Stickman Readers' Submissions April 24th, 2010

My First Two Trips To Pattaya

As I read over the many articles here on Stickman's great website, I see many frustrations and the significant negative things that have happened to people, so I thought it time to provide my humorous and lucky first two trips to Pattaya. I will
try not to make this boring, but give you the perspective of a first timer and how I experienced the LOS.

My quick background. US Navy for 20 years, nuclear power in the submarine service. No need for much more of that as it is not that important for this story.

He Clinic Bangkok

In June 2006, I was assigned the job of bringing in the first nuclear power submarine to Laem Chabang. First and only time we actually ported a nuclear power submarine in Thailand. Was a test of sorts because before and since we have only
had them anchored out in the harbor. We were very successful, but was not cost feasible after completion. My job was to coordinate and set-up the port to be ready for the sub. I was sent 5 days early to set up everything. Well, I was expeditious
in my ability to have everything ready by Friday and had the weekend off to check out the sights.

I had a car and driver 24/7 at my disposal, but up until this point my only sights were Laem Chabang and hotel with room service. So here it was, Friday night and I told my drive (Boy, who was missing a front tooth), I want to go out. He
asked me "where" and I had said "I have no idea, let's just drive." I had him stop at some bar (now I know is called a beer bar) and went and sat down. I ordered a drink and tried to chat with the attractive lady behind
the bar. She was new from Nongkhai (of course I was clueless to Thailand provincial geography and just smiled).

Quick background, to make another point. I was living in Japan. Japan has these karaoke bars, which are ridiculously expensive. Not to belabor the point, but a girl's drink is 2000 Yen (read as US $20), and all she does is sit next to
you. Japanese thing for companionship. Well my drunk sailor ass had spent a few times in those places running up tabs of $300-$500 US on drunk nights.

CBD bangkok

Ok back to the bar. I bought the girl a drink and asked her how much (getting ready to cringe at some ridiculous price) and she said 100 baht. I think this has got to be a joke. A beautiful girl, scantly clad and drinks only 100 baht. So,
we talk some more and by the time she was ready for the 3rd drink, she politely declined. I said no problem she can have many as they were so cheap, but she did not want it. (Still weird to this day why only 2 was enough, maybe she was still green
or something). So, I asked her where is a good place for me to go. She pointed behind me and suggested I go to a place like that. It said something a gogo. I asked her "What in the heck is an a gogo?" She told me that it was a place
that had many women in bikinis and I would like very much. At this time my drivers were changing shifts and the new driver came to meet me. He was a little Thai pimp compared to Boy. Dressed nice and hair spiked up. I tell him I want to go to
an a gogo. Can he take me? Of course he did and we went to Walking Street to, what I believe was called Paris A gogo.

Now, for all the people that had the first experience like me, when I walked through that curtain and saw the 40+ women, I was in a state of shock. My driver's eyes were as big as silver dollars. (I found out later Thai men could not
go into those places). So, we are directed to sit down and immediately two 'hotties' sit on my left and right. My driver had a couple also. I am still in shock and had a tough time keeping my jaw closed. Anyway, the women immediately
have a hand on my crotch and are just absolutely charming. (Again, never experienced this, so was beyond belief for me still). They asked for a drink, I said OK and had thoughts of Japan costs in my mind. When I see the receipt, again only 100
baht. In my state of shock at how cheap it was (compared to Japan), I just started pointing at women asking if they wanted a drink. (I know, I know the two week millionaires that the expats hate, but hey I was green as can be.)

As we stayed for some time, I see the sign that says "bar fine 500 baht". I asked what that was and they explained I could pay that and take them out for the night. Still in shocked at how cheap all this was I took at 4 girls to
go dancing. (mind you I still had no idea about taking them home, but just wanted to have fun). We take the short walk to Lucifer's and go in for some drinks. Every time I go to get drinks or head to the toilet, I was getting package checked
or ass slapped by all the women in the club. (Had no idea about freelancers) All I can think is I was in heaven hahaha. Anyway, we headed over to Excite and that was where Noi explained to me that if I want to take her home it was 2000 baht. I
said sure, my driver dropped us off and then who knows what he did with the other 3 girls hehe.

Next morning (Saturday), I tell Noi I will be back on Sunday night and thanks so much for the good time. When I drink heavy one night, I always take the next night off. This is the reason for Sunday. So, here it is Sunday, my little Thai
pimp driver comes on shift and I tell him lets go to the same place. He has the biggest grin ever and we go. We head in and the mamasan sits us down. I tell her I want to see Noi and she says she is off for the night. I thought, wow, what a great
place, they give there women time off. (Of course now I know what that meant, but at the time was clueless). So, as the night went on mamasan (who was a good looking older woman, especially compared to all the mamasans I have seen since) seemed
to be very friendly with me and I was buying her and a few others drinks. Later I asked the mamasan if she is allowed to go out dancing and she said yes, but for 1000 baht. I said sure and took her and 3 others out.

wonderland clinic

First place we went was across Walking Street, to where she had said she worked before. So we go in and she gets to see all the girls where she worked before as a mamasan. Needless to say, was good for a while as they all seemed beyond happy
to see her and that gave me some popularity there (for later in the story). After we go dancing and then the night is wrapping up. I tell the mamasan that I like the cashier girl (though I was not sure they go home with you or not), but thought
I would ask. She told me no I can not. I then asked about the other two girls and she still said no. I thought for a second, this can not be right, so I asked "Do you want to come home with me?". The answer was an emphatic "Yes!"
So I take mamasan home and had a good night. The next morning (Monday), I tell her I will be back on Tuesday and have a great day.

