Stickman Readers' Submissions April 8th, 2010

Talisman For The Condition Of The Young Western Man

Thanks for putting me at ease to all you guys at Stickman, and special thanks to the Caveman, Cromagnon and OFB. You may not all know this but in the absence of a gender-neutral western media, you guys represent a talisman of wisdom sorely needed for
the condition of the young western man.

I have already been done twice by two separate women, however, you should know that in Australia and New Zealand you don't have to be married for a woman to take your assets. Here the rule is only that you have to be living together
for 6 months, and in NZ you don't even have to live together if she can merely prove that you have been in an intimate relationship with her for some time… lighten-up Yanks, you think you have it so bad. <This law is in place for a few years but as best I know it has not been tested in the courts yetStick>

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I should also tell you that I am only 35 years old and count myself blessed that I have learnt the lesson you advocate early enough in my life to recover financially. This I believe is the sanctuary men may have, as articles and the website
Stickman maintains is a God-send for many of my friends, but it is in the end, their choice whether to learn from them or not. It must be said that the western media is also to blame for our condition because of the effective blanket surrounding
what western women continually get away with in both our countries.

Most of my friends now are in their late 40's and early 50's because they are, quite frankly, enlightened. When I went through my last break-up I lost my house and then my job and for some strange reason, I lost all of my younger
friends as if I had contracted some kind of contagious disease. However, all of my older acquaintances seemed to express empathy (meaning common experience and not tears). The advantage I have now is in knowing these "Old Fat and Bald"
guys as you put it, and hearing what they have been through.

My last financial rape was about 5 years ago but I know it really wasn't that bad because I did not have any children to remind me emotionally and financially of that wasted ten years of my life and I can truly put it all behind me.
I really feel for the men and their children that have become refuges to this insatiable ladder climbing that has infected the western women's liberal psyche.

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As it happens, now all the young friends I used to have at my age are either in very unhappy and disempowering relationships ('slogging it out' as they put it), or they have recently gone through a divorce that will render them
without an effective male identity for the next 5 – 10 years. I have no energy for them now because they had chosen to learn the hard way and most of them will come through it in time. God-given free will dictates that they should be respected
for taking this path, for this may be the roller-coaster of life their Kama requires. However, you can also choose to listen to your friend's advice and learn from their experiences. Someone told me once that "life is all about experiencing
and you should experience as much as you can before it ends". Well… this generalisation may suit some but I already know for a fact I'm not going to enjoy fucking a pig.

I cannot express strongly enough that the sooner a western man can learn these lessons the better. One of my older friends is 52 years old and thought he had "got it right" ten years ago when he allowed his partner to move in with
him (but didn't marry). It degenerated in the usual process I have had reiterated to me at least a thousand times in my little life, and has recently ended in him losing his house and farm, which they were well on track in paying off. Instead
of retiring as he had planned he will now have to work the rest of his life renting a home, as he will never be able to pay off a new mortgage (in Australia the going rate for female-male settlements is 70% – 30% plus on-going child support costs,
before tax is calculated). Needless to say it has ruined him.

I do believe that a loving relationship can succeed but in my country the financial gains presented to women by their family lawyers are simply too great to turn down. At any rate, by the time you are 40 you had better have 'got it right'
because you will not recover if you haven't.

Sadly, I have decided that the risk is too great and that 'one-in-a-million' western woman who can be faithful and loving to her man is just an optimistic long shot I am not prepared to take. I play lotto for those odds, because
at least with lotto you know exactly how much you're going to loose, and guess what… if I win I alone get to keep it all!

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And yes it is sad, because our western society simply does not need to be that way. Of all the people I know that have survived this trauma and come through it feeling comfortable with who they are now, all say the same thing… that they
'would have been happier if it had worked out'. This is an indictment on western society and not on its women because the social mechanisms which mould these destructive modern women we are all responsible for.

By the way, Thailand is a small resort paradise just off the coast of Australia so I'll see you young fellas there sometime when you manage to lose your western bags.

Stickman's thoughts:

That's a really grim picture you paint and it's sad to hear that it is as bad Down Under as it is elsewhere.

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