Stickman Readers' Submissions April 17th, 2010

Western Women and the Men They Rode In On

It is interesting to read submissions singing the praises of western women. They are either hiding the fact that they are women masquerading as male writers or the type of man who enjoys hurting other men in order to score a few points with a western woman. Perhaps they are the type of men that are the root cause of the current problems in the west – i.e. the type of men who passed the laws that allow women to legally take advantage of men. They scream “hey I’m a good guy, I’m politically correct”.

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I’m retired now and don’t have to be politically correct to keep my job. Yes I was politically correct when I was working – to not do so meant no promotions or being the first to go in a cut back. But let’s get back to reality today.

A young male decides he would like to apply for a government job – say the post office. It offers good pay and benefits. So he studies hard and takes the required civil service exam. He learns through the grape vine that his 89% was the highest score out of everyone in the area who took the exam. He looks forward to being called for an interview for the coveted post office job. When the phone doesn’t ring he checks around and finds that two women were hired at the local post office.

He then learns that he had the highest score on the exam BEFORE ADJUSTMENT. However, if you are a woman 10% is added to your test score. One woman scored an 80% – with 10% added
for being a woman her adjusted score was 90% vs. our man’s 89%. Two other women scored 81% which gave them 91%. Since the rule is that the local post office can only interview the top three before selecting who to hire, the
two vacant positions went to two women. Similar rules are in force if you want to work at virtually any government job at the city, county, state or national level.

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Any trip to the local post office shows a lot of women working there. A look at the males shows that they are generally much older – i.e. they got hired before the woman preferences went into effect. I’ve had several different people delivering my mail in recent years and they have all been female. Mail delivery today in my area doesn’t involve carrying any mail. Every home must have a mailbox at the curb. The mailman (mailwoman today) drives a mail truck that stops at each mail box where she just grabs some mail from the truck and places it in the box and drives on. Was this engineered to assure that women could have the job?

Recently I walked into my local bank branch and noticed that every single person working in the bank was female. I’m sure the EEOC would have inspectors there instantly if every single person working in the bank was male. Years ago I was working at a factory location where there were only men in the factory. It was a small factory employing about 50 people. EEOC inspected us and demanded that we hire some women in the factory. Part of the job descriptions for the factory involved unloading raw material that came in 80 pound boxes. EEOC claimed that this was sexual discrimination and we had to get the supplier to go to the extra expense of packaging everything in 20 pound boxes. Of course there are many women working in that factory now.

Interestingly 95% of the people working in the office were female. This included payroll, accounting and general secretarial. EEOC never once complained that more men should be employed in these office jobs. No wonder that young males have the highest unemployment of any category.

A young male can check out jobs where EEOC doesn’t seem to be enforcing “equal opportunity” for women. Some jobs that come to mind where I’ve never seen any women in the workforce include underground coal mining. Indeed, though there has been extensive media coverage of mine cave-ins and deaths, I’ve never seen a woman in any of the pictures. Indeed just check out the job categories where the death rate is the highest, the black lung disease and other lung related diseases are the highest etc. Here is where you will find men hard at work, but no women working the jobs and the EEOC not complaining one bit. Look in a steel mill for the dirtiest jobs in the harshest environments and you won’t find any women. When the company fills its quota of women they will be getting the cleaner jobs. These dirty jobs may not be the highest paying, in fact they are often low paying because the company knows that men have fewer and fewer options available. However, with these jobs at least a man has a chance to get hired.

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Other examples of the double standard in favor of women abound. Remember the stink that was raised about the prisons in Iraq where US forces were holding prisoners. You’ve probably seen the pictures of how all the male prisoners were held naked in their cells. The prison was run by a female – General Janice Karpinsky. The prisons were routinely inspected by female officers and female enlisted personnel. Imagine the outrage if female prisoners were held naked and routinely inspected by male officers and male enlisted persons. Incidentally a few people were given prison sentences for the conditions in these prisons. However they were all males who happened to be caught on the pictures that were leaked to the media. General Karpinsky and the other females in her chain of command were never sent to prison.

In the military there are many women these days. I’ve seen a lot of pictures of them doing different jobs. But I have never seen videos or pictures of women slugging it out in the mud on the front lines while under fire. That job is left to men.

Perhaps you remember the first US invasion of Iraq which occurred after Iraq invaded Kuwait. Before this first invasion Saddam Hussein took people at the American Embassy hostage. The idea was to keep them at key locations around Bagdad to discourage American bombers. Saddam Hussein then freed all of the females who were sent back to the USA. I didn’t hear of even one female saying “hey we make as much money as the men and we want equal treatment – we aren’t going home unless the men go home too”. No these women were typical of women in the workforce who complain about “equal rights” but are silent when it comes to equal responsibilities.

Then there is the case of Ambassador Gillespie, a female, who was Ambassador to Iraq prior to the invasion of Kuwait. According to Iraqi minutes of a meeting with Iraqi officials she said that the USA would not object to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Gillespie was never fired for her illegal, immoral, and reprehensible acts that caused the deaths of so many people.

Turn on the TV and I’m amazed at the number of women on the different news shows. Before you think they are hired instead of men because they are more qualified, check into the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) ruling mandating affirmative action in the hiring of women. Today you even see women announcers in men’s locker rooms before, during and after the game – even as men are dressing, undressing and showering. Interestingly I’ve yet to see male announcers in women’s locker rooms when a women’s sporting event is broadcasted. Another double standard?

So to those “men” who claim all is well in the west and men are not being treated as second class citizens, I just say open your eyes. If you are a man and not a woman posing as man in your submission I also say that you will eventually be on board with the rest of us some day. After all they say that an arch conservative is simply a liberal who has been mugged.

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Stickman's thoughts:

This submission appears to be American-centric and as such I really cannot comment much. It would have been nice to see this situation applied to Thailand more.

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