Stickman Readers' Submissions April 23rd, 2010

Amazing Thailand Indeed

Warning: The submission contains negative remarks and observation about Thailand and Thai females in general so please read at your own discretion.

He Clinic Bangkok

It’s been over a couple of years that I have been glued to Stickman and thought it's high time that I shared my piece of mind with other readers. The most moving submission according to me was
this story and my heart went all out for this guy.

I will not disclose much about me since I don’t think it will be that necessary as I’m just using this wonderful platform (provided by Mr. Stickman) to share my views and opinion to make people aware of the traits of Thai
girls and even if I could save one guy from getting skimmed and scammed financially and emotionally my purpose is solved.

I worked in Thailand for around 8 years and I think that’s a sufficient amount to know the ins and outs of how Thai society in general works. Maybe a little less than Mr. Stickman but I would say I’m up well there as the
nature of my work made me interact with so many different types of people from different strata, class and other fractions of Thai society.

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As for loyalty, if any guy has a loyal and honest Thai wife or girlfriend then I would say he has hit the jackpot because this is absolutely the rarest of rare and the chances are .01% so you can very well imagine the dearth of such females
in this particular country.

I can very well understand that in Western society sex is like shaking hands. No big deal with respect to one night stands, casual sex, fuck buddies and other situational sexual encounters wherein money does not play a part to a certain
extent except in a few cases such as Tiger Woods. In Thailand all the above mentioned things exists along with having sex for money, for shopping for material things and what not.

I have spent a considerable time in Hong Kong as well and the Hong Kong Chinese women are also quite famous for skimming westerners but stand nowhere in competition to our expert Thai phuying.

It is a complete jungle out there with almost every single woman available, irrespective of married or unmarried (sorry to many folks out there who will disagree but I said almost every single) which really bewildered me to a great extent.

wonderland clinic

I wonder if it has something to do with the water, soil or atmosphere. Would anyone go in for research on what it is that makes Thai women so disloyal and dishonest?

US during the Vietnam War did not even think to colonize it. I wonder why? Correct me if I’m wrong, Thai people made sure there is a regular supply of females to the US army in favor of not colonizing them.

I have been to many countries in Asia and I swear I have not seen so much rampant adultery, debauchery, immorality, perversion and I’m running out of adjectives for the females of this country.

It would be interesting to know the figure for single parents in Thailand as I see men go with another woman the moment he has the responsibility of a child. Women so willingly accept married men to be their mia nois and it goes

Readers must be thinking my submission is very vindictive, spiteful and generalized. Well in some ways yes it is, because during my stay I did observe all the abovementioned experiences myself and am sure I’m at same wavelength
with so many of the foreigners who experienced or has seen the things happening in Amazing Thailand.

I have never seen girls so easily available and approachable anywhere other than Thailand. How easy it is for any male to get someone’s mobile number? They give their mobile numbers to any stranger as if they are doing some charity
distributing stuff to Tsunami victims.

Prostitution exists in almost every country across the globe but nowhere it is so much in your face and visible and cheaply demonstrated.

Thailand it seems orchestrated the concept of sex tourism. Therefore in spite of having so many interesting and historical places to see, the moment you say you are visiting Thailand eyebrows gets raised. That is the reputation.

Anyway, still it is a cool place to be in, enjoy, freak out and you can expect loads and loads of fun but just do not expect one thing and that is loyalty because that is like an outdated vegetable which just don’t exist in a place called Thailand.

I would still go there in the future maybe won’t be whoremongering though since now I’m happily married to my wife who is not a Thai of course with whom there is integrity and honesty.

Wake up guys. Even if you are earning well and even if you are on an expat salary it does not mean somebody can fool you for a sick buffalo, ailing mother or any such crap.

If you are doing all this knowingly then also know one thing and that is to never expect honesty and loyalty from these females because those words just do not exist in their dictionary.

I would end my submission here and would recommend Thailand as one of the coolest and chilled out places mainly for perverts, whore mongers and few serious travelers (some really very interesting and historical things it has on offer)
so have fun guys.

Sawadee and Chok Dee

Stickman's thoughts:

You touch on a few interesting points, such as the willingness with which Thai women will give out their phone number.

But for the most part your submission is full of gross generalisations. Yes, there are some women in Thailand who are devious – and for the most part you find them in the naughty bars. Yes, there are some women in regular society who are not always straight up – just as there are in every country on this planet.

Your negative slurs are gross generalisations and only apply to some women. Most certainly not the vast majority as you seem to allude to. I wonder where you spent all your time in Thailand and where you went to get this impression?

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