Stickman Readers' Submissions May 3rd, 2010

An Average Well Under 100, Jayson

Stickman's thoughts:

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For the readers / complainers, those who had their egos deflated or feelings hurt by Jayson's piece,

The average IQ of Thai children ranges from approximately 96.5 in Bangkok to 84.2 in the northern provinces. Unless Stick was born in Isaan I can't imagine why he thinks my ego would be 'deflated'
by the likes of Jayson's submission, though the green star rating of this submission and his fluency in Thai make me wonder if his kiwi birth certificate is a fake. Label me a birther.. Jayson though I have real doubts about. I figure he's probably
a Luk Kreung or at a minimum spent most of his childhood being raised in the west and being turned down by western girls.

I read the piece and figured Jayson was just another clueless male where it comes to women and I suppose it doesn't surprise me Caveman approved though it was nice to finally be able to finish one of his subs. The first paragraph of Korski's piece had me shaking my head in agreement, but his supporting argument started to parallel Jayson's original piece from the other viewpoint. The only thing I've read concerning this subject which really made sense and people should be paying attention to was from the lone female in the discussion. A Thai girl Sanan.

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"The reality is, Jayson, if you took 100 random Thai girls and had them choose between a foreigner and Thai man both living in Thailand who were successful and would be honest and faithful you would be surprised which way they would go."

I've only spent a total of 9 years in Thailand and over 20 in Asia and while Jayson (and it appears Caveman) would be surprised, I certainly wouldn't. Come
on, the entire crux of Jayson's argument is that Chinese people usually eat Chinese food. Really? Who knew..

But does that mean if you set a plate of Kobe beef in front of them they won't push aside their chop suey and reach for a fork? You bet they will each and most every time. Only those with a serious aversion to beef will turn away a choice piece of USA Prime. Quality beef is quality beef no matter which country it comes from, though, I have noticed Thailand has a really hard time coming up with a steak that isn't tough and chewy. Mostly tasteless too. But I digress, if the reader hasn't picked up on the obvious by now they're doomed to living life with a stringy pot roast.

Boys, pull up a chair and take a seat. I'm going to explain this entire thing to you and it just might change your life. But first let me say I've dated Isaan girls, Bangkok's hi-so elite (so many of these I lost my taste for them),
several Chula professors with western educations, and just about everything in between. I've done the same in Japan and Korea. Taiwan too. And yes, the west. I'm not handsome, I'm certainly not rich, and I probably couldn't be any
more average and ordinary than a cheeseburger in America. But I do have this innate ability to see the obvious that escapes a good many visitors to Thailand. I think Stick knows me well enough to verify most if
not all of the above.

wonderland clinic

Khun Sanan eluded to the obvious but didn't come right out and say it. Women the world over, from any education or social/class strata, from any region or country, women the world over know quality when they see it. Given the choice they'll go for the best quality male who will put a ring on their finger. Each woman has her own set of criteria, but most share the more important points. They want someone appealing to the eye, able to provide for the family, nice and easygoing, and who others will look at with the same respect they want to have for their man. Women being naturally smarter than men who think with their little heads, have the ability to adjust their criteria in one category to compensate for another.

Men have their criteria as well. A smart man or woman will easily be able to quickly pair off with the most eligible person in a given situation. The more a woman offers, the better quality man she'll demand. The more a man offers, the more selective he'll be when choosing the woman. It's not racism, it's nature.

I've been saying in submissions for years that most men need to take a good hard look at themselves and be well familiar with the "quality" they offer a woman. If all they're attracting is sausage and they'd rather have a steak, then they'll need to work hard to make themselves more appealing to the opposite sex. Yes, a man
can certainly improve his "quality" no matter what age or education level he might be. Moving up a few notches on the food chain can make a
huge difference in a man's success rate.

If there is a room full of female hi-so university professors with western educations, and a man walks in the room, the women will instantly and in most cases accurately evaluate and rate the man where it comes to being a potential mate. Sure, most Chinese people when asked will probably tell you they're not thinking of Kobe beef for lunch, usually because it's not available to them for whatever reason. But if they walk into the cafeteria and they're serving up prime rib right next to the fried rice what do you think they'll be eating for lunch that day? It's not rocket science is it?

"When available" women will entertain the thought of dating, bonking, or marrying ANY QUALITY MALE. That's the truth and I apologize if it dispels anyone's racist hopes or self image. You could even argue the most desirable women, for the very reasons that makes them desirable, are probably more keen to sample a nice juicy Sunkist orange than the same old familiar durian they've become accustomed to. Communication is important, it's nice to be able to read and pronounce "Sunkist."
But don't worry, communication is like our other senses. To compensate for loss of sight blind people develop a keener since of hearing and smell, so even if she can't read or say "Sunkist" she'll know it's good from the welcome smell and great taste.

Most men and women want to believe there's some secret or magic potion that will help them attract women. There isn't. There also isn't any miracle diet that will help you lose 15 kg in 10 days. There is only the truth. Women are attracted to the highest quality male they can land, and if you want to increase your 'quality'
then you'll need to take the time and effort to improve yourself. And sorry Caveman, this isn't about cleaning your family jewels with Nevr-dull like you'd do for Command inspection
(though it doesn't hurt), it's about learning to present yourself well both visually and verbally and becoming the sort of guy more
women want. And like everything else in life, if you're not willing to put in the effort then expect that the only women available to you will be the flotsam no one else wants. And it's
true, there are those who would rather have flotsam. More power to them.

IMO Stick didn't give a green star to Jayson's submission because it's well written or even because he agreed with most of it. He gave it to him with the sincere hope it would help more men see the obvious. Stick and many of us who have been here a while have watched the relationship failures happen over and over again and most often the man being dumped or taken advantage of has no clue as to why the woman hooked up with him in the first place. Then they do it again. Stick is tired of watching train wrecks so he posted a bright and shiny green star right over the rail switch in a sincere attempt to avoid a head on collision. I understand this and I applaud him for it.

I'll end with this thought. If you become a quality male who presents well visually and verbally, you're fun and have a sense of humor, and you're a nice guy.. then you'll be dating quality women anywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if you're black, white, yellow or brown.. it doesn't matter. 'Most'
women in my experience care about your 'quality' much more than they do your skin color. In this respect we should rejoice,
it renews my hope in the human race to realize we've progressed so far in so little time.

Until next time..

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