Stickman Readers' Submissions May 4th, 2010

A Reality Check & My 5c

I do agree with Jayson’s submission on the whole, especially the first paragraph that HIGHLIGHTS that meeting girls in P4P bars give you experience with bargirls only. However “rather, they love how you’re stupid with your money”
this I wholeheartedly disagree with. The cost of a girl in a P4P bar is insignificant in my opinion and brings about the main premise of my submission, which is the quality and type of the people who are in and around the bar scene (given
that is what most of Stick's subs are about).

He Clinic Bangkok

These people are invariably always white farangs from developed nations where their dollar is strong and the hookers are at least 5x – 10x the price. But these 5x-10x’ers at home are still the bottom of the barrel, much like they
are in Thailand. The only exception is given that they are taking advantage of an unfortunate situation in a 3rd world country, many are much younger and more exploited than in their home country.

I can say, hand on my heart; in all my trips to Thailand I have never had a bargirl. I don’t find anything about them attractive. These stories at Stick's have made my perception worse and there is something about the whole
stigma about being a white skinned man in Thailand which has made walking into a go-go bar, having a beer and leaving quite a distasteful experience.

Although I agree with the communication thing, as all women need to be able to complain to their paramour, honestly, does anyone need to be told that?! Kind of stating the obvious. This communication thing is a no brainer, and I am talking
from anyone’s perspective, anywhere in the world with any woman. If you find a nation where the women (as a whole) don’t care for communicating with you in a long-term relationship and that’s what you want, off you go.

CBD bangkok

The money though, is a big factor, especially if you want to keep a “very good” looking bird. As a general rule of thumb people are shallow and superficial. It is a reflection of society as a whole. If you are not part of
this western capitalist movement (which includes Thailand) or some 3rd world impoverished country (again includes Thailand) then you are part of some Muslim or even more extremist movement that invariably suppresses their women much more than
any western feminist activist could undo. Again, I’m getting way off my point, but if you have the cash you get the girl. Look at Donald Trump, look at that Texas dude who had Anna Nicole Smith. I never found her attractive, but I’m
sure that if I make it to 90 and I’m with a woman that looks like her my opinion will be different. Yeah, there are exceptions, but money makes a man much more attractive. He is supposed to provide, he is supposed to be confident and
well groomed etc. and money buys all these things.

This is all obviously my opinion, but I think most, say at least 95% of married men are married to ugly women. Yeah, I said it, attractive women are few and far between.

To most of the jaded old men who marry young Thai girls because “Thai man no good”, as you head past 50 or even older, I can understand how a 21 year-old, dark skinned, slim Thai girl with a perky rack is attractive to you.
But you have spots all over your body, haven’t seen a naked slim woman since you looked in a magazine (or your last trip to Thailand) and naturally find her to be a beauty. That doesn’t help me find her butt ugly pigmy face any
more attractive.

“The spectacled Chinese guy, faithful, loyal, hardworking. It’s not the look, its what the look implies” This is where the wheels fall off the cart in Jayson’s submission for me. Never in my life have I met
more UN-faithful people than the Chinese. They regularly keep multiple sex partners, many (Chinese) married men that I know visit prostitutes and think nothing of it and generally it is agreed among my Chinese friends that it is part of their
culture and not as offensive as it is where I grew up. This is very similar in Thailand where prostitution is so rife it never ceases to boggle me. They have blurred the line between what is a working girl and what is not. I am pretty black
and white on the subject. If you give / take money in exchange for sex, you are involved in an act of prostitution.

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In Thailand I know some powerful people who take “normal” girls and turn them into prostitutes. Why? Because of money the girls cannot turn down. Do they do it all the time? No. Do they do it for my super rich Thai elitist
associate that has never worked in 45 years of his life? Yep. Then she goes back to whatever she normally does. Usually these guys get them from modeling agencies and most of the time they are very attractive. Massage? They are in disguise
too. University girls who want extra cash? Yep, but not through traditional means. Successfully employed professional women, i.e. accountants and lawyers also can turn prostitute for the right amount of money. Another submission mentioned
how Thai women see their pussy as a commodity and don’t understand why western women would give it up for free. No, the western woman wants it like the Thai, they are just more conditioned into not acting like simple transaction prostitutes.
They are more in it for the long-con. So many of my bosses / associates / friends have been married, divorces, taken to cleaners. When the dust settles, we figure out that most of the time they could have paid a live in hooker (sometimes two),
for the entire duration of their marriage and I would have cost them less.

I am getting off the point and need to continue. Jayson has some excellent points; he is also mostly addressing mongering farang who really are for the most part a disgrace to their home nation. Of course they are going to get offensive,
of course they are going to miss your point and throw back retorts. Hence Steve’s reply. Of course you are different Steve, but go and read Jayson’s submission again, and read it carefully. Then go and read your own, after you
do that I will be more than happy to entertain your replies.

Ms Sanuk Sanan; I’ve known a few Thais to come to my home country for university, live there for many years, they all (the ones I know) own property there too yet none of them can speak or write English as well as you. If I were
to place a wager, I would bet that you are not who you say you are, or you are another monger trying to convince himself of a reality that doesn’t exist. If I am wrong please accept my apology, but I still stand by my speak call, as
I know what my friends sound like and they don’t understand half the words you have used. Honestly, if you are who you say you are I would like to hear from you, I have many questions which are not fit for this forum.

You Must Be Joking – 2. I will use your submission for the “Hot Thai Babe” retort. I don’t think I have ever seen a “Hot Thai Babe” with any farang that wasn’t a good looking dude in his
own right. This is when comparing similar aged couples, obviously a 50 year old walking around with a slim Thai girl looks pretty hot standing next to him and if you're drunk, she probably even looks very good next to him. Trust me, she
won’t look like that when I put a genuinely attractive girl next to the two of them. And if she still does, you are attracted to a cheap slutty looking girl. Which isn’t my opinion of attractive and I dare say Jayson’s

I don’t really care for people “examples” of proving Jayson wrong. There are close to or even more than 70 million people in Thailand. Unless you have at least 20 million examples, you are not talking about the norm.
As far as Stick’s suggestion of someone writing in and explaining why Thai / Farang relationships usually turn out disastrously pear shaped, well, that’s easy. Most of them are disgraceful Farang marrying Thai women they find
in less than desirable places. If you took a sample of Farang men marrying Farang prostitutes, I’m sure the result would be very much similar.

Stick, you can post my email address for replies. I am happy to see your site is going on strong. Keep up the good work.

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