Stickman Readers' Submissions May 24th, 2010

After The Red Shirts, A Sex Tourist’s Point Of View

Wow. I felt pretty bad when all hell finally broke loose in Bangkok and Thailand in general. I had just sent a submission about my last visit there into the sex scene, but it all seemed very trivial and I wish I hadn't sent it in. Seems like no one
would want to read about my sexploits when all this serious stuff was going on. I kept reading Stick's update Red Shirt reports which were simply incredible. They were better than anything I was reading and checking out on CNN and the news services.

Up until the crackdown by the government, Thailand wasn't even in the news here in the U.S. for the last month. Worthless celebrity gossip and stories seem more important here. I hate to say it, but to all those Redshirt people who thought
we were going to intervene through the United Nations etc., you better get a reality check. President Obama has his plate very full with other problems. Worrying about Thailand is just not on his radar (in my opinion).

He Clinic Bangkok

Of course, when I heard the news about the violence, etc. I was worried about people I knew over there and was trying to picture what they were perhaps going through. My thoughts were, what are all those girls in the sex scene doing? Are
the bars in those sex areas even still open? I was trying to picture all those people who need money trying to survive with no customers. Even when I was there in April, things seemed bleak.

I hate to say it, but like most bad things in life, usually something good can come from it, and I think this will be the same thing in Thailand. Maybe more Thais will see their country for how it really is and not this this perfect Land
of Smiles they try to portray. The corruption is even more clearly out in the open now. The so-called police standing by while thugs set fire to tires and buildings. They are such a joke. I'm sure there are a few good policemen, but I haven't
heard about those. Do you think even one of them would draw his weapon on someone lighting a fire? Not in this lifetime. I just have no sympathy for looters. I think they should be fired on immediately. Maybe now the rural poor Thai will think
twice before they take money from someone to go to Bangkok and close down the malls and businesses. Each one of them should share the guilt.

Well, from a sex tourist's point of view, I'm sure life will go on. It's like those bad car accidents over there. No one stops. People don't want to stop and get involved. I'm not saying that 50 some people dying
is a good thing, but considering how many protesters there were encamped for weeks, I think it's a drop in the bucket. I feel for the innocents killed, but I think Thailand and the citizens got off easy. It could've been so much worse!
Hopefully some things will be learned from this. I think sometimes when things get to a boiling point, it's good to "let off some steam" I'd like to hope that Thailand will be a better place after this, but that may not be
the reality.

CBD bangkok

Being a sex tourist, will it detour my trips over? Not at all. I'm hooked. I'm addicted. Whatever you want to call it. Some would say I'm pathetic while others would say I'm just trying to enjoy life. I know the condom
companies are happy about it. I'm sure when this violence in Thailand happened, the condom companies had to lower their expected factory output for a few days. I'm sure Viagra stock fell for a week or two. Even if Thailand falls into
chaos, there are still other countries for the sex tourists.

I just can't imagine how this has all affected the girls over there. Some of them were very desperate even back in April. I know many people have went back up country for a while. I guess I'll keep checking Stick's site for
updates on the situation. Maybe next time I'll pack a flack jacket, bullet proof vest, and helmet along with my 50 condoms and lube. Even devoted sex tourists will be on the front lines dodging bullets while running between go-go bars. I
can just see the guys running into Nana Plaza while their fellow sex tourists cover them with automatic weapons. Perhaps the next popular bar's theme will be camouflage short skirts and Army boots. The difference fighting a war in Thailand,
is that the medics on the battlefield carry condoms.

Well, I'm guessing there will be some fantastic deals on airfare, hotels etc. I know I will be first in line with my sex tourists dollars. Hopefully there will be more military presence over there for a while to make everyone feel a
little more secure. As long as they don't put troops in Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, and the Nana Hotel parking lot, I will be a happy camper. That goes for Walking street in Pattaya too!

Stickman's thoughts:

The girls in the industry have suffered with the bars closed and less guys around.

Nope, there don't seem to be any discount deals on hotels or flights yet. In fact in Thailand, when business is bad, often prices go up…cos the vendor has to make up for their loss somehow! 🙂

nana plaza