Stickman Readers' Submissions April 27th, 2010

The End Of Shorts and A New Beginning

I received quite a bit of feedback from my earlier submission, Changing Someone’s Life, the tale of my experience
with Shorts. But, although I wrote a postscript to it, that was not quite the end of the story. In view of the sympathetic comments made (about my behavior, not hers) and perhaps to give myself closure on the unfortunate episode, I will give you
a follow-up.

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To recap for those who do not have the inclination or the time to read my previous account: I met Shorts, so-called because of the outrageously small shorts she wore to ‘the office’, in Soi Cowboy. She ‘entertained’ me very well, both in the bar and elsewhere, and I took pity on her plight of trying to raise enough money each month to keep both herself and a daughter that was being cared for by Shorts’ grandparents in Lopburi. The daughter’s father, in classic Thai style, was nowhere to be seen having fled elsewhere when Shorts became pregnant at 14. You will find many, probably the majority, of dancers in Cowboy are in the same situation. Just part of the culture.

Despite how well she performed I thought I detected a ‘nice girl’ under the professional facade and helped her with money. Not huge amounts and never, I believe, over 7,000 baht a month. Compared to other men giving 20-50,000 or more to their ladies of the night, certainly my contribution was modest. She told me she hated the work, as I’m sure she did, and wanted to get out of the business. And eventually she told me she was going to leave the go-go bar and work as a waitress at the recently opened Liquid Neon club located at The Mothership, the Nana Hotel. I decided that, on her first night, I would go and see her and leave with her after she finished her shift at 2 AM. What I found when I arrived was that she was in fact working as a freelance prostitute there. After initially being pleased to see me she soon became angry that I was there (i.e. I had caught her lying) as she worked a customer. We had a showdown outside and she began shouting at me and saying she didn’t want to talk with me. Unfortunately, inspired by her promise that she was going to get a ‘clean’ job as a waitress, only a day or two before I had helped her find a nice room to move to from her workers-type hut she then lived in with her mother, and paid 20,000 baht for the deposit and a TV and DVD player for her. Now this! I am afraid that, for the first time in my long life, I slapped a woman’s face to shut her up, and she stormed off out of the club. I realised later that was a risk, as I could have been set upon by observers or she could have summoned security and / or the police. But, I had been made a fool of and I guess many might have acted in the same way.

I have not seen her again, but I have heard from her, by email. I had not given her my mobile or any other phone number as I am married, and I would SMS or call her with Skype or, most often, we would communicate via the email address I set up for her. It is this that she used to, first of all, abuse me for, as she put it, boxing her. Then she wanted me to pay her money for her room rent and family. When I questioned why I should give money to someone who lied and shouted at me she became abusive again. Then, as rent day came closer, I received a begging letter to forgive her for lying and being a bad girl. When that failed she wrote to say she was now going to work in Carrefour and never work in a bar again. It is then that I decided to call her bluff, and said that if I found she really was working in Carrefour then I would consider helping her again. But not now. I had to see that she was really working in Carrefour. Then I got a final email back bad-naming me. It was obvious then, of course, that the Carrefour ‘job’ was another lie, offered simply as a means to lure me into paying her rent. She also said she may now share the room with a friend, a good idea, and for me to close the email account. Stick has said I should not have continued a dialogue after the Liquid Nana incident, and he is probably right. But I felt I just had to make the point to her that she had blown a good opportunity to have someone care for her, giving her maybe half the money she needed each month. Instead, she wanted me to pay it all. A sad and disappointing end, although a familiar and often told story here in the land of false smiles.

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However, this is Thailand, and one hot young lady can be replaced by another hot young lady within days, sometimes hours, even minutes. I once bid goodbye to one girl on Walking Street and had linked up with another just 15 seconds later. How cool is that! I decided, purely out of curiosity, to return to Liquid Nana the next evening to discretely see if Shorts was working there again that night. She wasn’t, but it was early and the place was barely open at 9 PM. However, walking into the hotel I spotted a rather cute-looking young lady lurking in the car park and when I exited the hotel a few minutes later I had a few words with her. She was, indeed, cute, but didn’t / couldn’t really speak more than a couple of words of English. Now, I am not in the habit of picking a lady up off the street, the aforementioned episode on Walking Street being the only previous occasion I had done so. The risks are obvious and well documented on this site and elsewhere. But I liked this girl, went off to think about it for a few minutes, and returned for her. I took her across to Nana Plaza where we enjoyed some time in a bar there being entertained by the sight and antics of a girl who had downed a dozen or more too many tequilas, before going upstairs for some exercise.

