys, who are polite, and don't present themselves as slobs will have any girl from any country in the world. I had a friend from San Francisco that made the Marlboro man look like the Elephant Man, and when he'd walked down a street, women would literally throw themselves at him and give him their business cards with their tongues. White, Asian, Black, Mixed, you name it, they did it. In one block, I think I counted a half a dozen cards, I kid you not. And three tongues. I've walked millions of blocks in my 56 years on this planet, and the only people who approach me are beggars. And I'm not chopped liver. But if you've got the goods, then you've won the Powerball DNA lottery. Of course, my friend had a personality like plaster of Paris, and not a molecule of a sense of humour. But hey, he didn't need it. And guess what, the women didn't give a rat's ass. They still threw themselves at him 24/7. Just think of colliding atomic sperm. This guy needed a million gigabytes in his computer memory card, just to keep track of the phone numbers. I have my mother's number in my cell phone.

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When I see a fat old geezer with a little Isaan honey, I think, good for him. I don't care if he's walking down the street with his great granddaughter. If he's got a Thai Angelina Jolie draped all over him, good for him. If he's carrying some scuzz bag dope addicted leper on his shoulders, good for him. You get what you get. Some guys just like it that way.

I once went to Las Vegas with my brother in law, who was there for a convention. We ended up at some Mustang Ranch or Hello Dolly's Dog House, whatever. There was a line up of maybe 10 girls. I chose the little Asian number, because that's my cup of tea. But my brother in law chose the fattest, ugliest whore I ever would see if they cloned me for 6 centuries. I had to uncross my eyes with an ice pick. But hey, that was his choice. It wasn't until later, that I felt sorry for my sister.

The point I'm trying to make is that we all see things differently, and that's a good thing. Now can we please stop sending in submissions on Jayson's piece and move on to something else.

I personally miss stories of the newbies who buy a mansion in Isaan for their first bar girl, a red tractor for her father, a motorcycle for little brother who happens to be her husband, who plots to kill him, and sell his teeth to the nearest gold merchant. Let's get back to basics.

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Stickman's thoughts:

That so many writers have felt like they wanted to voice their opinion on this issue suggests that many do find this fascinating. All readers are encouraged to write in about anything they wish, so long as it is Thailand (or South East Asia) related. And if you want to say what you think about Jayson's fine piece, FEEL FREE!

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