Tuesday comes and I, of course, go back to Paris a gogo. I walk in and sit down. Now, the complication starts. I have Noi on my left and mamasan on my right. I am new to this, but not sure what I am suppose to do at this point. My thought
was mamasan was an older woman that wanted to get laid and I helped with the desire, but my goal was to see Noi (who had that Sunday night off haha). So, I do what any respectable person would do and take both of them out and two others to go
dancing. Well, we head to Excite and shortly after we arrive I see Noi and mamasan arguing and Noi starts to leave. I go after her and see that she is crying. I think, why is a whore crying? I ask and she said mamasan gets salary and it's
not fair. I said, "Noi, I want you tonight and I don't care what mamasan says or not." So, I bring her back to the table and see her and mamasan arguing again. I grab mamasan and walk her to the door and asked "What is the
problem?". She tells me she wants to go home with me again and I tell her sorry, my interest is Noi. Now she starts crying. I think "How can this be?" Two women crying and they are both whores. So, I tell her sorry my driver will
take her home and she told me "No!" She is staying. Well a few more minutes of me being an asshole and 2000 baht later, she reluctantly went with my driver home.

Within 1 hour my cell phone is ringing off the hook. Mamasan keeps calling and calling and calling all night until I finally turned it off. The next morning I take Noi to breakfast at the hotel and turn on the cell phone. Within 5 minutes
it is ringing. I answer rudely and ask mamasan what does she want and she says "I love you" "I miss you" "Why do I not want her?". She apparently had been drinking and crying all night. What the hell is going on?
Anyway I say bye to Noi and tell myself I will not go back to Paris a gogo as way too much drama there.

Two nights later I head to the bar that mamasan used to work in because I remembered one girl that was the funny one and everyone centered around her, so I thought maybe that is the place to go. Well because I was there previously with mamasan
I immediately get about 5 girls (the one I liked), the manager and the mamasan there all sit down. They were buying me drinks as I was buying them drinks. Initially the mamasan seemed a little irritated with me, but then I explained the whole
story and it seemed like she was in shock. She had said "I had no idea, that is not what she told me." Then all was good and everyone having fun.

I ended up spending the next week with the nice and funny girl from the new bar and had an absolutely wonderful time. We went out, went dancing, went to her bar, did many things. It was time for me to go and I offered her money for the time
spent with me and she refused. I said "Look is no problem, I know you work and need money." She said no way and that she had such a great time with me that money would make it seem like business and she wanted to remember the time as
genuine. It took some time and finally I was at least able to give her the bar fine money for those days, but was very difficult. I was in shock again because I could not believe a bar girl did not want money from me at the end of a week of time.

Before I had left, Noi had received a few phone calls from friends telling her that the mamasan had gotten fired. Apparently she had caused much trouble for Noi after the night Noi and I spent together and the bar got rid of her. Wow, Pattaya
is a very interesting place.

I did not keep in touch with her or even exchange emails, but did think about her much after that. So, about 16 months later I take a vacation and head right to Pattaya again, remembering the time I had before and thinking maybe she is still
there. I go right back to the club she worked, but as I have learned now they have quick turnovers with owners and it was a new name (can not remember). I go in and look at every girl there and do not see her. I meet the queen bee of that bar
(my term for the girl that seems to be the leader, meaning probably the veteran of all the girls). I took her out had fun and the next day told her I would prefer we stay together all week and if that's OK? She said sure and we spent the
5 more days in Pattaya and then went to Bangkok for 3 days.

Now knowing she is the veteran and probably gets bar fined many times a month, I had all the money for 8 days ready to give to her plus bar fine (20,000 baht). What happens again to me? She says she does not want my money and thanks me for
having such a great time. Again I say to myself this is impossible and I ask her why she does not want it? She told me she had some old farang in Pattaya that pays her rent and gives her allowance and she had some other farang in the UK that sends
her money. She said she already owns a house and that she does not need anything from me. Wow two times and how lucky I was. I tell her OK and thanks for a great week. I kept in touch for a short time with her, but never saw her again.

Since then I have only done online dating with Thai women and currently live in Chiang Mai. I thought I would share a more positive and somewhat humorous story. I got a mamasan fired and spent two separate weeks with great women that did
not want anything from me. I have obviously learned much since then, but I must say I think I was lucky indeed (no skill involved) and thought this is a positive story for the readers. No real message here just my experiences during my first two
trips to Pattaya.

I have been lucky many times in my life with women (besides failed marriages) that put a positive spin on being single. Maybe I will share my first visit to Hong Kong, next time I feel the tone has been gloomy for awhile on this website.
Have a great day all and I hope this was not to boring for you.

Stickman's thoughts:

Great stuff. The magic of that first trip, and the first night in a bar, is very hard to recapture.

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