Wow! This girl, who dressed modestly and appeared so shy, suddenly transformed into a raving nymph in the room and was insatiable for the full hour we were there. With her having made such an impression I naturally arranged to see her again the very next evening. The time set was 9 PM, but she was not there and I began cursing myself for not getting her number the night before. Stupid! I decided to wait until 9.30, with the other girls gathered there probably wondering what the heck I was doing, and she showed up at 9.29. Whew! She explained as I taxied us to Cowboy and Tilac that it was very hot that evening, as it was, and she thought the chance of my showing up as promised was only 50 / 50. This time the romp in the room had to be extended to a long-time stay from short-time as she was still enjoying herself when the hour was up. I am not a young man and I was rather stretched, I must say. But what is a chap to do?

We have continued to meet. She looks about 15, but I have seen her ID card and she is 21. May I deviate for a moment and consider this. She is young enough to be my grand-daughter, and I am fcuking her. This does raise questions, and that aspect was never brought up in the recent submissions that discussed monger morality. Even ravishing a girl young enough to be your daughter is questionable enough to many. Still, it is the way things are here and The Nymph has no complaints. I have varied our get-togethers, not only taking her upstairs but to the open air Vertigo bar on the roof of the Banyan Tree hotel, a special experience for her. We often forget that although seeing a city spread below is normal for us flyers, it is something rarely experienced by a poor Issan girl. She liked, and it demonstrated that I cared for her. A night in Pattaya is planned shortly too.

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She is affectionate, but shy, as Stick himself can verify. She wears jeans, always, a modest top and very little make-up, and she is too shy even to show an inch of midriff. After a few drinks she has, once or twice and encouraged by a Tilac serving wench, danced for me with a nervous giggle. She is, in essence, the exact opposite of Shorts whose appearance screamed ‘bargirl’. I was, frankly, embarrassed to be seen with Shorts in the daytime, but The Nymph could not look less like a lady of the night. And there is another huge and significant difference. Money. While Shorts was always requesting more and more, The Nymph has never even hinted at any of our several meetings of any extra payment. Her request the first evening was initially for 1,500 baht but she immediately accepted my offer of 1,000. In the end, because of her enthusiasm and good nature I paid her 1,500 anyway, and have done so ever since. Once, for the all-nighter, she received 2,000. She says she is staying in a room with another family member and a friend and does not have to pay rent, but she also, of course, has a child, a son, being cared for by her parents back in Si Saket. Still, there has been no request for extra money from me. The other evening she even bought some fried bugs to take back home, paying the 80 baht herself when many girls would wait there expecting me to put my hand in my pocket.

I like this girl. She looks you in the eye and smiles while romping, and makes no extra financial demands. She is careful not to get too drunk, mixing water with the B52s she has discovered through the same Tilac serving wench. Having walked on the wild side with Shorts, it is a relief to enjoy the company of someone who is enthusiastic to a fault and appears to be – dare I say it – a nice girl. She has little English skills although, like many, she can speak it a little better after a few drinks, and she has absolutely no experience of computers. I have set up an email account for her and it still took her about five minutes and a great deal of guidance for her even to get the page up and log in. It’s a work in progress. I have worked out that I can SMS and email her in Thai using Client For Google Translate, and I’m hoping she will write emails back to me in Thai which I can translate. She so far hasn’t had the confidence to go to her account though, and needs more encouragement and coaching. All this, and no barfine to pay! Where will it go? Who knows. For now she is just pleasant and very affectionate and – behind closed doors – very sexy company. That’s good enough for me!

Stickman's thoughts:

I can confirm that she is a pleasant lass indeed. Here's hoping there are no Shorts-like dramas down the road!

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