Stickman Readers' Submissions May 10th, 2010

Am I Missing Something?

Jayson's submission sure has fired up the masses and to be honest I can see points from both sides. The submission "I don't give a rat's ass" probably beats closest to my heart but that’s most likely because I stopped giving a f@#k what anyone thinks about my choices in my mid 20's and and have remained open minded to opinions and thoughts regarding Thailand and have backed my bullshit detector (you know that little alarm in the back of your brain) to guide me through.

I was introduced to Thailand 5 years ago by a friend married to a Thai lady for 20 years and he being 20 years my elder, me 25 and he 45 at the time. So green I was I didn’t even know what sawadee khap was and what a wai meant. I thought at the time why he had not told me about these most basic things before my trip but now realize he wanted me to learn about Thailand for myself. His two eyes see different to my two eyes and once you start thinking you know all about ANYTHING in Thailand then that’s when you are ready to come unstuck. I now understand my friend's way of thinking after making many mistakes along the way myself (my bullshit detector needed fine tuning).

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My first trip started with the usual tourist introduction to Cowboy and Nana and Pattaya but I was also fortunate enough to stay with my friend's relatives on up country farms and suburban Bangkok. This gave me an insight to the REAL Thailand on my first trip but to be honest, Sukhumvit and Pattaya were so overwhelming that's all I was thinking about on my return home.

After 8 trips in the last 5 years and reading Jayson’s submission and the fallout I'm left asking myself the question? "Am I missing something?" How anyone can claim to know anything that’s going on in Thailand is beyond me, let alone when the female species, male hormones and money are involved. The one thing my two eyes have taught me is nothing is what it seems in Thailand. So to be telling others what the REAL deal is in Thailand seems a little presumptuous seeing I haven't met a Thai yet who can give me a straight answer as to what the f@#k is going on (red Vs yellow) (Thai time) (meter taxi) (police crackdowns).

The Thai / farang couples I do know in the land of Oz come from every different background you could imagine. Hi-so, bargirls and everything in between. I know personally of two blokes married to ex bargirls who have been married 15+ years successfully with kids and I know rich blokes who married university grads who ended up in train wrecks.

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The point of this submission is "THERE IS NO POINT". Life's a bunch of stuff that just happens and if anyone thinks they’re in control or knows what’s going on they’re kidding themselves.

To hear a grown man like Jayson going on about what REAL beauty is and what all us stupid farang consider to be beautiful is quite frankly embarrassing. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", Jayson. Stick, it is your site, but you made an error giving this submission a green star rating. If you want to go down the tabloid Fleet Street road to get your site "record traffic" then that’s up to you. It may work for a while but remember who your readership is and pissing them off by insulting their intelligence may work for awhile but in the long run will lose you credibility. <I have never tried to maximise the traffic on this site and I don't pander to anyone. If I wanted the naughty boy sector of the readership to be happy I would say how wonderful the bars are and how lovely the girls are and how the West completely sucks…none of which I doStick>

Jayson, Korski, Caveman and the rest of us are all just sitting on a spinning rock and hoping for the best. By the way, who's kicked some ass out of the Global financial crisis? None of us? Yeah, guess we didn’t see that coming? So if us Aussies, Yanks and British couldn't see what was coming in our own countries??? Lucky we know everything about Thailand!!!!

We could spend our whole lives doing what others tell us to do but where is the fun in that?

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What would life be without making mistakes? Sure not ones that cost you your house but then again we could lock ourselves up in our homes, never come out and then nothing would ever happen!!!

Finely tune your instincts, trust them and get out and live life and if that involves a Thai lady then so be it. If something stinks walk away, if you step in some shit wipe it off your shoe, but don't be lowered 6 feet down or put in the fire alone knowing that you made Jayson or anyone else is happy with your choices.

Jayson sounds like one of life's real experts, an ex being a has been and a spurt being a drip under pressure. I’ll be sure to tell my friends on the weekend that their wife's are ugly and their children are illegitimate, so after 15+ plus years of marriage they can be made well aware of they're foolish mistake. Thanks Jayson. I hear the U.N calling for your assistance.

Stickman's thoughts:

It's one thing to disagree, but I really think you should address the points rather than just rant.

One could actually learn a lot from Jayson's article and learn how they could potentially improve their chances with a certain type of Thai woman. If that type of Thai woman does not interest the person then no problem. If it is not what they want then fine, but to outright dismiss it without actually addressing any of the points made lessens your argument.

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